30 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (Gamers Guide) –

The Nintendo Switch is the newest gaming console from one of the most popular game developers in history. It has a ton of features and accessories that can help you make your experience better. Here are 30 best Nintendo Switch Accessories to get you started!

The “nintendo switch accessories must-have” is a list of the 30 best Nintendo Switch accessories. The article will highlight some of the most important ones, such as the Nintendo Switch Dock and Joy-Con Controllers.

30 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (Gamers Guide) –

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles of all time, and there are hundreds of different accessories to pick from, ranging from inexpensive to very costly.

What, on the other hand, are the ideal accessories for you? I’ve compiled a list of just the finest 30 Switch accessories you can purchase for your money, so let’s get started!

Controllers for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Pro Controller (nintendo pro controller) (nintendo pro controller) (n (Amazon Link)

Now you will need a controller for your Switch and the Nintendo Pro Controller is the best in the markets, it is expensive but you get what you pay for with its fantastic design, excellent grip feel & lengthy 40-hour battery life and everything working out exactly as it should.

The controller simply seems premium, and I’ve had mine for a while and it feels like a GameCube controller should last a long time. The Bluetooth may be used from a long distance and automatically connects to the switch. It does not, however, come with a headset, so keep that in mind.

The Pro controller is one of the greatest I’ve ever used, and it can also be used on a PC, making the Dualshock 4 on the PS4 appear cheap in comparison.

A review of the controller may be found here.


2..8Bitdo SN30 Pro Switch/PC/Mac Controller (Amazon Link)


Are you a fan of old-school video games? I’m just 24, so I’m not quite ready for nostalgia, but image playing all those free NES/SNES games with a throwback but totally wireless and contemporary controller, doesn’t it sound cool?

The 8Bitdo will feed into your nostalgia and will work with your Switch, Android device, PC,macOS & Raspberry pie so you will have a controller for pretty much every device! It has 18-hour battery life with around 1-2 charge time and can also be charged with the attached USB wire.

Look no farther than the 8Bitdo if you’re seeking for a vintage-style controller at a reasonable price; the days of educating your pals on Smash with a throwback controller are here! It’s a lot more portable than the Pro Controller, so you can take it with you when you travel.

Below you’ll find a review of the Retro controller.


3.Nintendo Switch PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller (Amazon Link)


Have you ever owned a GameCube console? Then you recall how well-made the controller was and how well it still works today, so how about a new, legally licensed version?

With 30 hours of gaming and a 2-year guarantee, Power A provides all of the usual motion controls with buttons for every Switch game, as well as the iconic big d-pad of the GameCube controller. It is also entirely wireless.

There’s a reason why so many Super Smash Bros. gamers still use the GameCube controller: it WORKS. Below you’ll find a Power A review.


4.Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are a huge selling feature for the console; the option to use both as a controller before splitting them into two is a clever design decision, and seeing it touted is a key reason for the Switch’s success.

You get two controllers out of the box, so why not purchase another pair of joy-cons to increase the number of controllers to four? Now, anytime a group of pals wants to play Super Mario Kart or Super Smash, no one has to sit in the corner and pout because they don’t have a controller.

If you want to boast to your friends about your crazy new joy-cons, Nintendo has released a lot more color choices, ranging from bright yellow to neon yellow/pink.

5.PowerA Zelda Wired Controller (Amazon Link)


Do you want a beautiful, fully approved Zelda controller with 26 adjustable analogue caps for greater control and a 10 USB cord that can be removed? Power A has built a stunning Zelda/Mario-inspired controller that checks all the boxes.

It may also be connected to a computer by USB, and it costs roughly $16-25. when the cost of a pair of joy-cons is 2.5 times the cost of a single joy-con You can read a review of the controller below, but you can expect quality from Power A, and just look at how lovely that Zelda controller is!


Nintendo Switch 6.8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad (Amazon Link)


8Bitdo creates some of the greatest controllers in the game, and this is a smaller version of one of them. It’s compatible with anything from PCs to Raspberry Pis, and it has a wonderfully responsive D-pad that’s essential for fighting and platforming games.

