Dr. Mario 64: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Dr. Mario 64 is a puzzle game with many levels of difficulty. Beginners often struggle to figure out how to play and may feel lost once they’re defeated by an orange mushroom for the first time. This guide will teach you each level’s controls, as well as best practices in completing puzzles that are more difficult than what the beginner section offers.

The “mario 64 controls pc” is a guide and tips for beginners. This article will teach you how to play Dr. Mario on the Nintendo Switch in complete detail.

Dr. Mario 64: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Dr. Mario 64 was a puzzle game unlike any other, with a unique play function and a hard nature. It’s now included in the Switch Online Expansion Pass.

Dr. Mario, unlike many puzzle games at the time, offered a Story mode in addition to the basic Classic survival mode and other features. This also contributed to the game’s uniqueness and long-term appeal.

All of the controls for Dr. Mario 64 are shown here, along with some gameplay advice.

Nintendo Switch Controls for Dr. Mario 64


  • D-Pad (Move Vitamin)
  • Vitamin B is rotated to the left.
  • Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, L,
  • Toggle the Landing Effect On/Off: RS
  • D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad (down)
  • L and R Viruses should be included (Marathon mode only)

Nintendo 64 Accessory Controls Dr. Mario 64

  • D-Pad (Move Vitamin)
  • Vitamin B is rotated to the left.
  • Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K, L,
  • C-Buttons are used to turn on and off the landing effect.
  • D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad (down)
  • L and R Viruses should be included (Marathon mode only)

The left and right analogue sticks of the Switch are labeled LS and RS, respectively, while the directional pad is labeled D-Pad.

Dr. Mario 64: How to Win Levels


In contrast to comparable games, you do not win by outlasting your opponent in Dr. Mario. While living is an important aspect of the game, you win by removing the viruses from your jar before your opponent. It may take many vitamin combinations to reach the viruses, but that should be your first goal.

A matching set is created by lining up at least four of the same color – blue, yellow, or red – in a row. This will get rid of the vitamins in the container. The sooner the vitamins are cleared, the faster you can get to the infections.

Naturally, if your opponent’s jar fills full before either of you can clean your infections, you will win by default; similarly, if your jar fills to the brim, your opponent will win by default.

In Dr. Mario 64, how do you achieve a combo?


You and your opponent both begin with the same amount of viruses, but they are placed in various spots.

After your first set of vitamins clears, you may create a combo by having one or more sets of vitamins clear. For example, if you clear a yellow set and the following vitamin collapse results in the clearing of a blue set and then a yellow set, you’ve just completed two combinations.


Combos have a further advantage in that they add little round pieces of Garbage to your opponent’s jar, with the quantity of pieces depending on the number of combos and the color. By completing enough combinations, you may be able to fill your opponent’s jar and win by default.

The color of the combination also matters in four-way (and multiplayer) bouts. Garbage will be thrown to the person directly to your right if you clear a blue set that leads to the clearance of a yellow set. Garbage is delivered to the second person on your right if the combination starts with yellow, and Garbage is sent to the last player if the combo starts with red.

You will add Garbage to numerous players if you clear multiple combos in one. Garbage will be sent to the player second to your right if your combo starts with yellow. Garbage is thrown to the two players to your right as a consequence of the blue and yellow clearing. As a result, the player on your right will have received two pieces from that single combo.

Combos are the most effective way to reach your objectives and fill your opponent’s jar.

How to enhance your Dr. Mario 64 game


Under Options, Dr. Mario includes a comprehensive Improve Your Game section. It gives you fundamental methods and ideas for a pleasant game. It is suggested that you watch these videos many times.

Playing Classic mode until you’re confident in your talents is the greatest method to practice. Because Classic mode seems to go on forever, it gives you enough of practice with the rotation capabilities (A and B) and the ability to change vitamins to tackle tight places.

Stacking vitamins is a losing tactic since the game depends on dual-colored vitamins rather than defined, self-contained forms or symbols. Because of the dual-colored nature of the vitamins, the colors will unavoidably alternate before reaching four – unless you stack two monochrome pills.

The finest piece of advise is to relax and enjoy yourself while playing. The game makes this more challenging by increasing the rate at which vitamins deplete after every 10. If you see that one side has a lot of blue and yellow while the other has a lot of red and yellow, try pushing those vitamins to those sides while the other color is pointed toward the centre. While you attempt to free space, this should help filter the quickly depleting vitamins.

Game modes in Dr. Mario 64 are discussed.


Dr. Mario 64 has six separate game modes, plus multiplayer, for a total of seven:

  • “Continue playing until you fail to clear a level,” a tried-and-true strategy that provides you lots of opportunities to practice and grow. Viruses are destroyed to clear stages.
  • Story: In “Dr. Mario and the Cold Caper,” you play as Dr. Mario or Wario against a variety of opponents while attempting to cure the populace of a cold spell.
  • Vs. Computer: “This is your opportunity to play against the computer,” as the name implies; it’s a great way to warm up before diving into Story mode.
  • Two, three, and four-player vs.: “A two-three-four-player free for all” that you may play with other people or against the computer.
  • “Clear the levels by eradicating the flashing viruses.” You don’t prioritize all of the viruses here; just the ones that are flashing are prioritized. Filling jars may still lead to triumph or failure, and the game can be played in two-player and multiplayer versions.
  • Marathon: “Viruses grow quickly in this mode,” making it more of a race than a fast assault. Combos slow down viral development, but you may accelerate the pace of virus multiplication by pressing L in this mode for a more challenging battle.
  • “Try to obtain the greatest score possible in a given period of time,” says Score Attack. It’s a self-explanatory game in which you gain your score by removing many viruses at once, and it can also be played in two-player mode.
  • “Force your opponents to retire by sending them rubbish or eliminate all of your own viruses to win the team battle.” In a three-player game, you may take on two other opponents either as a team or by yourself.

Classic against Vs. Because you’ll be going up against a variety of characters in Story mode, computer modes are likely the greatest method to prepare for it. Before going to Story, you may want to run a marathon to help you prepare for tough circumstances, so you can be cool and collected as the vitamins speed up or the jar fills.

In Dr. Mario 64, how do you set up a multiplayer match?


You may play Dr. Mario 64 with up to three more people by inviting them to play online or in person. Everyone will need the Switch Online pass as well as the Expansion Pack to do so. Then, in order to set up a multiplayer match, you must do the following:

  • On the Switch, go to the N64 menu (host only);
  • Choose ‘Play Online’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Make a room and invite up to three people to join you;
  • The invited friends must then read the invitation and accept it on their Switch.

There you have it: all you need to know about Dr. Mario 64, including how to outsmart your buddies. Demonstrate that you’re the greatest (virtual) doctor around!

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