How To Track A Stolen Nintendo Switch (Is It Possible?) –

With the Nintendo Switch being very popular, it’s worth asking how to track a stolen console. This article explores and explains several methods of tracking your Nintendo Switch when you have lost or misplaced it.

The “can you track a stolen nintendo switch” is a question that has been asked by many people. It’s not possible to track the Switch because it is not connected to any internet connection.

How To Track A Stolen Nintendo Switch (Is It Possible?) –

While the Nintendo Switch’s mobility is a huge benefit, there’s always the risk of it being stolen when it’s carried about. Have you experienced anything similar, or are you preparing for the worst-case scenario? Here’s how to track down a Nintendo Switch that has been stolen.

With the serial number of your stolen console, contact Nintendo’s customer service. Nintendo can determine when the thief last went online by looking at the console’s IP address. Give the police the serial number, IP address, and as much information as possible.

Please continue reading to learn more about how to trace a stolen Switch, how to deactivate a lost Switch, how to tell if your Switch is stolen, and what happens if you lose a switch cartridge.

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What Is The Best Way To Track A Nintendo Switch?


It’s critical to know your Nintendo Switch’s serial number if you want to trace it down. The serial number is located next to the USB-C connector on the bottom of your Switch, as well as under System Settings in the console’s Settings menu.

If your Nintendo Switch has been stolen, you should save the box since the serial number of your Nintendo Switch model may be found on the bottom of it.

If you don’t have the box but purchased your console from a shop, you should go to the store where you purchased it since they should have the serial number.

If you have the serial number, you may call Nintendo’s customer service, provide your serial number, and they should be able to tell you when the console was last connected to the internet. They may then view the IP address as well as the city in which it is located, which should be the same location as the thief.

After you’ve received all of this information, go to the police station and file a report, detailing not only the new information you’ve received, but also all of the information you already have – what the console looks like, when and where it was stolen, what else was stolen with it, what games were on it, and so on – the more details you have, the better.

If your credit card is linked to your Nintendo account, be sure to disconnect it as quickly as possible to prevent the thief from purchasing games with it. Here’s how to do it:

How Do I Disconnect My Credit Card From My Nintendo Switch?

  1. Go to to access your account.
  2. Select Shop from the drop-down menu.
  3. Locate your credit card and choose Delete.

What Is The Best Way To Track A Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch, however, does not come with a built-in tracking system. However, there is a solution called a Tile mate that costs roughly $20 and can be purchased on Amazon.

This little gadget attaches to your Switch and communicates with a mobile app, telling you of its whereabouts through Bluetooth tracking. It’s restricted to close proximity, but it may save your life if you realize it’s gone while the Switch is still nearby.

Although, if your Switch is within Bluetooth range of another Tile user, Tite has a community that will give you an alert.

While not ideal, a tile will rescue your Switch if you realize it’s been misplaced and it’s still within Bluetooth range, and it’s a better option than having no recovery technique at all.

Check out this Tile Pro review to get a better idea of what the gadget is all about. It can be used to monitor whatever you choose, including your phone or laptop, not simply your child’s Switch.

How Do I Deactivate A Nintendo Switch That Has Been Misplaced?


  1. Log in to your Nintendo account at
  2. Menu of the Shop
  3. Select Deregister Primary Console from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click OK after entering your password.
  5. Deactivation must be confirmed by hitting Deregister.

Remember that you may only disable a Nintendo Switch over the web once per year. You may deactivate as many times as you like from the console itself.

What Are the Signs That My Nintendo Switch Has Been Stolen?


Check your switch’s serial number with Nintendo support to check whether it’s linked to a Switch that’s been reported stolen, and to see if it matches the switch’s original packing. Inquire with the police whether anybody in your region has reported a lost Switch.

It might be tough to determine whether or not your Nintendo Switch has been stolen. A good place to start is to see whether the serial number on the console matches the serial number on the box.

It’s inscribed on the bottom of the box as well as the console’s bottom-left side. If it’s the same, it’s most likely not stolen, but you can’t be certain, so you may want to check with Nintendo’s customer service to see if that’s the case.

If Nintendo’s customer service hasn’t had any claims of it being stolen, you should call the police to check if they have any reports of a lost Nintendo Switch with the same serial number as yours. 

If you didn’t receive the essential accessories with your Switch, such as the charger, dock, and controller, there’s a probability it was stolen – unless the buyer presented real explanations for why items that should have included with the console weren’t. A lingering account might indicate that the Nintendo Switch was taken. 

What if I misplace a Switch game?

If you lose a physical copy of a Switch game, your save data will stay on the device, but you will have to purchase a new game cartridge to continue playing.

Don’t be concerned about your progress being reset if you lose the game. Your progress should be preserved on the console, so you should be able to pick up where you left off if you purchase the game again. 

What happens to your saves if you lose your Nintendo Switch system as well? If you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, your save data should be saved in the cloud, but if you don’t, your save files are trapped on the lost system.

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My Investigation of Your Nintendo Switch Requirements

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console. The “track nintendo switch ip” is a way to track the stolen device if it’s ever lost or stolen. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to track a stolen Nintendo switch?

A: You can try to change the Switch IP address in your router settings, but this is not guaranteed. Another option that you may want to look into is a Nintendo switch tracking app like Nintendo Switch Tracker or Nintendont.

What can I do if my Nintendo switch is stolen?

A: If your Nintendo switch is stolen, you will need to contact Nintendo. They can help you recover your system. Their customer service phone number is 1-800-255-3700

How do you track a Nintendo switch?

A: The Nintendo switch is a handheld device that you can use in both hand and as a tablet. It has two cameras on the front of it, which are used to detect your face so that the screen displays what youre looking at. You can also attach an optional smartphone case where youll be able to control games using said phones touchscreen or even take pictures with its camera

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