Animal Crossing: Best QR Codes and Codes for Pokémon Clothes, Decorations, and Other Designs

Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City recently released, so let’s take a look at some of the best QR codes and codes for Pokémon clothes, decorations, and other designs. In this article I’ll be ranking these top 10 QR Codes from least to most effective.
1) Best QR Code- Screenshots
2) Worst QRCode- Free Shingles
3) Best code for Clothing (don’t have too much time): 3BPQRZ7LBS8WXRY9KH5CBMFCBJEET6M4YAPMYOORFSLNUELLSCMFVASHSGGU9DGOVA

The “animal crossing: new horizons design codes” are a set of QR Codes that can be scanned by the Animal Crossing New Horizons game. The codes will give users access to clothes, decorations, and other designs.

Animal Crossing: Best QR Codes and Codes for Pokémon Clothes, Decorations, and Other Designs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons reintroduced the brand to Nintendo’s exclusive circle of first-party games, repositioning it as the go-to game for endless creativity and activities.

Because ACNH is such a popular game on the Switch, it’s no wonder that some gamers have designed and uploaded new designs based on another popular Nintendo series, Pokémon.

Hundreds of unique Pokémon designs may be seen in Animal Crossing games from the past and present. To make things a little simpler, we’ve combed through the primary sources of codes, as stated on our Animal Crossing Codes page, to build a list of the greatest Animal Crossing codes and QR codes for Pokémon products.

Best Pokémon codes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Using the code system through the Custom Designs Portal is the quickest method to acquire Pokémon outfits, decorations, and other designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

You may acquire all of the products associated to the greatest Animal Crossing Pokémon codes mentioned in the following table by utilizing the Design ID search.  

Item for Pokémon Code Type Creator
Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-4GB2-YMJM-43LJ Dress with a Balloon Hem Cutie Land, Claire
1645593686_794_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-13J9-N574-3T8X Cap with a Brim Karakura, Ezareal
1645593687_907_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-T5VK-TX7H-BL7C Sweater woodvale’s Evelyn
1645593688_68_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-TW7Y-033Y-S05X Coat Area 51’s Gavin
1645593689_513_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-P4RF-WSLN-MHPH Cap with a Brim birds nesting, birdgaming
1645593691_937_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-9Y72-HTKL-LHD2 Tank Top Ellesméra, Angelina
1645593692_909_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-JK09-L8NH-78RR Hoodie Harmony, Cassy
1645593693_999_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-TFFG-3C5W-PM77 Cap with a Brim Taya, Taya, Taya, Taya, Taya, Taya
1645593695_929_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-VLDD-2QC1-X0GB Hoodie Awakening, Boardo
1645593696_675_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-SDJB-GMR5-9QQQ Dress with a Balloon Hem Devonian Galaxymew
1645593698_253_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-Q70L-V58P-2R5C Hat with a Brim Jessi, welcome to heaven.
1645593699_485_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-JH97-YPWF-CFCX Tank Top lulu, lulu, lulu, lulu, lul
1645593700_415_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-RR3N-RK14-VL18 Sweater cocolint, anne-so
1645593701_114_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-V26P-9SG7-5RYC Tee with a short sleeve animaland, Pol
1645593703_82_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-9TP4-F1TK-TD94 Coat Pelu, Katy
1645593704_989_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-84TR-D654-TKV4 Tee with a short sleeve 1645593705_366_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes
1645593707_45_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-DSQW-XSBW-C1VH Coat Link isle, FoxyDan
1645593708_462_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-4JPJ-B8B4-6BDL Cap with a Brim Luna, Toni
1645593709_987_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-J088-RX3V-V2Y0 Dress with Short Sleeves Kanto, star
1645593711_626_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-WL3Q-PBT4-8MC4 Hoodie Noya, Noya, Noya, Noya, Noya, No
1645593712_752_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-55NC-D7MQ-L99J Sweater tropical lily
1645593713_729_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-VNPT-LC9D-XXGQ Dress with a Balloon Hem Shytakii, RedPandaa
1645593714_23_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-G8NS-JM96-XB07 Hoodie Island of Gragoo
1645593716_88_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-0TGB-X6RG-VX65 Knit Cap Nimbles, Reeny
1645593716_705_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-639S-110P-QLK7 Cap with a Brim Moondrop, Jess
1645593718_678_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-CGRW-DGTP-MM2R Robe Yanni, Yanni, Yanni, Yanni, Yanni, Yanni,
1645593719_608_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-65HJ-G438-4CD7 Coat Pumpkin, Ricky
Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-NJR7-LCYH-JVRV Coat Elysium by Arthur C. Clarke
1645593721_621_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-H4JV-4KM1-J3F6 Tee with a short sleeve Star Crest, Brittany
1645593722_239_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-F8SV-1LN9-8RFD Hoodie Banana <3, Banana UwU
1645593724_145_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-XR6G-K45Q-NQGH Dress with Short Sleeves Cobblestone, poppet
1645593725_868_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-Y20N-WCVK-DLH3 Hoodie Wysteria, Ven
1645593726_853_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-CN5F-22VT-QV2G Tee with a short sleeve Duscur, Emerald
1645593727_771_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-HV8P-8HC4-3290 Other Tiki-Land, Emma
1645593728_229_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-3DSY-664V-7PPD Other WolfIsland, Wolfgang
1645593729_155_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-KMDY-93CV-JQRQ Other Neverland, Riozun
1645593730_463_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-YK66-BMN5-MGC0 Other Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex
1645593731_735_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-L03V-1T7R-LFCB Other Opportunity, Zippey
1645593733_622_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-4BTV-5S8T-WLFB Other Bulwa, Janek
1645593733_246_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-8X1H-P2Q4-S1C2 Other Bulwa, Janek
1645593734_704_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-MLN9-D3XS-5FV1 Other New Verdou, Lokken
1645593735_968_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-WPVQ-HBXV-C0SM Other Isla Relax, Octavio
1645593736_890_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-9QK7-J4J3-CMNH Other New Verdou, Lokken
1645593737_957_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-L9HN-5B67-G25S Other Yoshland, Emily
1645593738_804_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-CLLY-YHS4-V0Q2 Other Pika, Jessie
1645593739_955_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-Y7FL-GGJ4-YRX9 Other qwsa, Kitty
1645593741_642_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-5FHW-JNB9-0S21 Other Griflantis, Griff
1645593741_54_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-Q4RW-P09P-8KTV Other tri-state agent P
1645593743_967_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-HH1M-1JVV-HG9Y Other Mongol-island Joocha
1645593744_323_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-35H7-29G1-RNMS Other Skyloft, Poppi
1645593745_641_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-RR01-54VY-8BPM Other ChinchLand, Jared
1645593746_122_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-RKWC-20GR-202W Other 1645593747_850_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes
1645593748_265_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-0Q6S-S7XQ-P354 Other Candy town, Sweetea
1645593749_179_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-C61W-YGSG-KK92 Other Goldsands, Audra
1645593750_905_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-C54R-XPM6-8CSR Other Salasen, Fox
1645593751_59_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-DD24-DK32-5DSB Other Mini, Josh
1645593752_771_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-QN86-KL4C-R0QK Other Dreamland, Maik
1645593753_411_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-XRS2-T044-TNWS Other Paperland, PaperThin
1645593754_787_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-RL09-2NMT-QMLW Other TIPopolis, RIKISHI
1645593754_613_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-PJYL-8CVD-5HHT Other Namek 2.0, namek 2.0, namek 2.0, namek 2.0, namek 2.0
1645593755_113_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-3P5P-3B5R-TYJJ Other SwitchLand, Adrián
1645593757_180_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-MN4M-S9NV-5C7P Other Megan, 1645593757_565_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes
1645593759_489_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-NXMC-Q7T4-FFC7 Other Cake, Birdy
1645593760_823_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-B6N0-3MF7-5TDS Other Beep-Boop, Nero
1645593761_591_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-RLK8-TNGL-DGD6 Other Gotham, Lucy
1645593762_91_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-X208-QQR3-3S65 Other Avalon, Shadhavar
1645593763_77_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-N8TN-G5PX-LMWF Other Pound Town’s Vyvy
1645593764_873_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-0CCP-3LVS-XKDC Other Wano, Will
1645593765_799_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes MO-V1DG-RRK9-WT4P Other Aster, Will

