Is The Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It In 2021 –

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a new system that comes in at $199.99, but what are the upsides and downsides of this cheaper version of the current Switch?

The “nintendo switch lite 2021” is a new console that’s coming out in 2020. It’s smaller than the original Nintendo Switch and has many of the same features.

Is The Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It In 2021 –

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a slimmed-down handheld-only version of the incredible Nintendo Switch, but is it worth it in 2021? I utilized the internet and my own experience to figure it out.

With loads of excellent first-party Nintendo titles like Breath Of The Wild and AAA third-party games like Witcher 3, 2021 is the perfect time to acquire a Switch Lite. The Lite, on the other hand, can only be played in portable mode and lacks detachable joy-cons, although it costs $100 less than the Switch.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that the Switch Lite is a fantastic gaming platform! I’ll go over everything there is to know about the Switch Lite, including how it compares to the original Switch and which one you should purchase.

If you want to acquire the Switch Lite for the greatest price, go to Amazon and search for it.

In 2021, Why Is The Switch Lite Worth It?


The Nintendo Switch Lite has some incredible exclusives.


Sure, cartoony visuals and a lack of realistic violence make games like Breath Of The Wild and Mario Odyssey look juvenile on the surface, but if you let this put you off, you’ll be missing out on some very unique gaming experiences.

Breath Of The Wild is without a doubt one of the finest video games ever created. Do you have any doubts? It has a Metacritic score of 97 and has earned 189 game of the year honors!

That’s a substantial sum of money! Nintendo games are known for their excellent quality, and with Breath Of The Wild 2 set to release in 2021-2022, there will be even more reasons to get a Switch!

Similarly, Mario Odyssey is 97 percent, and the excellent fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which is the reason I got a Switch, is 93 percent! I could go on and on about a slew of Nintendo exclusives and how wonderfully they’re received, but you get the idea.

Sure, I’m just a random dude on the internet, but check out this Reddit post where a slew of adult gamers, just like you, have purchased the Switch and are raving about it. The user ExcessiveGravitas quoted below is one of many who has never played a Nintendo exclusive game yet enjoys their gaming experience.

I’ve had a lot of fun with Zelda, to the point that it’s astonished me. Other than Portal, I’ve never played a Zelda game, an open-world game, or a 3D game. Despite this, I’ve put in over 200 hours, beat Ganon, and am still playing and loving it.


In games, like in reality, looks may be misleading. Don’t be turned off by a game’s childlike appearance; it might be one of the finest you’ve ever played!

Nintendo exclusives don’t reduce in price either, for a variety of reasons, one of which is that you can only play them on a Nintendo system. For more information, read my article here.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Ideal For Quick Play

If you’re married, have children, or seldom get the living room TV to yourself to play games, I’d say that the Switch Lite is not only worth it, but it’s the best console for you! Allow me to explain.

A TV is required to play a PS4 or Xbox One; however, this is not the case with the Switch. ExcessiveGravitas, a Reddit member, describes the Switch as “the ideal bridge between the two worlds.”

With the Switch Lite, you can enjoy great blockbuster gaming experiences with the mobility of a smartphone!

Simply pull out your Switch whenever you have 5 minutes to spare and you’ll have instant access to a plethora of great games! Play it on your lunch break, on the train, or when your spouse is talking on the phone!

Unless the PS4 is constantly in sleep mode, it takes a while for the PS4 to boot up, and to get the most out of it, you should play in the living room with no distractions or in another room with a TV.

You can play on the Switch while lying in bed, standing while waiting for your microwave to beep, or about any other moment you can think of. The zero start-up time is ideal for adult gamers who believe they are too ‘busy’ to own a Switch; in fact, it is the ideal adult gaming system!

Other systems, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, simply do not support this. Is it possible to play The Witcher 3 on the PS4 while traveling? Can the Xbox One handle it? It can’t, and as an adult, this is where the Switch’s true potential is shown.

I’m a traveler, and I just brought my switch to China, where I discovered the console’s genius. All of this time spent commuting, flying, or staying in hotels is ideal for the Switch, and considerably more convenient than packing an Xbox or PS4 or settling for a subpar mobile phone gaming experience.

Check out the measurements below from to see how much more portable the Switch Lite is than the original Switch. With space to spare, it will easily fit into a woman’s purse or a man’s denim pocket.

The Nintendo Switch Lite measures 3.58″ (91 mm) in height, 8.18″ (208 mm) in width, 1.12″ (28.4 mm) in total depth, and weighs 9.77 oz (.277 kg). The Nintendo Switch Lite has a 5.5″ (139.7 mm) display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Dimensions of the Switch Lite

I hope I have persuaded you to get a Nintendo Lite; it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest gaming systems ever created, but you must make a critical choice. Is a Switch Lite or a Switch the best option for you? Let’s talk about it.

Why Should You Buy A Switch Lite Instead Of A Nintendo Switch?

Switch Lite is $100 less expensive.

The Switch Lite will cost you $200-$240 at most outlets, depending on availability, with the Switch costing at least $330 and more at periods like the Covid pandemic, when Nintendo struggled to fulfill customer demand.

Nintendo AAA exclusives like Breath Of The Wild do not go on sale, as explained here, but purchasing the Switch lite saves you enough money to purchase two Nintendo exclusives.

