Will Nintendo Show More “X” at E3?

Remember Soraya Saga? She is the wife of Tetsuya Takahashi, co-founder of Monolith Soft and executive director of Xenoblade Chronicles. The night before Nintendo’s Direct presentation last January, Soraya casually tweeted a suggestion to watch the presentation the following day. Low and behold, just before the Direct ended, her husband’s newest game (currently known asĀ  “X”) was unveiled to the world and sent jaws dropping internationally.

Today, Soraya has casually retweeted Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct announcement to her followers.

What makes this noteworthy is that she hasn’t mentioned Nintendo Direct in her tweets since the Nintendo Direct last Januray, and there have been several presentations since then. Could she be alluding to more of her husband’s work being showcased in a few weeks? One can only hope, and we will find in very shortly!