Nintendo’s E3 Site Opens, Hints at E3 Coverage


Nintendo has opened their E3 2013 website, and they want everyone to be there when their Nintendo Direct goes live at 7am PT on June 11th, 2013. The site itself is rather simple: shadow of characters in the background (Mario, Luigi, Link, and characters from Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101), a timer counting down to June 11th’s Nintendo Direct, and the explicit instructions to “Watch” (online) and “Experience” (at Best Buy). While it seems the website shows very little, Nintendo has always been extremely selective of the words they use in their media and it is important to note select phrases they have included:

“Go behind-the-scenes with video tours and interviews, game announcements, and much more.”

“Coverage will continue throughout E3 with game trailers, interviews, and more.”

“Stay tuned for details.”

Just because Nintendo has a Direct presentation in lieu of their usual E3 presentations doesn’t mean that is all they are doing. June 11th is just the beginning, and Nintendo is holding their cards very close to their chest at the moment. Just how much will they have to show us this year? Only one week left, my friends!

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