Mario Kart 64: Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

There are eight different control schemes used in Mario Kart 64, and these amounts to a wide range of controls. This article will go over them all as well as providing tips on how to best use your controller for Mario Kart 64.

The “nintendo switch mario kart controller settings” is a guide to help you get started with the Nintendo Switch. It includes tips for beginners and some general information about Mario Kart 64.

Mario Kart 64: Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Mario Kart 64, one of the first release titles for the Nintendo 64 with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass, zooms in with the same charm that made it one of the N64 generation’s most charming games.

All of the Mario Kart 64 controls for Switch devices and the N64 controller attachment are listed here, along with some extra gaming advice.

Switch Controls in Mario Kart 64

  • Increase your speed: A
  • A Quick Start: (between the second red light changing to the blue light)
  • LS is the steering wheel.
  • Brake: B
  • B + LS in reverse
  • Hop: R
  • A + B = A + B = A + B = A + B = A + B
  • ZL (Stop Roulette)/ZL (Use Item) (hold to keep item behind you)
  • RS (Replace Camera) (up)
  • + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

N64 Controls for Mario Kart 64

  • Increase your speed: A
  • A Quick Start: (between the second red light changing to the blue light)
  • Joystick is used to steer.
  • Brake: B
  • B + Joystick in reverse
  • Hop: R
  • A + B = A + B = A + B = A + B = A + B
  • Use Item: Z to stop the roulette wheel (hold to keep item behind you)
  • C (Change Camera) (up)
  • Start/Pause/Options:

The left and right analogue sticks of the Switch are labeled LS and RS, respectively, while the directional pad is labeled D-Pad.

Driver classifications in Mario Kart 64 are described.


In Mario Kart 64, the eight playable characters are divided into three weight categories: light, medium, and heavy.

  • Peach, Yoshi, and Toad are examples of light (lightest)
  • Luigi, Mario, Luigi, Luigi, Luigi, Luigi, Luigi (heavier than Luigi)
  • Donkey Kong, Wario, and Bowser are among the most powerful characters in the game (heaviest)

Drivers that are light have the fastest acceleration and max speed. They have the biggest turning radius, lose the greatest speed off-road, and have the poorest handling due to their speed. The major drawback is that they are susceptible to being bumped and spun out by heavier racers, especially Toad. Outside of Battle mode, though, the drawbacks are minor.

Generalists or jack-of-all-trades drivers make up the majority of medium drivers. While they have the slowest acceleration in the game, it tapers down at a constant rate as they approach peak speed, unlike the other two classes. Only the heavier drivers will spin them out, with Mario having the edge in a collision with Luigi. Characters of medium weight have the greatest handling, being able to handle corners at higher speeds than the other two categories.

Although heavy drivers accelerate faster than medium drivers, their peak speed is the slowest in the game. They take the tightest turns, although at a slower pace than medium drivers. Their main benefit is that when they make contact with smaller drivers, they will bump them aside with minimal recoil.

In Mario Kart 64, how do you acquire the Rocket Start?

1645593287_189_Mario-Kart-64-Switch-Controls-Guide-and-Tips-for-BeginnersA Rocket Start that isn’t timed correctly can cause you to spin out!

The Rocket Start is a mainstay of the Mario Kart series, with each game’s method for triggering the boost being unique. Between the second red light turning to the blue light, signaling the start of the race, you press and hold A on the N64 version. You should be able to go ahead of the group if you timing it right.

Avoid holding the A button for too long or mistiming your Rocket Start attempt. Otherwise, you’ll spin off and start many seconds behind the leader, spending the most of your three circuits – particularly at 150cc – trying to gain the lead rather than maintaining it.


In Mario Kart 64, how to use the mini-turbo and triple tap to recover.

The mini-turbo is a new feature in the series that debuted with this game’s edition. You should notice a little yellow burst emerge behind your racer if you touch LS/Joystick in the other direction and then back in the original direction while drifting. It will become orange if you successfully complete it. To keep the turbo going, you’ll have to snake the directions constantly.

To recover from a spinout faster, the triple tap method is used. Quickly touch A three times while spinning out, holding A on the third stroke. If you push the button appropriately, you should accelerate out of your spinout faster and more smoothly than if you wait until you’ve lost all of your speed.

Each item’s capabilities and probability in Mario Kart 64

1645593289_513_Mario-Kart-64-Switch-Controls-Guide-and-Tips-for-BeginnersIt’s time to amplify!