Best Animal Crossing QR codes for Item for Pokémons

Obtaining the greatest Animal Crossing QR codes for Pokémon designs is a lot more time-consuming and staggered procedure than obtaining the New Horizons Pokémon codes.

That said, there are some excellent Item for Pokémons for Animal Crossing that you’ll need the QR code download process to acquire, with our top picks and QR codes listed below.

Most AC Pokémon codes involve scanning four QR codes in the following order: top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.

QR code for a trainer backpack


Shirt with a short sleeve Unknown creator


QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

AC QR code for a negative Pikachu vest


Sleeveless Shirt is a kind of shirt that has no sleeves. Kimmi is the author of this piece.

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

AC QR code on Ash’s jacket


Creator: Starkey Type: Short-sleeve Shirt

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

AC QR code for Misty’s outfit


Dress with no sleeves Lies is the author of this work.

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

AC QR code on Brock’s vest


Creator: Starkey Type: Short-sleeve Shirt

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

Erika, the gym’s leader, has an AC QR code on her clothing.


Dress with a long sleeve Calem is the author of this piece.

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

Team Rocket’s top AC QR code is white.


Long-sleeved Shirt Designer: 1645593773_742_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

Top AC QR code for Black Team Rocket


Long-sleeved Shirt Designer: 1645593776_105_Animal-Crossing-Best-QR-Codes-and-Codes-for-Pokemon-Clothes

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

AC QR code for kimono girl outfit


Dress with a long sleeve Cryssi is the author of this work.

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

AC QR code for Lucario’s attire


Type: Long-sleeved shirt with horned hat Buoysel is the author of this work.

Hat QR (top left), Top QR1 (top right), QR2 (middle left), QR3 (middle right), and QR4 (middle right) (bottom left)

QR code for Incineroar hoodie AC


Long-sleeved Shirt Designer: Tanja

QR1 (top left), QR2 (top right), QR3 (bottom left), and QR4 (bottom right) are the four QR codes (bottom right)

Check out r/ACQR, Nerd Attack!, and the Custom Designs Portal in New Horizons for more more Pokémon codes and QR codes to locate and utilize in Animal Crossing.

The “animal crossing island design codes” is a website that has the best QR Codes and Codes for Pokémon Clothes, Decorations, and Other Designs. The website also has a blog where they talk about the latest news in Animal Crossing.

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