Are Nintendo Switches Worth The Money? (4 Reasons Why) –

The Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling console in history. With a $299 price and excellent games, it is no wonder why so many people are buying these devices ahead of others like PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X. The question remains: Is the switch really worth your money?

The “nintendo switch oled” is a gaming console that offers many features. The Nintendo Switch has 4 reasons why it’s worth the money.

Are Nintendo Switches Worth The Money? (4 Reasons Why) –

The Nintendo Switch is the first real console-handheld hybrid and one of the most groundbreaking video game systems ever, but is it worth the money? I’ve utilized my own and others’ experience owning systems to provide you with the best possible response.

The Nintendo Switch features a total of 2863 games in its library, including AAA third-party titles like The Witcher 3. It’s suitable for all ages, with excellent portability allowing for immediate pick-up and play, as well as the option to play docked on a television.

Despite having a PS5 and an Xbox Series S, I choose to play my Switch since it allows me to pick up and play a large budget system in the palm of my hand, making it one of the finest gaming consoles ever.

I’ll explain why you should get a Switch and why it’s DEFINITELY worth the money; keep reading to find out more.

Four Reasons Why the Nintendo Switch Is a Good Investment


1.The Nintendo Switch has some incredible exclusives.


Sure, cartoony visuals and a lack of realistic violence make games like Breath Of The Wild and Mario Odyssey look juvenile on the surface, but if you let this put you off, you’ll be missing out on some very unique gaming experiences.

Breath Of The Wild is without a doubt one of the finest video games ever created. Do you have any doubts? It has a Metacritic score of 97 and has earned 189 game of the year honors!

That’s a substantial sum of money!

Similarly, Mario Odyssey is 97 percent, and the excellent fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is the reason I got a Switch, is 93 percent! I could go on and on about a slew of Nintendo exclusives and how wonderfully they’re received, but you get the idea.

Nintendo exclusives can only be played on a Nintendo system; you will never be able to play Zelda or Mario on a PlayStation or Xbox. Purchasing a Switch gives you access to some of the finest games ever created, further enhancing the console’s value.

Nintendo’s exclusivity is one of the reasons why Nintendo games are so costly; for more information, check my article here, and to see whether you can save money by purchasing a secondhand Switch, read my post here. Why should you pay more?

Sure, I’m just a random dude on the internet, but check out this Reddit post where a slew of adult gamers, just like you, have purchased the Switch and are raving about it. The user ExcessiveGravitas quoted below is one of many who has never played a Nintendo exclusive game yet enjoys their gaming experience.

I’ve had a lot of fun with Zelda, to the point that it’s astonished me. Other than Portal, I’ve never played a Zelda game, an open-world game, or a 3D game. Despite this, I’ve put in over 200 hours, beat Ganon, and am still playing and loving it.


To see how good Zelda is, look at the review above. Get a Switch at the lowest price on Amazon here and enjoy hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

2.The Nintendo Switch has a wide range of games to choose from.

I understand if you believe the Nintendo Switch is just for kids. Well, you’d be mistaken!

The Nintendo Switch didn’t have a lot of titles in 2017, but that has changed as third-party developers have gained trust in the system, enabling them to convert more of their games to it.

Check out this thorough list of adult Nintendo Switch titles, which includes the raunchy Witcher 3,(Amazon) Skyrim, and even Doom! Check out my selection of the 40 greatest games for the Switch here.

While Nintendo’s earlier platforms, such as the GameCube and Wii, were regarded as “kids’ consoles,” that is no longer the case. How could a game like The Witcher 3 on the Switch have scenes of complete nudity on display?

The Switch’s adult catalog is growing by the day, and with the predicted release of a more powerful Nintendo Switch pro, the Switch will be able to run even more powerful titles.

But don’t be fooled by less childish-looking games! You could be missing out on one of the finest gaming experiences ever.

The Switch is best experienced docked in couch co-op mode, where you can play exciting party games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate or the spectacular racer Mario Kart with a group of 1-8 pals! See my list for the other 11 greatest local Switch games.

Every Switch comes with two controllers (both joy-cons), so you just need two extra to have enough controllers for an action-packed gaming session with your friends.

