eShop Titles Have 2 GB Size Limit, According to Team Meat


Team Meat developer Tommy Refenes claims that the size limit for games and apps in Nintendo’s 3DS eShop is 2 GB. Tommy was discussing how abysmal the 40 MB limit of WiiWare games was and how the eShop is a much more reasonable.

“[WiiWare's] 40MB is horrible, but [3DS's] 2GB is reasonable. Super Meat Boy would have been on WiiWare if we could have had just a few more megabytes of space – you can only compress stuff so much before you have to start cutting out huge parts of your game. Unfortunately, at that point, it just isn’t worth the time.”

This is very interesting news indeed, as it had not been publicly announced what the size limits of eShop titles were. This may change if Nintendo decides to bring full retail games for digital download in the future to accommodate games such as Resident Evil Revelations or Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, which house 4 GB carts.


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