Is It Safe to Buy a Nintendo Switch On eBay? (My Research) –

On April 28, 2017 the Nintendo Switch was released to much fanfare. You may have noticed a lot of people selling these new consoles on eBay; so what’s the deal? Does it really make sense to buy this console on eBay or is there some risk involved that should be avoided?

The “is it safe to buy nintendo switch on ebay” is a question that many ask themselves. I did some research, and have found out the answer.

Is It Safe to Buy a Nintendo Switch On eBay? (My Research) –

The Nintendo Switch is a terrific hand-held device that can also be used as a game console. I know you’re wondering whether buying a Switch on eBay is risky. Don’t be concerned. This post will answer all of your questions.

Purchasing a Nintendo Switch on eBay is completely risk-free, thanks to PayPal’s purchase protection. If you were charged for something you didn’t buy, your Switch never comes, or your order arrives but isn’t what you expected, you’ll receive a full refund.

Continue reading to see why eBay is an excellent location to purchase a PlayStation 5. With plenty of accessories and games packaged with your Switch, you may get a great deal!

I’ve purchased and sold several items on eBay, including a MacBook, a Series S, and a PS5. I’ve only ever been scammed once, as I said in the essay, and eBay refunded my money in full.

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Why Is Buying A Nintendo Switch On eBay Safe?


The guidelines for PayPal’s buyer protection may be found here. I’ll go through each section in detail so you can see how you’re protected.

You ordered a book but got a DVD instead.

You’re looking at the Nintendo Switch on eBay, and everything seems to be in order, but when you open the box, it’s packed with bricks! Every gamer’s nightmare, but since you didn’t purchase a brick, the aforementioned regulation will apply to you. You purchased a Nintendo Switch.

You purchased a ‘new’ item but got a used one instead.

If you purchased a new Switch and discovered any markings on the console or joy-cons, or if the box has been opened, you will get a refund since the item does not match the description.

During transportation, the item was damaged.

Any damage that occurs during delivery will be covered by eBay. If your switch is scratched to the point of being unusable, eBay has you covered.

Major portions of the item were missing (which the vendor failed to notify).

If you purchase a secondhand Switch and it doesn’t come with a joy-con or a dock, eBay will cover you. However, I’ve sold goods that were mistakenly missing pieces and had to contact with the customer, offering a partial refund equivalent to the missing specifics so they could purchase a replacement.

You paid for an authentic-looking item but got a knockoff instead.


It’s rather prevalent with the Switch, as seen by the many Switch knockoffs in the video above. eBay will reimburse you if you purchase a fake switch instead of the genuine one.

Make sure you read the description and inspect the photographs to ensure you’re getting the genuine deal.

When you acquire a Nintendo Switch, it’s critical to keep it secure from criminals. In this essay, I explain how to trace a stolen Switch. 

In any of the aforementioned scenarios, eBay will provide a complete refund. This, however, will not prevent you from being conned in the first place. Continue reading to learn how to prevent scammers and avoid the trouble of trying to receive a refund.


As a buyer, How To Avoid eBay Scams


In truth, 99 percent of eBay scams target the seller rather than the customer. According to PayPal’s guidelines, you are completely protected against frauds as a buyer, but there are a few things you can take to avoid being scammed.

The key is to avoid vendors that have poor feedback; you can see my eBay feedback above. It is a 100 percent favorable indicator of the buyer’s trustworthiness.

The only time I was duped was when I bought a PS3 controller (see picture below); nonetheless, it was my mistake, as seen by the countless negative reviews of products not arriving. The user’s account has subsequently been deactivated on eBay.


Take a peek at the seller’s feedback before purchasing your Nintendo Switch. This may be done by clicking the seller’s name or glancing at the listing’s feedback rating.

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One of the finest gaming consoles of all time is the Nintendo Switch. If you still need more encouragement to purchase a Nintendo Switch, check out my four reasons why the Switch is well worth the money.

The “yellow nintendo switch lite” is a popular gaming console. It’s also available on eBay. The Switch has been around for a while, but it’s still worth asking if it’s safe to buy a Nintendo Switch on eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fake Nintendo switches being sold?

A: No, these are real Nintendo Switch consoles.

Does Nintendo sell on eBay?

A: No, Nintendo is a privately owned company and does not release their products for sale on eBay.

Is anyone selling Nintendo Switch?

A: I am not able to answer this question.

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