Are Nintendo Switches Waterproof? Water Damage Guide –

Below you will find a list of Nintendo Switch water damage causes and what to do if your switch is damaged. If you want to prevent future damages, follow these steps.

The “nintendo switch water damage indicator” is a device that will tell you whether or not your Nintendo Switch has been damaged by water. The device is made by the company Zagg and can be found on Amazon for $12.99.

Are Nintendo Switches Waterproof? Water Damage Guide –


I’m sure you wanted to know whether the Nintendo Switch is water-resistant or waterproof. I was curious as to how water-resistant my Nintendo Switch is. So I went online to attempt to find a solution to your issue.

The Switch is not waterproof, everything from the air exhaust port,3.5mm headphone jack, the cartridge slot for both sd cards & Switch games are open to the elements. It could not have been waterproofed without changing the quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 processor to a less powerful waterproof one.

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, may be made waterproof if it is placed in a waterproof cover, such as this Mumba travel Switch case from Amazon.

I’ll go through why the Switch isn’t waterproof, what you can do if it gets wet, how to tell if your Switch has water damage, and whether or not your Nintendo warranty covers water damage.

Let’s get started.

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Why Isn’t the Nintendo Switch Waterproof or Water Resistant?

The Nintendo Switch is a powerful hybrid console/handheld despite its small size. The Switch’s GPU is the Nvidia Tegra X1, which can achieve 1.0 TFLOPS (a unit of processing power).


The Switch becomes rather hot as a result of this power, therefore it requires air vents and an open fan at the top to keep the device cool. You can see the issue above, as rain or even a tiny bit of water may cause the Switch to fail if it gets into the holes/fans.

Yes, Nintendo could have devised a means to make the Switch water proof, but it would have been prohibitively expensive and ineffective. Also, for the switch to be as strong as it is, the GPU will generate a lot of heat, necessitating the use of a fan, rendering it non-waterproof.

Because all of your phone’s components are inside, it’s water-resistant; consoles and handhelds, on the other hand, need fans to cool down their electronics, making them as water-resistant as a sponge.

How can you tell if your Nintendo Switch has been damaged by water?

To begin, examine your Nintendo Switch for any signs of heat, such as steam boiling, bulging, or melting, and avoid touching it.

Turn off your Switch if it’s on. If the screen on your Switches flickers on and off, water has most likely reached the circuitry and it is beyond repair.

Separating the battery from the electronic is normally done, but doing so voids your warranty, so do it at your own risk. Click here to get an Amazon-exclusive Switch screwdriver.

How to Repair Water Damage on a Nintendo Switch


When Your Nintendo Switch Gets Wet, What Should You Do?

  1. Unplug any power to the console, to reduce any possibility of receiving an electronic shock & to prevent the Switches components from getting damaged further.
  2. Make certain that the Switch is turned off.
  3. To prevent water from accessing various areas of the electronics, wipe out any excess water from the Switch. Make careful not to twist the Switch too much or flip it over.
  4. Shaking the Nintendo Switch or blowing into the fans with a fan can force the water to move farther inside.
  5. None of the Switches buttons should be pressed.
  6. Do not use a hairdryer or heater to dry the system; this might permanently harm the Switch.
  7. Allow several days for the system to dry up before touching it.
  8. Because silica gel is a desiccant, it absorbs moisture, store the console in a compact box containing silica gel (the packets that scream “don’t touch, throw away!”). If you need silica gel, go here to get some from Amazon.

Things to Watch Out For

  • If you want to maintain your Nintendo warranty, don’t open the system.
  • If your Switch does not come on on its own, do not connect it to the power supply, as this might be harmful.
  • The switch’s battery can be removed, but you’ll need a screwdriver like this one, and if you attempt to repair it without understanding what you’re doing, the battery is extremely simple to harm.

Take a peek at the most popular gaming YouTubers. My buddy VINCE was able to successfully fix a Nintendo Switch that had been flooded. Water damage to any gadget is by no means simple to repair!


Is water damage covered under the Nintendo Switch’s warranty?


Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch warranty does not cover liquid damage, and the official Nintendo website states that “if the console has been wet or displays symptoms of humidity, the device will be regarded irreparable since it must be rebuilt anew.”

My recommendation is to wait a few days to see whether your Nintendo Switch turns on, and if it doesn’t, send it to the Nintendo repair center. You should provide another Nintendo Switch if the repair center has adequate stock; else, Nintendo will ship your unrepaired Switch back to you.

If your Switch is out of warranty (or all water-damaged switches), Nintendo will send you an email with the cost of the repair service so you can make arrangements before Nintendo attempts to fix it. You may have your Nintendo fixed by filling out the form on this page.

How to Determine whether your switch is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

All Nintendo systems now come with a “standard 12-month warranty,” plus a 3-month guarantee on games and accessories sold separately. Any manufacture or workmanship flaws will be fixed free of charge under this guarantee.

Check the bottom left of your Switch or inside the Switch itself (if it still works) to determine whether it’s under warranty. See the video below for more information.


How long will the Nintendo Switch last?

I’ve owned my Nintendo Switch for a year and have dropped it dozens of times with no visible bumps or scrapes. Nintendo goods are recognized for their durability, and I anticipate that if properly cared for, a Switch will last a long time.

The longevity of the switches, as well as the fact that it is a home console/handheld, make it the PERFECT family console. Check out this page to see whether the Nintendo Switch is suitable for children.

Check out this video of the Nintendo Switch being dropped from 1000 feet and still working! I’m not sure what more to say about the Switch’s durability if that doesn’t tell it all!


The screen is covered by a sturdy plastic coasting, but I strongly suggest obtaining a tempered screen protector, such as this one from Amazon, to preserve your pricey gaming computer and to simply be on the safe side. You don’t want the screen to crack since replacing it is incredibly costly.

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Products to Consider

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The “nintendo switch water damage reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. This article will answer the question and provide information on how to avoid damaging your Nintendo Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How waterproof are Nintendo switches?

A: The Nintendo Switch is water resistant and can survive being submerged in up to 3 feet of fresh water for approximately 30 minutes.

Can a Nintendo switch work after water damage?

A: Yes, a Nintendo switch can work after water damage. You should avoid turning it on until the console is dry and then turn it back on only if you want to save any data that was still intact when you turned off your device.

Can a Nintendo switch survive water?

A: The Nintendo Switch is a handheld unit. It has no waterproofing and the only protection it offers against water damage is that the whole unit can be removed from its dock for quick drying if needed.

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