Do you even want to play Switch games on the TV? That is the question you must ask yourself. If you answered yes, I suggest purchasing a Nintendo Switch rather than a Nintendo Switch Lite, since saving $100 isn’t worth the inability to play on a television. On Amazon, you can get a Switch at a terrific deal.

However, I have a Switch and I NEVER play on the TV, preferring instead to play on the sofa or in my bed because I like the flexibility the console provides, but some games, such as BOTW, are best played on the TV, and I always have that choice with my Switch.

Switch Lite Is More Portable & Comfortable


The ‘Lite’ isn’t named that for no reason!

The Lite is just 277 grams, whereas the Switch with Joy-cons is 397 grams, a whopping 120 grams lighter. This may not seem like much, but it will make a difference after a lengthy gaming session, particularly if you are a petite person with smaller than usual hands.

Despite the 0.7 screen size difference, the Lite has a 5.5-inch screen compared to the Switch’s 6.2-inch screen. However, since the pixel density is the same on both consoles, games seem crisper on the Lite.

The Joy-cons are not natural controllers, and your hands start to hurt after a while. You can purchase a grip for the Switch, such as the Amazing Satisfye Switch Grip on Amazon, which I own and adore, but this substantially increases the bulk and makes it less portable.

The Switch Lite is significantly more pleasant to play than the Switch because to its smaller size and more ergonomic design. Satisfye does produce a grip for the Switch Lite, but it is less essential than the Switch.

Both consoles are portable, however the Lite is almost as portable as the Switch without the Joy-Cons and is easier to carry anywhere with you.

The Lite is a beautiful handheld only console that comes in turquoise, grey, red, or yellow, and has a battery life of 3-7 hours depending on what you’re playing and your brightness settings.

Both consoles have 32GB of internal memory, but since BOTW takes up 13.4 GB of that, an SD card is more or less a need.

Fortunately, they are inexpensive; I suggest purchasing a 128 GB model, which has enough memory for a large number of Switch games; you can purchase it for the cheapest price on Amazon here.

BOTW will deplete the battery far faster than Animal Crossing; while we’re on the subject of Animal Crossing, check whether it’s worth purchasing a Switch for.

Why Should You Buy A Switch Lite Instead Of A Regular Switch?

The Switch allows you to choose how you want to play.

The ability to seamlessly move between playing docked on your TV and playing on the go is one of the Switch’s finest features, and it was one of the console’s main selling points when it was originally debuted. The Lite foregoes this feature in exchange for a reduced footprint and increased portability.

What other console allows you to play a terrific single player experience at home and then transport it across the country for a business meeting?

This allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of when and how you use the Switch as an adult. You can play Super Smash Bros. in the living room with up to 8 players on one TV, then take your Switch upstairs and play in the comfort of your bed. No other console comes close to matching its versatility.

Your kids will love it in the back of the van on a long road trip, giving them something to do other than scream, and you will love it when the kids are sleeping or wherever you want to play.

While the Switch Lite provides you a lot of flexibility in terms of where you may play, the Switch gives you a lot more. The Switch is a real hybrid between a handheld and a console, and it’s the first of its kind (my post)

The Lite offers a better hand-held gaming experience, but the Switch’s ability to dock it for multiplayer gaming with family/friends and then pull it out and play it in the comfort of your own bed sets it apart.

Offline Multiplayer on the Original Switch Is Better

The Switch Lite’s major flaw is that it’s solely a single-player handheld gaming experience. The ability to play with your pals ANYWHERE is a huge element of the Switch’s appeal.

I’ve played multiplayer on my Switch in my friend’s vehicle, at a restaurant while waiting for a lamb doner kebab, and in a Kickboxing bout. I’m sure I’ll find myself playing my Switch in even more unusual settings as time goes on!

Not only does the Lite have a smaller screen than the Switch, making multiplayer gaming more difficult, but it also lacks a kickstand, which the Switch has.

Yes, you can purchase a stand for the Lite, and the Satisfye grip described earlier comes with one, but it provides a poor gaming experience due to the smaller screen, which makes it difficult to game without looking over someone’s shoulder.

Worse still, in order to play excellent local co-op multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart (see the best local Switch games here), you’ll need to buy more Joy-cons, which are very pricey!

The Switch Joy-cons are packed with technology, including a thermal camera, and each one costs Nintendo $45! See my post for further information.

The Switch Lite does not come with any Joy-cons, while every Switch bundle comes with two, allowing you to play with one other person right out of the box. Even better, you can acquire plastic grips for your Joy-cons, which make them significantly more pleasant to use (see my review of the finest cheap Switch accessory, the snail grips, here).

It is DEFINITELY worth it, regardless of which Switch you choose, but if you have even the slightest desire to play on the TV, you should get a Switch rather than a Switch Lite, since it is the first of its kind, a genuine console/handheld hybrid, and one of the greatest gaming consoles ever built.

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The “Nintendo Switch Lite best buy” is a new console from Nintendo. It is the cheaper alternative to the original Switch and it comes with some of the same features. The only differences are that it has a smaller battery life and no detachable Joy-Cons. Reference: nintendo switch lite best buy.

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