It’s very light and pleasant to use, especially if you have bigger hands, which makes it excellent for kids or if you just want to use one hand when sitting in bed. It offers a configurable turbo option for times you need to button mash and is entirely wireless with no input latency.

Overall, it’s a terrific small controller, but keep in mind that if your game requires an analogue stick to play effectively, this won’t cut it. However, it has good functionality and can be used on your PC or mobile phone.

Below is a review of the controller.


7.Utilize a GameCube controller that is wired (Amazon Link)


If you don’t have any extra GameCube controllers or don’t want to spend too much money, the wired Power A controller is around a fifth of the price of the wireless version.

Everything is the same since it is legally licensed and comes with a two-year guarantee, as well as all of the Switch buttons and is fully compatible with all Switch games. The detachable wire is 10 feet (3 meters) long and has a Velcro strap for enhanced security.

What’s not to appreciate about a controller that costs less than ten dollars and saves you money on batteries? Take a look at one of the reviews below.


Poké Ball Plus is the eighth game in the Pokémon series (Amazon Link)


Are you a Pokemon fanatic? Because I do, I’m a huge Pokemon fan who has spent many hours watching anime/movies and playing all of the games. So, how about getting your hands on a PokéBall for real?

The Poké Ball Plus acts as a controller for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu; or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee & Pokémon Go and it will actually light up and vibrate whenever you’re near a Pokemon or Poké Stop in Pokémon Go. Isn’t that cool!

In Pokémon Let’s Go!!, you may carry a Pokémon with you and gain XP in your everyday life, and the Ball comes with Mew. Never again will you require complicated flaws or tricks to capture the rarest Pokémon!

See how the Poké Ball Plus works in Pokemon Lets Go in the video below. In any case, if you’re a Pokémon enthusiast, you can’t go wrong since owning a real-life Poké ball has always been a fantasy of ours.


Officially Licensed HORI D-Pad Controller (L) (Zelda) (Amazon Link)


The D-pad on the Switch Joy-cons is terrible, which is a HUGE issue for fighting games and platforms, making them hard to play. This beautiful Zelda/Mario/Pokemon legally licensed device allows you to play all of your favorite portable games the way they were supposed to be played.

Remember that this controller lacks standard joy-con capabilities like wifi connectivity and motion controls/rumble, but such functions aren’t necessary for certain titles.

Check out the video below for a review from WULUFF DEN, a terrific Youtuber.


10.For Nintendo Switch, AccuPoint Active Stylus (Amazon Link)


If you want to play touch-sensitive games like Super Mario Maker 2, you’ll need a stylus. The AccuPoint boasts an ultra-fine 2mm tip that’s comfortable for lengthy sessions, as well as a stunning design and a 12-hour battery life. Get to work sketching!

It looks and feels like a genuine pen, and you don’t have to link it with your Switch to use it; instead, it generates electrical pulses that interact with your screen and provide a realistic writing pressure. It’s made of solid aluminum, so it’ll endure if you’re clumsy like me and drop it!

But don’t take my word for it; watch a video below that discusses whether or not you should get a Stylus for Super Mario Maker 2.


Carrying Cases/Bags for the Nintendo Switch

1.PowerA Messenger Bag for Everywhere (Amazon Link)


Power A is synonymous with excellence, since it is one of the largest gaming accessory manufacturers, providing items for the Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and PC. You can carry everything from your Switch’s controllers to the cables, games, and dock in one bag with the Everywhere Messenger bag.

Complete with custom skin editions for Black Of The Wild or Super Mario Bros and a small hard zip case for the Switch itself really you are getting 2 cases for the price of one. Considering your Switch is worth a lot paying a bit more for its protection simply makes sense and this good quality bag will protect your Switch & accessories for a very long time.

There’s a thorough evaluation of the bag there.


