Where are All the Circle Pad Pros?


If you thought you could walk into a Gamestop and pick up a Circle Pad Pro off the shelf, you were wrong.  Apparently, the Circle Pad Pro was “Pre-Order Only”.  Gamestops everywhere are sold out of the 3DS add-on.  We contacted the company, and GameStop told us that the Circle Pad Pro was a “hot item” and due to limited quantities and high demand, the device is currently sold out at many locations.  GameStop currently expects to get another shipment in early March.


Why would a peripheral be pre-order only?  Why was so little supply delivered to local stores? Did Nintendo think it wasn’t going to sell well enough to supply all stores with Circle Pad Pros?  If I wait a while will it become available in all stores (like the supposed Goldeneye Classic Controller Pro Bundle), or will it just disappear completely?


If you still want a Circle Pad Pro, don’t forget you can always order one directly from Nintendo here.