3.The Nintendo Switch Is Designed To Be Picked Up And Played

If you’re married, have children, or have trouble finding time to play games, I’d say the Switch is not just worth it, but the best console for you! Allow me to explain.

If you want to play a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you’ll need a TV or monitor, but that’s not the case with the Switch. ExcessiveGravitas, a Reddit member, describes the Switch as “the ideal bridge between the two worlds.”

The Switch is a first-of-its-kind hybrid console/handheld that provides you access to fantastic blockbuster gaming experiences with the mobility of a smartphone!

Simply pull out your Switch whenever you have 5 minutes to spare and you’ll have instant access to a plethora of great games! Play it on your lunch break, on the train, or when your spouse is talking on the phone! I’ve even taken my Switch on a transatlantic flight!

Unless the PS4 is constantly in sleep mode, it takes a while for the PS4 to boot up, and to get the most out of it, you should play in the living room with no distractions or in another room with a TV. I know that living with my parents means that the living room is only available at night; I can’t fathom how difficult it must be if you have a family and/or children!

You can play on the Switch while lying in bed, standing while waiting for your microwave to beep, or about any other moment you can think of. The zero start-up time is ideal for adult gamers who believe they are too ‘busy’ to own a Switch; in fact, it is the ideal adult gaming system!

Other systems, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, simply do not support this. Is it possible to play The Witcher 3 on the PS4 while traveling? Can the Xbox One handle it? It can’t, and as an adult, this is where the Switch’s true potential is shown.

I’m a traveler, and I just brought my switch to China, where I discovered the console’s genius. All of this time spent commuting, flying, or staying in hotels is ideal for the Switch, and considerably more convenient than packing an Xbox or PS4 or settling for a subpar mobile phone gaming experience.

The Switch light is a good alternative if you want a Switch that is even more portable and can fit in most men’s denim pockets (sorry, ladies!) It can’t be docked (played on a TV), but it’s $100 less than the original Switch and comes in a variety of gorgeous hues including Coral and Turquoise.

Most Switch players, like myself, only use it as a portable, so why not save some money and purchase the smaller, but equally amazing Switch lite instead? On Amazon, you can get the light for a great deal.


If you have kids, the Switch is the ideal family console since party games like Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Kart are entertaining for everyone!

Check out my article for the greatest four-player local co-op games on the Switch, as well as additional reasons why the Switch is ideal for the entire family.

4.The Switch allows you to choose how you want to play.

The ability to seamlessly move between playing docked on your TV and playing on the go is one of the Switch’s finest features, and it was one of the console’s main selling points when it was originally debuted.

What other console allows you to play a terrific single-player game at home and then transport it across the country for a business meeting?

This allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of when and how you use the Switch as an adult. You can play Super Smash Bros. in the living room with up to 8 players on one TV, then take your Switch upstairs and play in the comfort of your bed. No other console comes close to matching its versatility.

Your kids will love it in the back of the van on a long road trip, giving them something to do other than scream, and you will love it when the kids are sleeping or wherever you want to play.

Gaming consoles, particularly Nintendo consoles, do not depreciate in value, and there has never been a better moment to play the Switch.

What’s not to appreciate about the Nintendo Switch?

The “nintendo switch pros and cons 2021” is a question that has popped up on many people’s minds. The 4 reasons why the Nintendo Switch is worth it are: 1) It’s a hybrid console with 2 different controllers, 2) It supports mobile games, 3) You can play anywhere, and 4) The price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Nintendo Switch worth it?

A: The Nintendo Switch is worth it because its a great place for people who love to play games, but also like to watch movies and TV shows. However, if youre someone that only likes playing games then the PS4 might be better suited for your needs.

Is it still worth buying Nintendo Switch?

A: Yes! Nintendo Switch is still a great console. It doesnt have the power of PS4 or Xbox One, but it has enough to be enjoyable.

Is buying a Nintendo Switch worth it in 2021?

A: Yes. The Switch is an innovative console that has a lot of great games for it, and its library will only grow in the future. If you can afford to buy one now, I highly recommend doing so!

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