Can You Hack Nintendo Switch Without Being Banned?

Wondering if can you hack Nintendo Switch without being banned? Read on to find out!

When Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, it made a huge buzz among Nintendo’s loyal corridors. Especially the then Wii users. This is because of the fact that the Nintendo Switch was the first truly hybrid Nintendo console.

Thanks to its touchscreen tablet which also had a docking port for home-console-like usability besides wireless joy-con controllers.

Can You Hack Nintendo Switch Without Being Banned
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Hooked to either side, the joy-con controllers offer holistic gaming experience with enhanced user inputs, motion sensing and tactile feedback.

Users also had the liberty back then to also attach a grip accessory into it and speaking practicality, Nintendo Switch softwares and games were seamlessly accessible though flash-ROM cartridges and the Nintendo eShop.

One could also switch to online gaming support as well as local wireless and hoc connectivity with other consoles. All together, the Nintendo Switch took the “hybrid gaming console” concept introduced by the Wii to a whole new level.

Can You Hack a Nintendo Switch Without Being Banned?

While you can access a pool of online Nintendo services like download games for free, run emulators, install custom themes and more, this liberty won’t last for long. Sometimes sooner, Nintendo will identify pirated games from your device and in no time shall it ban the entire Switch device.

What is a Nintendo Switch and What are its capabilities?

The Nintendo Switch took one of the main selling points of its predecessor the Wii U and made it a lot more robust. The previous Wii U featured a screen on the main controller that enabled the gamer to play without a TV where the Wii U had to stay within a certain range of the actual console.

The Nintendo Switch on the other hand adds better usability with a 6.2 inch 1280 X 720p screen, a dock and a removable joy-con controller. The Nintendo Switch has 32 GB of built-in storage which can be expanded via flash storage cards. Battery life is claimed to be around five and half to nine hours depending on the game and screen brightness.

Nintendo Switch Tablet with Joy-Cons
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Also available with detachable joy-con controllers, the Switch can go from TV mode to handheld on the fly as well as tabletop mode. When docked the resolution clocks at 1080p where many games adjust resolution on the fly. However, games usually run better in the handheld mode because of lower resolution.

Interestingly, the joy-cons can also act as independent controllers for portable local multiplayer or they can slide directly on to the console, making it look like the Wii U controller. The joy-cons also supports motion sensing but a bit differently as users have experienced it on Wii or the Wii U.

Nintendo also pushed the multiplayer aspect with the Switch very hard allowing players to play with separate controllers on the same screen wherever they go but also that up to eight separate consoles can be linked together on a local network. Some games may also run on multiple switches in this manner with just one cartridge of game titles similar to the predecessor Nintendo 3DS.

Why would you hack a Nintendo Switch?

There’s no dearth around the fact that the Nintendo Switch has been a worldwide bestseller for the Japanese video game giant. However, with most of the games and softwares available online via purchases through the Nintendo eShop, users discovered “hacks” which allowed them to access all the online resources for free.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch Hack also allows users to access the older retro Nintendo games on the Nintendo Switch with ease. The hack also helps in uploading applications as well as emulating older consoles like the Super Nintendo, Gameboy and the Nintendo 64.

The Risks of Hacking a Nintendo Switch

  • A user should remember that hacking involves a considerable amount of risk. The user could be facing potential bans and the risk of having spent precious money on a switch console only to have it not work online at all if banned. Nintendo has made it harder for hackers on the Nintendo Switch with its superimposed super ban that calls out hacking harshly.
  • The Nintendo eShop system software can detect pirated games and Nintendo will not hesitate to ban the users Switch entirely. Once banned the user will lose access to all online games, the Eshop, social media posting,adding and competing with friends, and many more features.
Nintendo Switch Hacked Software Error Message
  • Nintendo’s perfect method for identifying online Switch piracy is a great inconvenience to those who try and hack their Switch. This is possible because of a unique code stored in every game that comes from authorized Nintendo sources.Nintendo also stores an encrypted client certificate in each Switch unit manufactured which makes it possible for them to identify the hardware device a hacker is logged in with.
  • The system can easily identify pirated and modified games and prevent the user from connecting to the Nintendo network again by banning the console. If the user downloads a pirated copy of a Switch game bought on a different console, Nintendo can recognize the difference as soon as the user logs in and immediately kicks the user out of the network.
  • Nintendo also prohibits users from using homebrew by denying access to online playing and e-shopping. It used to be that the CDN (Content Distribution Network) was not disconnected from these consoles, So user could update and redownload games.
  • Surprisingly, there has also been a false sense of security and many hackers felt like the rewards were worth the risk. These super bans mean that people don’t have access to the CDN after being banned as they did before. This became quite an issue for hackers.

But what if the user still wants to hack?

Nintendo Switch Hybrid Gamepad
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The user can get away with it for a while, but not forever. If the user plans on hacking, they will want to delete all saved internet connections in OFW. The user will want to keep their backups safe and intact. Because the user might need it every once in a while. The user’s CFW (Custom FirmWare) should be in airplane mode, with no internet connection.

Another alternate ways to hack a Nintendo Switch device:-

  • The user should download the Switch ROM’s in .xci and .nsp formats on the Personal Computer. One can also install CNDSP software on the Personal.Computer. Through this process the user can have access to all the Switch games in .nsp format.
  • The Switch must be in airplane mode because Nintendo can catch the hack instantly as the user connects the Switch console to the internet and goes online. But still Nintendo can sniff the hack if the player plays the game in airplane mode also.
  • The Switch console may be safe as it is in offline mode and has no source of internet connection. The user can now play the game on PC ROMs without any problem. Still consider some general precautions that include using CFW offline only, Save error and crash logs in some local drive, do not use any servers.Don’t put your console at risk by downloading things from CDN (Content Delivery Network).

The Bottomline

Now that you know about hacking the Nintendo Switch, You know what you can and cannot do with the Switch. You also know what risk you take when you try to hack the Switch. Nintendo takes hacking very seriously and if you are not OK with your console being banned by Nintendo, then you will not want to hack your Console at all.

Even though many people have bragged about getting away with hacking the Switch it is only a matter of time before they will get caught by nintendo. Although there are steps mentioned above to help you not get caught. But With time Nintendo will be able to catch the person who has hacked their console. As for now Nintendo has stopped giving out warnings and starts banning the consoles immediately as possible.

Why would you hack your Nintendo switch?

Hacking a Nintendo Switch gives you free access to all Nintendo services; online softwares, game downloads, system uploads, run emulators, install custom themes as well as improve the overall system performance

What happens if you hack Nintendo Switch?

Hacking a Nintendo Switch may lead to rendering your Switch as “useless”. It is bound that sometime, Nintendo will identify your device has been hacked and ban your online account, debarring you all kinds of online purchases. Nintendo can also ban your device from ever connecting to the internet itself.

How does Nintendo Switch detect hacked Switch?

Nintendo’s eShop software is itself able to detect pirated games and ban the linked Switch device. Every Nintendo Switch device also gets an encrypted client certificate which allows Nintendo to identify the hardware device which a hacker is logged in with.

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