2.PDP Nintendo Switch System Elite Edition Backpack (Amazon Link)


We’re regarded nerds as gamers, but you know what’s even nerdier? A gamer with a backpack on his shoulder! Fortunately, the fully approved PDP bag is both fashionable and robust, as well as capacious. Everything from your Switch to all of its attachments, as well as a 15-inch laptop, will fit!

The nicest part is that, although it’s trendy, even with the Nintendo logo, it doesn’t scream “I HAVE A SWITCH STEAL FROM ME!” like other comparable backpacks since it’s grey and the branding isn’t too prominent.

It’s important to preserve your devices if you want them to endure, and given how pricey the Switch and its accessories can be, it’s a worthwhile purchase. To learn more about the backpack, read a review.

3.JETech Nintendo Switch Protective Case (Amazon Link)


Do you want to scratch or damage your Nintendo Switch? While the Switch is rather durable, it is nevertheless susceptible to bumps and scratches, necessitating the use of a protective cover to maintain it in good shape. Fortunately, you’re protected by the Jetech protective case!

It features protection all around the gadget, protecting it from dust, fingerprints, and regular wear and tear. The case is comfy and easy to hold, but it does not allow you to remove the joy-cons or dock, yet it is simple to remove and replace.

All of your controls are accessible, and it’s a no-brainer if you own a Switch only to extend the life of your console. Below is a summary of the case.

4.am Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)


Why not protect the screen of your Nintendo Switch the same way you protect the screen of your smartphone? Despite the fact that the screen is reasonably durable, there is still the possibility of screen damage, which will never happen with the amFilm tempered screen protector!

It is inexpensive but incredibly effective and excellent value for money, as it allows you to view your Switches screen in all of its brilliance while also protecting it. Docking your Switch without a screen protector has been known to harm the screen over time due to the frequent docking and undocking, but a protector removes this problem.

A review of the screen protector can be seen below.


Handheld Grips for Nintendo Switch

1.Nintendo Switch Grip Satisfaction (Amazon Link)


Tired of playing your Switch in handheld mode with tight, sweaty hands? The grip isn’t good enough for lengthy sessions, but the Satisfye Switch grip, a previous Kickstarter product with a 5* rating on Amazon, is here!

You also receive an Elite case, which has a USB A-C cable, two thumbsticks, and a joy-con rail, so it’s not just a grip!

This grip will replicate the Pro Controller feel in handheld mode allowing you to play hours & hours in comfort. Satisfye studied all the competition and updated this grip based on everyone’s feedback with lovely anti-scratch silicone throughout. This is an excellent purchase for anyone who plays they’re switch in handheld mode.

Take a look at what IGN had to say about it down below.


Accessories for the Nintendo Switch controller

Adapter for Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller (Amazon Link)


Do you have any old GameCube controllers stashed away in a forgotten drawer? All you’ll need is an adaptor to utilize them with your Switch!

At the same time, you may connect up to 8 different controllers! It’s easy to set up and there’s no need for a driver, plus it lets you use your GameCube controllers on your PC.

This is a terrific method to save money, but keep in mind that there are no -/+ buttons and motion controls will be missing, but it’s still a fantastic way to give those hopefully still functional controllers a new lease of life! Check out the video below for a review.


2. Joy-Con FastSnail Grips (Amazon Link)


One disadvantage of utilizing the Joy-cons individually is that they are fairly small, making them unsuitable for lengthy gaming sessions. Fortunately, FastSnail, which has a 5-star rating on Amazon, exists! The grip increases your comfort by making the controller much larger, and it comes in a pair with a range of colors to match the newest Joy-con models.

The grips are the same color as the joy-cons and look fantastic, with superior non-slip rubber that provides a much more comfortable grip. The rubber cover protects your joy-cons from everyday wear and tear by preventing dirt, filth, and scratches.

If you use your joy-cons separately and want to turn them into controllers, this is a no-brainer. Below is a review of the Snail Grips.

3.Strengthen Your Joy-Con Grip (Amazon Link)


While holding both joy-cons in the grip is preferable than holding them separately, it is still inconvenient for those with bigger hands. Fortunately, Power A has developed an officially approved bigger grip for extra comfort, so your hands won’t ache after 5 hours of BOTW. Isn’t it fortunate?

