How Much Should A Used Nintendo Switch Cost? –

Find the best and cheapest way to buy a used Nintendo Switch. This article will cover where to find reputable vendors, what games you should check out while looking for your next gaming console, how much they typically cost, and more.

The “how much is a used nintendo switch lite” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, however, is not as straight-forward as one may think.

How Much Should A Used Nintendo Switch Cost? –

The Nintendo Switch is a terrific system, but its value does not depreciate much. Purchasing a secondhand Nintendo Switch is a great way to save money, but how much should one cost? To discover out, keep reading.

A secondhand Switch may cost anywhere from $202 to $325, depending on the system’s age, pre-installed games, quality, and whether it’s a Version 1 or 2 console, as well as any games or peripherals offered as a package.

I looked at all the various kinds of switches on sold ebay listings and will explain how much you should spend for each switch and whether or not a used switch is worth it.

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How Much Should A Used Nintendo Switch Cost?

Standard Nintendo Switch Accessories


According to eBay, you could expect to spend between $227.50 and $290 for a Nintendo Switch that includes all of the following basic accessories.

Accessories Included with the Nintendo Switch

  • Dock for Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (L&R)
  • Charger for Nintendo Switch
  • Joy-Con Straps for Nintendo Switch
  • HDMI Adapter
  • Grip for the Joy-Con

These attachments may be rather costly on their own; the Joy-Cons, for example, cost $45 apiece to manufacture! To find out why, see my post here.

I’m selling my Switch dock on eBay for $47, so don’t even consider purchasing a secondhand Switch without these attachments! Is it, however, even worthwhile to purchase a secondhand Nintendo Switch? To discover out, go to this page and look at my post.

You can get a new version 2 Nintendo Switch for roughly $300 on Amazon, thus purchasing used only saves you $73-$10 in the long run. You should consider whether or not there is any value in it.


With one hand, Nintendo gear and accessories are known for keeping their value, and I explain why here so you can save money on a AAA Nintendo game like Breath Of The Wild or Super Mario Odyssey by purchasing secondhand.

Buying secondhand comes with its own set of problems, such as the Switch being banned from online play or having aesthetic flaws that aren’t obvious in the images; I go into these and other concerns in my essay.

The actual value of purchasing secondhand, in my opinion, comes from the possible games and accessories that come with it.

Nintendo Switch With Accessories & Games


Considering that Switch games range from $38 to $60 (see the top titles here), acquiring 3-4 will significantly increase the potential worth of a used Switch. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is roughly $80, and accessories are also quite pricey (see my accessory guide).

I’ll calculate the cost of this package if you purchased everything new, and you’ll see what a BARGAIN this individual received! You’re a lucky man or girl.

The total cost was $573! This is where the main value of purchasing secondhand resides, with a savings of $163.

I’ve battled a lot of similar deals like this one. I’ll go through the entire cost of everything I purchased fresh.


This one is even more astounding; everything costs $646 new, so you save $197! Clearly, if you search in the appropriate locations, purchasing pre-owned may provide you with fantastic savings.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a simplified version of the Nintendo Switch.


Prices for a secondhand Switch lite ranged from $110 to $180, so expect to spend roughly $154 for one. Similar to the Nintendo Switch, purchasing a bundle with accessories always provides better value.

However, I observed much fewer Switch Lite accessory bundles, since the Lite’s accessories are confined to cases and comfort grips due to its hand-held nature.

Although the Switch Lite is now on Amazon for roughly $228, purchasing used saves you around $74 compared to buying a new Nintendo Switch, enhancing the value of buying a Lite used. The reason for this, I assume, is because the Switch original has more accessories than the Switch Lite, which is a handheld-only console that only comes with a charger.

Only for the Nintendo Switch Tablet


I couldn’t believe how much table switches were fetching! The least I found was $76; but, as you can see, prices have risen to $249! As a result, you could expect to spend about $125-$150 for only the switches tablets.

The only reason you’d purchase a tablet is if your Switches tablet is broken and you need a replacement, or if you REALLY want a V2 Switch with better battery life. Check out how the switches compare in this cnet article.

The “how much can i sell my switch for 2021” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is: “you should be able to get around $300 for your Nintendo Switch.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the old Nintendo Switch cost?

A: The Nintendo Switch costs $299.99 USD or £279.99 GBP

How much should I buy a Nintendo Switch for?

A: A Nintendo Switch is a video game device which costs around $299.99 in the United States and usually comes with your choice of one main console, two Joy-con controllers, and The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild for free.

Why are used Nintendo switches so expensive?

A: The Nintendo Switch is an innovative device that has been made by the Japanese company, Nintendo. It was released on March 3rd 2017 and its part of a system which includes games like Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. This version of the gaming console sells for $300 in many stores around the world but you can buy it online from China or Amazon at much lower prices.

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