Does The Nintendo Switch Lite Need Wifi To Play Games? –

Nintendo announced a new console called the Nintendo Switch Lite. The two consoles are similar, but there is one major difference: an internet connection required for games on the more expensive model. Is this feature needed? Should you get it? Let’s find out!

The “do you need wifi to play nintendo switch digital games” is a question that has come up in the past. The Nintendo Switch Lite does not need WiFi to play games, but it will require an internet connection for some features like online multiplayer.

Does The Nintendo Switch Lite Need Wifi To Play Games? –

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a less expensive and more portable version of the Nintendo Switch, but does it need Wi-Fi to play games? Continue reading to find out.

The Nintendo Switch lite does not need Wi-Fi to play games since game cartridges provide all necessary updates. You will be prompted to set up a WiFi connection during the initial setup of your Switch, however this may be bypassed and done later.

I’ll go through the advantages of Wi-Fi for your Switch experience, even if you don’t have it at home. Why why you need Wi-Fi and why you don’t, as well as whether or not you can play Animal Crossing without it.

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Why Your Nintendo Switch Lite Doesn’t Need Wi-Fi

The Switch may be played on the train or in the underground; I use mine for commuting all the time! I’ve even played my Switch on a flight without internet at 30,000 feet!

Fortunately for you and me, the Switch has a huge library of incredible single-player classics, like Breath Of The Wild and Mario Odyssey, both of which are 100+ hour games!

The Switch has such a large game library that there is always something for everyone to play, and it is probably a BETTER offline gaming experience than the PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out my article for my own selections for the greatest 40 Switch games. You’ll never tire of playing games on the Nintendo Switch!

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The Nintendo Switch has some incredible exclusives.


Sure, cartoony visuals and a lack of realistic violence make games like Breath Of The Wild and Mario Odyssey look juvenile on the surface, but if you let this put you off, you’ll be missing out on some very unique gaming experiences.

Breath Of The Wild is without a doubt one of the finest video games ever created. Do you have any doubts? It has a Metacritic score of 97 and has earned 189 game of the year honors!

That’s a substantial sum of money!

Similarly, Mario Odyssey is 97 percent, and the excellent fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is the reason I got a Switch, is 93 percent! I could go on and on about a slew of Nintendo exclusives and how wonderfully they’re received, but you get the idea.

Nintendo exclusives can only be played on a Nintendo system; you will never be able to play Zelda or Mario on a PlayStation or Xbox. Purchasing a Switch gives you access to some of the finest games ever created, further enhancing the console’s value.

Nintendo’s exclusivity is one of the reasons why Nintendo games are so costly; for more information, check my article here, and to see whether you can save money by purchasing a secondhand Switch, read my post here. Why should you pay more?

Sure, I’m just a random dude on the internet, but check out this Reddit post where a slew of adult gamers, just like you, have purchased the Switch and are raving about it. The user ExcessiveGravitas quoted below is one of many who has never played a Nintendo exclusive game yet enjoys their gaming experience.

I’ve had a lot of fun with Zelda, to the point that it’s astonished me. Other than Portal, I’ve never played a Zelda game, an open-world game, or a 3D game. Despite this, I’ve put in over 200 hours, beat Ganon, and am still playing and loving it.


To see how good Zelda is, look at the review above. To splurge on tens of thousands of hours of entertainment.

While Zelda is best experienced docked on a TV, Mario Odyssey is a terrific portable gaming experience, not having Wi-Fi does not prevent you from snuggling up and playing the Switch Lite in bed, secure and warm!

Playing Switch games offline may be difficult at times, since Nintendo is known for having a “underwhelming” online experience when compared to Sony and Microsoft. I recall playing Super Smash Bros. online and the latency was so severe that it was unusable.

Check out my article to learn why Nintendo Online is so awful.

All you have to do is use public Wi-Fi!

The problem with not having internet is that you won’t be able to go online to get an update or visit the Nintendo E-shop. Wait! There is a way out.

Simply use your phone as a mobile hotspot, or better yet, utilize public Wi-Fi at Starbucks or McDonald’s; even single-player games get frequent upgrades to improve performance, and you wouldn’t want to lose out on these enhancements simply because you don’t have access to the internet.

To be honest, I never utilize the features on my Switch while it’s connected to the internet; everything I do is done offline, so believe me when I say that not having internet won’t affect your Switch experience.

Why Is Internet Required For Your Switch Lite?

I still believe the Nintendo Switch is a better offline gaming experience than the PS4 or Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be disappointed if you don’t have access to the internet.

Multiplayer Online Gaming

Even if you live with others, you won’t be able to play local co-op games like Super Mario Kart and Super Bros. since the Switch Lite can’t be connected to a TV (see the other 11 best co-up games here). The only genuine way to enjoy these games with other actual people is to play them online.

Playing as a real person fighting back is a more immersive gaming experience, and although these games can be played on public Wi-Fi, what if everything is closed or you can’t obtain a reliable internet connection? That McDonald’s Wi-Fi that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week near you might be a disaster!

You can’t be bothered to drive, and public Wi-Fi may be distant from where you live, or you simply can’t focus playing Mario Kart in StarBucks with four eight-year-olds shouting all around you; I know I couldn’t!

Games like Fortnite and Overwatch are multiplayer-only and need an active internet connection to play; although this isn’t a typical occurrence on the Switch, you’ll lose out on SOME gaming experiences if you don’t have access to the internet.

You will not have immediate access to the e-shop.

The Nintendo E-Shop is Nintendo’s online store where you can buy games and other downloadable material. They often have deals, particularly around the holidays.

The E-shop is only a click away with internet; having to go to obtain public Wi-Fi or use your phone every time you want to purchase a game is a headache. You CAN balance this by performing all of your E-Shop business whenever you have internet connection, but it’s wonderful to have access all of the time with internet.

Some games need internet updates.

Not having Wi-Fi means you will lose out on these benefits until you have internet connection. Software updates for the Nintendo Switch correct faults in games or enhance performance, or bring upgrades and features as in Animal Crossing.

Certain games, such as La Noire (Amazon), REQUIRE an online update before you can play them; this isn’t the case with 99/100 games, but make sure you update La Noire before taking it on a 5-hour plane ride!

Wi-Fi allows you to get the maximum performance out of your Switch games as quickly as possible, but it all relies on how easy it is for you to acquire Wi-Fi.

Is it Possible to Play Animal Crossing Without a Wi-Fi Connection?

Although Animal Crossing may be played without Wi-Fi, many functions, such as having someone visit you or visiting someone else’s island, need an active Nintendo Online membership and an internet connection.

The sole reason to play Animal Crossing online is to visit other people’s islands and trade fruit/turnips; however, it will take you longer to get certain things and money; for more details, check this reddit thread.

Unless you’re attempting to completely maximize your stuff or making item exchanges, online doesn’t have a significant influence on your Island’s goods, money, or development.

Check out my article to see whether Nintendo Online is worth it for Animal Crossing.

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The “do you need wifi to play nintendo switch animal crossing” is a question that has been asked for quite some time. The answer is yes, the Nintendo Switch Lite does need WiFi to play games.

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