How To Stop Your Nintendo Switch Turning Off

You Nintendo Switch keeps going off on its own? Here’s how to stop your Nintendo Switch turning off. 

I understand how inconvenient it is for your Nintendo Switch to continuously shut down in its own. I looked on the internet for a solution as I was going through the same problem as well. 

It’s possible that the battery needs to be recharged or replaced OR that your Switch is in sleep mode

Switch is in sleep mode, or that the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. It’s possible that the Switch is turned off owing to parental restrictions which can be disabled. It is also possible that the Switch is overheating and can automatically turn off to cool down. Alternatively, the Switch may have switched off owing to inactivity.

To effectively repair the issue, you must first understand the cause of the problem – basically figure out why is your Switch turning itself off.  

How To Stop Your Nintendo Switch Turning off

Sleep Mode on the Nintendo Switch has the potential to turn the system off.

Your Nintendo Switch will most probably go into auto-sleep mode, if you don’t use it for a while. When in sleep mode, the device doesn’t completely go off and instead saves your progress so you can resume playing whenever you want. 

You can resume your device by pressing the home button on the right joy-con controller. If in case you do not want your console to go into sleep mode automatically then all you have to do is turn off the auto sleep mode in the home menu settings. 

It’s Possible That Your Nintendo Switch’s Battery Is Faulty!

The Nintendo Switch could be going off now because of a defective power connection. It is also possible that the battery is low. Fortunately, you get a USB-C adaptor  along with your Switch that is widely available – all you have to do is connect it into a wall outlet.

Now, it’s possible that your Switch’s battery is defective and has to be changed. This is quite simple to do; all you need to do is buy a Nintendo Switch battery. You can get a battery for your Switch on Amazon, and then follow the steps in the video below.

Note: If you do decide to open your Nintendo Switch, you cannot use the warranty anymore. Your switch is under warranty for 1 year. If your switch is still under warranty then head over to the store to get it repaired.

If Switch has Parental Control enabled, It can turn itself off

As a parent, even though you may want the kids to have as much fun as possible playing on their Nintendo Switch, you’ll also want to establish some boundaries. Daily playtime limitations and other features may be readily set on the Nintendo Switch.

However, these restrictions may trigger the Switch to turn itself off. If this is the case, you may adjust the limits by using the main menu to input a pin number. For these changes to take effect, your Nintendo has to go on sleep mode. 

Overheating on the Nintendo Switch might cause it to shut down.

Any Nintendo Switch device is set to go into sleep mode if it gets too hot. You can follow these tips to avoid overheating of your device

Because your Nintendo Switch may become extremely hot very rapidly, never leave it in a heated environment. Always keep your Switch in a well-ventilated environment that is cool. You can also keep a small fan close to it while you’re playing.

You can also get a vertical cooling dock adapter that can help minimize the amount of heat generated by your Switch. This way your Switch won’t automatically go into sleep mode, at least not due to overheating 

Official Warranty for the Nintendo Switch

Now that you’ve gone through all of these procedures to troubleshoot your Switch and it’s still shutting off, contacting Nintendo to repair your Switch seems like the best option, especially if it’s under warranty.

You can claim your warranty through the official Nintendo Switch website. 

Warranty for the Nintendo Switch


Is it possible for Nintendo Switch to turn off on its own?

A Nintendo Switch console is designed to turn off when it’s inactive. Here’s how to disable to auto shut down: 
Select ‘options’ from the home menu 
Click the toggle switch next to auto-shutdown in the options. If the toggle is to the right, auto-shutdown is enabled and if the toggle is to the left auto-shutdown is disabled.  

How to avoid Switch from automatically going to sleep? 

If your Switch is inactive for a certain period of time then the Switch saves your game and goes to sleep. To adjust the sleep mode timer, go to the official Nintendo website.
Click on system settings from the HOME Menu.
Click on sleep mode from the list of choices, which includes auto-sleep(Connected to TV),  auto-sleep(Playing on Console Screen) and auto-sleep (Connected to TV) where you may modify the time the console goes into sleep mode or even deactivate sleep mode entirely by choosing never.

Can I Leave My Switch In The Dock?

Leaving your Switch in the dock to ensure that your Switch is fully charged will not be an issue. According to Nintendo’s official website, even if you leave the console plugged in all night, it will not cause the battery any harm.

Does Nintendo Switch go to sleep or does it turn off?

You have the option of completely turning off the Nintendo Switch if you want to. A lot of players prefer sleep mode as it allows you to resume the game whenever you want. Here’s how to completely turn off your NIntendo: \
Keep your finger on the tablet’s power button in the top left corner
A menu of power options will appear. Look for ‘Turn off’ option and click it to turn off the device

Why does Nintendo switch turn off?

This is a common issue with Nintendo Switch consoles, and one that is mostly related to the consoles internal battery. Although it’s not always clear what causes this problem, there are a few things you can try if your Nintendo Switch wont turn on. These include replacing the switch cartridge or waiting for enough charge in your battery so that it powers up properly.

How do I stop a game from turning off and switching?

If you’re experiencing this issue, please try turning the game off and back on.

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