I used the grip before upgrading to the Pro controller, but it made my hands suffer after a long gaming session, so if you don’t want to purchase another controller, this is a nice choice. You may also get it to offer a buddy a better gaming experience whenever they come over. Take a look at the following review.

4.Nyko Power Grip is a gripping device designed by Nyko (Amazon Link)


Have you ever wished to charge your joy-cons, as well as your phone or Switch, while you’re gaming? With the Nyjo Power Grip, you can now! The grip simply attaches to most smartphones, allowing you to simultaneously watch Youtube and play games! This feature is intended to operate in conjunction with Nintendo Online, however Nintendo has yet to perfect the functionality.

The joy-cons are charged by the 3000 mAh internal battery, which also serves as a portable power bank for your phone! Even better, you can still hold up to seven Switch games and two Micro-SD cards in your hands, providing you quick access to a variety of games on the fly.

Remember that the grip is extra hefty for enhanced comfort, and that with all of its features, it represents excellent value, particularly when compared to a regular grip. Take a look at the review that follows.


Charging Options for the Nintendo Switch

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 (Anker PowerCore+ 20100) (Anker PowerCore+ (Amazon Link)


The previous Switches had a problem with battery life, so utilizing a portable charger makes logical, right? Other third-party power banks may damage your system, and this device is fully licensed by Nintendo.

When you’re on a lengthy car/plane ride, this will provide quick recharge and hours of extra play, as well as the ability to charge other items such as your phone or computer.

Here’s a link to a review.


2.PowerA Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock Nintendo Switch(Amazon Link)


The Nintendo Switch has an issue with charging all of your numerous attachments, and keeping track of what is charged and what isn’t may be difficult. Power A has addressed this issue with an officially approved charging station that can simultaneously charge one Pro controller, one Nintendo SNES controller, and two joy-cons!

Having a single location to drag and drop most of your devices to charge them cleans up your setup and makes things simpler. 3 The dock comes in black and is attractive. The LED will display your charging status, with all three being green when completely charged.

Check out a review to see whether the product is worth purchasing.


3.PowerA Car Charger Nintendo Switch POW Block (Amazon Link)


Do you find that your Nintendo Switch dies on you when driving long distances? With a 5V/3A output, the officially approved Power A Vehicle Charger is ideal for high-speed car charging, with a USB-C port, it can charge a variety of devices from your Switch to your Pro Controller/smartphone.

The cable design with the iconic POW block just screams Nintendo and at 6 feet long, it can reach throughout your car and no matter where anyone sits there device can be charged. So game happy and content that in your 5-hour car journey your Switch & accessories will stay happily charged.

Stands for Nintendo Switch

1.Nyko Horizontal/Vertical Intercooler Stand (Amazon Link)


Do you find that your Switch overheats often, or that you wish it could be docked horizontally? The Nyko Intercooler Stand, which connects to your Switches dock, lets you to dock horizontally while increasing airflow!

Because you don’t want any electronics to overheat, and the Switch may become rather hot if played for long periods of time, this stand has built-in sensors that control the temperature of your Switch to keep it from overheating.

Even better, if your gaming setup is small, docking the switch horizontally may save a lot of room, and the stand only makes the dock look nicer.

A review of the Nyko Intercooler Stand may be found here.


2.Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand For Nintendo Switch & Tablets(Amazon Link)


Have you ever wished to play your Switch portable with friends but discovered that the Switch’s “Stand” isn’t quite up to the task? The Lamicall Tabletstand, on the other hand, let you to mount your Switch or tablet on an adjustable stand so that everyone can enjoy smash!

It also enables you to charge the Switch, which is typically impossible since the connector is located at the bottom. With a tablet stand, you can charge your tablet while it’s hung in the air!

The good part is that it’s highly portable and folds into your pocket (if you’re a male, we all know how ladies feel about their pants pockets lol), so you can use it to play your Switch on the train or on an airplane without straining your neck. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you can get a replacement, and it has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

It’s versatile, with a 270-degree rotation, and the high-quality aluminum is long-lasting. It also has a sneaky aspect to it, so it will fit right in with your setup. Take a look at one of the reviews below.


