Imagining Street Pass On the Wii U

The Scenario


Ok, picture this…

You just got home after buying your brand new Wii U.  You also bought the Wii U launch title Pikmin 3. You put the disc in…

It starts up!  It asks, “Would you like to enable Street Pass functions for Pikmin 3?”

You tap, “Yes!”

It says “Start the 3DS/Wii u Street Pass Downloads software” (an application on the 3DS which you previously downloaded from the eshop).

You do…

It says “Now communicating with the Nintendo 3DS.”

It says “Now creating Street Pass data.”

It says “Street Pass is now enabled for Pikmin 3.”

You say **Puts on Glasses**  “YYyyeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh!!”

You then walk around with your 3DS and Street Pass other 3DS/WiiU owners who also have Pikmin 3 for Wii U.

You come home…

You walk by your Wii U.

Your Wii U lights up… You have just Street Passed with your Wii U…

You turn on Pikmin 3 and enjoy your Street Pass goodies from other Wii U owners.

The end.


The How

This is not impossible!  In fact, it would be a great way to implement one of the best features of the 3DS onto Nintendo’s up and coming console.  Nintendo could either do a system update, or they could make an application that you could download on the eShop which would sync with your Wii U as I outlined above and save the Wii U Street Pass Data right on the SD card where the 3DS keeps it’s own.

Mad Photoshop Skills

More Skrills


What They Could Do


Think of the puzzle trading… except instead of little 3D demo models, you get awesome HD scenes like the Zelda HD demo at last years E3!  Collect the pieces and you get a scene!  Other Wii U related Street Pass activities could be adventures similar to Find Mii, except specialized to take advantage of the Wii U’s unique controller!  It doesn’t have to be existing ideas either.  I thought Street Pass was a stupid idea until i started collecting hats and puzzle pieces… then I realized how awesome it was.  Nintendo could come out with an equally fun and addictive collection for the Wii U.   Developers could add their own ideas to the table as well with any of their Wii U titles.


There are certainly as many possibilities for Street Pass as the 3DS, if not more because of the capabilities of the Wii U system.  It will be exciting to see what secrets and goodies Nintendo will announce at this year’s E3.  What do you think? Would you want street pass functions on your Wii U?  What would you like to see happen?  May your most delicious dreams come true!

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