Among Us is finally on Nintendo Switch, and it has cross-play

A new game is finally on the Nintendo Switch, and it has cross-play. It’s a highly anticipated little title that only came out recently but has already been generating buzz for its innovative nature.

“Among Us” is finally on Nintendo Switch, and it has cross-play. The game is available for $19.99 in the Nintendo eShop, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can get it from Steam with a 10% discount.

Among Us is finally on Nintendo Switch, and it has cross-play

Nintendo’s Official YouTube Channel’s Indie World Showcase

During today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, the firm revealed details on a number of upcoming games, but one of the year’s most popular is already available. Among Us was a huge success in 2020, and the game is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Despite the fact that Among Us was first released as a mobile game in June of 2018, the Innersloth title has witnessed a significant increase in popularity since mid-2020. The game’s programmer and business head told Kotaku Australia that Twitch was a major role, and that the game was more popular in Mexico, Brazil, and Korea than anywhere else.

Innersloth released the game for Windows a few months after its original mobile release in 2018, and it was completely cross-play compatible at the time of debut. This implies that iOS, Android, and Windows users will be able to play together.

Among Us wins many honors in 2020.


In recent months, the game’s rebirth in 2020 has made it a favorite, propelling Among Us into three major prizes. Over two years after the game’s debut, it won the Breakthrough Award at Golden Joystick 2020.

Most notably, Among Us won Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards 2020. The most stunning of the two is Best Multiplayer Game, where Among Us joins the ranks of previous winners such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Splatoon.

While social gaming is taking place, social alienation is also taking place.

Among-Us-is-finally-on-Nintendo-Switch-and-it-hasNintendo’s Official YouTube Channel’s Indie World Showcase

Another element in the game’s meteoric rise in popularity has been speculated to be the current worldwide pandemic’s timing. For new players, Among Us is a really basic and easy to pick up game that gives a much-needed outlet for socialization in a socially distant period.

Players stranded at home may embrace both their bright and evil sides depending on the role they wind up playing during a game of Among Us, thanks to the game’s combination of cooperative and competitive play.

Among Us is out now and supports cross-play.

1645593481_228_Among-Us-is-finally-on-Nintendo-Switch-and-it-hasNintendo’s Official YouTube Channel’s Indie World Showcase

The surprise revelation that Among Us will be coming to Nintendo Switch today was accompanied by two exciting bits of information. The first is that it’s already on sale and accessible for download, so fans won’t have to wait long.

The second is that, like the Windows version, the Nintendo Switch version will allow players from all platforms to play together. This is a significant plus since it means that this multiplayer-heavy game will already have a large player base.


It would have taken longer to build up a player base on the Nintendo Switch if the game had released without cross-play. Unfortunately, the essence of multiplayer games is that their success and quality are determined by the players themselves.

With cross-play established, you can be certain that if you pick up the game on Nintendo Switch, you’ll have plenty of people to play with.

Last but not least, the game is reasonably priced. You can download Among Us from Nintendo Online right now for £3.89 in the UK or $5.00 in the US and start playing right now.

Among Us is finally on Nintendo Switch, and it has cross-play with Xbox. Reference: among us crossplay xbox pc.

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