3.TFY Nintendo Switch Car Headrest (Amazon Link)


Have you ever been on a lengthy journey with screaming kids in the passenger seat? The FY Car Headrest will employ a silicon net to protect your Switch while also allowing it to be entirely handsfree, allowing everyone in the passenger seat to play!

You can still use all of the Switch’s screens and controls, and it can even accommodate 7-10.5-inch tablets, so if somebody gets bored, they can just switch to Netflix. Isn’t it convenient? Even better, it works well on a plane, so you can game away at 30,000 feet without worrying about your Switch being knocked over by turbulence. Isn’t it true that safety comes first?

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the headrest strap.


Memory Cards for the Nintendo Switch

1.SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Memory Card (200 GB) (Amazon Link)


The Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of storage which will be deleted very rapidly as Breath Of The Wild takes up 40& of the storage capacity itself! The SanDisk ultra has performance up to 100MB/s so you won’t have to worthy about lengthy load times.

It all depends on how much memory you need; however, the more memory you purchase, the better value you will get, and you can always utilize it for your computer or camera if you purchase a larger memory card. Because the maximum size of a Switch cartridge is 32GB, 200 GB should plenty for most games.

A memory card is a no-nonsense Switch accessory that you just need if you want to play more than a few games on your Switch. Sandisk is a well-known brand, and memory cards are a no-nonsense Switch attachment that you simply need if you want to play more than a few games on your Switch.

Here’s a review of the SD card designed exclusively for the Switch.


Internet Adapters for the Nintendo Switch

Ethernet Adapter UGREEN (Amazon Link)


Now, I’ve already discussed why Nintendo Online is so poor (here), but the regular wifi connection is especially horrible. Before I utilized the UGREEN Ethernet adapter, playing Super Ultimate online was almost impossible.

It plugs right into the dock and instantly switches your connection from wireless to wired. All you have to do is plug in an ethernet cable, and you’ll notice a huge improvement. Smash was suddenly playable, and it’s a must-have if you want to play your Switch online since the wifi connection is so poor.

Check out the review below; it can also be used to enhance the connection of most other electrical devices, such as laptops and Macs.


Headphone Adapters for the Nintendo Switch

1.Nintendo Switch HomeSpot Audio Adapter (Amazon Link)


Nintendo does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong, and the choice to ship the Switch without wireless Bluetooth connectivity in 2017 was and continues to be totally absurd.

Thankfully Homespot has created a Bluetooth transmitter especially for the Switch that is simply plug in and play with simple setup. It comes attached with a Mic so you can have easy voice chat for a variety of games like Fortnite & OverWatch. It has very low latency so rest assured your audio will not conflict with your gaming experience like other Bluetooth transmitters.

Now, the efficacy varies depending on the headphones you use; Sony Bose and Apple Airpods are good choices, but be cautious and do your homework before purchasing. Take a look at the product’s review below.


Fashion Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

PDP’s Nintendo Switch Light Up Dock Shield (Amazon Link)


Have you ever wished to make your Nintendo Switch’s dock more interesting? PDP has you covered with two distinct designs and 17 various color/effect options to convert your dock into a beautiful glowing light show!

It is legally sanctioned by Nintendo and protects the dock while also adding interest to the plain black dock. So, impress your friends and make them envy with this personalized light display! Take a look at the critique.


Gift Cards for the Nintendo eShop

$20/$35 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (Amazon Link)


Have you ever purchased a game for someone who didn’t enjoy it and suspected they returned it behind your back? Instead of being in an unpleasant position, get a Nintendo eShop Card for someone or yourself so that you or anybody else may purchase anything they want from the eShop.

Although this card is designed for the 3DS/Wii U, it may also be used on the Switch. To activate the card, see the video below.



The “nintendo switch games” is a list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories. The article is divided into three sections: controllers, cases, and docks.

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