Nintendo Conference At E3 2012 Live!

8:05 am: It’s here! We are finally at the Nintendo Conference at E3 2012! And we have FRONT seats! Check here continually for updates!

8:52 am: Nintendo is having a little game while we wait! Here is a pixelated picture that you have to guess which game it came from.

9:09 am: sorry, our 4G had crashed. A video of Miyamoto and Pikmin 3 start! Looks amazing!

9:11 am: Reggie takes the stage!

9:12 am: Reggie announces 22 Wii U titles to be shown!

9:13 am: Reggie announces video services like YouTube and Amazon video for Wii U

9:15 am: Reggie talks about asymmetric gameplay. Looks like the black Wii U controller is the focus color. 2 WII U GAMEPADS AT ONE TIME CONFIRMED!

9:16 am: Wii U gamepad video starts. explains gamepad features.

9:18 am: Reggie takes the stage and talks about MiiVerse. It’s a social network for the Wii U and looks pretty robust. Instant messages are demoed on video! Called speech bubbles.

9:20 am: New Super Mario Bros Wii U announced!

9:22 am: Baby yoshis and mario squirrel suits announced!

9:24 am: Batman Arkham City takes the stage. Arkham City Armored edition announced. Still trying to soak in all the Mario goodness!

9:26 am: Reid Schneider takes the stage and talks about the new Arkham Armored edition will work with the new gamepad controller.

9:28 am: Jerimiah from 5th cell enters and announces Scribblenauts unlimited!

9:30 am: amazing customizing features demoed for Scribblenauts. Multiplayer!

9:32 am: 3rd party support video reel that includes: Mass effect 3, darksiders, Tank tank tank, Tekken tag tournament 2, trine 2 directors cut, ninja gaiden 3: razor’s edge, and Aliens colonial marines


9:35 am: Wii Fit U announced. Showing some neat new Gamepad video. New Wii Fit U pedometer unveiled.

9:37 am: SiNG announced! (working title) A new karaoke game that uses the Wii U gamepad

9:39 am: Scott Moffitt takes the stage to share some 3DS news. Talks about New Super Mario Bros 2 coming out August 19th 2012! Paper Mario Sticker Star announced!

9:43 am: Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon announced! (even though announced last year as Luigi’s Mansion 2)

9:45 am: 3rd party video reel for 3DS includes: Castlevania lords of shadow mirror of fate, epic mickey power of illusion, scribblenauts unlimited, and Kingdom hearts 3D.

9:46 am: Reggie takes the stage and shows a video for Lego City Undercover

9:49 am: Reggie talks about Ubisoft support. Reggie invites Yves Guillemot to the stage. They have a nice casual conversation about ZombiU, Rayman Legends and Rabbids.

9:52 am: Just Dance 4 demoed on stage

9:54 am: Shows off ZombiU

9:56 am: Reggie demos ZombiU AR feature!


9:59 am: Nintendo explains that the game will be like a theme park of Nintendo themed game franchises!

10:02 am: Nintendo demoes Luigi’s ghost Mansion for Nintendo Land

10:07 am: Nintendo finishes the Nintendo Land announcement with a demo. Looks to have some sort of MMO features.

10:10 am: End of Show