The following is a complete list of what you can get from the question-mark boxes.

  • Mushroom: Increases speed for a brief time.
  • Triple Mushrooms: Provides three speed increases in a row.
  • For a brief time, Super Mushroom provides unlimited speed enhancements.
  • Fake Object: Although it seems to be a normal item, the nut causes a rider to be thrown into the air when it makes contact.
  • Banana: Drops a peel that causes the cyclist who makes contact to spin out and slow down.
  • Five bananas are provided behind the player by the Banana Bunch.
  • Green Shell: Summons a green shell that bounces off of obstacles, causing a racer to flip over numerous times when it comes into touch with it.
  • Red Shell: Sends out a red shell that functions like a homing missile to the closest racer; if the shell hits an obstruction before reaching a racer, it will fail.
  • Triple Green and Triple Red Shells: Calls three shells of either color to rotate around the racer, each of which may be shot separately.
  • Boo: When Boo appears, the racer will become invisible for a brief time, making them resistant to harm; they will also take one item from another racer if one is available.
  • Super Star: Makes the player indestructible for a brief time, allowing them to drive past active barriers (such as automobiles) and causing other drivers to flip numerous times if they make contact.
  • Thunder Bolt: Fires a thunderbolt that causes all other racers to shrink and slow down; mini-racers will be flattened if they come into contact with regular-sized racers, but racers employing Super Star will be unaffected.
  • Spiny Shell (Blue Shell): Summons a special shell that latches on to the first-place driver, launching all drivers that come into touch with it into the air.

When you strike an item box, your position in the race has an impact on the things you get. You will almost always be handed a banana, a bundle of bananas, a green shell, or a bogus item if you come in first. Red shells, Boo, and Super Star are more likely to be found in the center spots. When you’re in seventh or eighth position, you’re more likely to get Thunder Bolt and Spiny Shell.

In Mario Kart 64, how do you defend?


If you’re in the head of the pack, you should always expect to be ruined. In Mario Kart 64, there are numerous strategies to play defense that will help you reduce the amount of suffering you face.

It is preferable to carry an item behind you (hold ZL/Z) whenever feasible. One explanation is that if another racer goes too near to the object and hits it, they will be affected. Another reason is that if anything from behind you makes touch with your item, it will be blocked and nullified.

As a result, keep a second item in reserve at all times, even if it means passing a set or sets of item boxes. As soon as your object is damaged or used, instantly replace it behind you to protect your blind area.

Finally, if you have the three shells, turn them around to face you. Not only will this take care of anything approaching from behind you, but the rotations will increase the likelihood that the shells will take out anything in your path to the side or in front of you.

In Mario Kart 64, use your items wisely.


It’s tempting to utilize those three Red Shells straight away, or to spam the ZL button with a Super Mushroom, but these aren’t always the greatest options.

Beyond having the three Shells as a defense strategy, those shells may come in helpful if you fall behind. Consider where you’ll be firing the Shells as well. Red Shells need a little amount of room to lock on and move toward their victim. If you’re in first, firing a Green Shell backwards could be the best option; avoid shooting Green Shells forward in tight spaces where the shell might bounce about like a bowling ball on bumpers.

To get the most out of the Super Mushroom, press ZL when your boost is decreasing, not right after pressing ZL. The same can be said with the three Mushrooms, albeit you should use caution with those three since they are not endless but are simpler to use than the Super Mushroom.

If you arrange the Fake Item box in the appropriate places, it may be a game-changer. Make every effort to place them close to or before a set of item boxes. This might be a great technique to obtain an edge while keeping your buddies in the dark, especially when playing against other gamers locally or online. Just keep track of where you put it so that you don’t get hurt!

How to set up Mario Kart 64 online multiplayer races and fights


Finally, one of the most enduring features of Mario Kart 64 — and the N64 in general – was its groundbreaking four-player mode.

You can play your buddies regardless of their location thanks to internet capabilities that did not exist even 20 years ago. To play Mario Kart 64 online, they’ll need both the Switch Online pass and the Expansion Pack, of course.

Once that’s done, have the host (who may be you) go to the Switch’s N64 menu. After that, go to ‘Play Online’ and press A. You may then set up a room and invite the people you want to come (up to three). You may then choose whether to use a passcode or not. An invitation should be sent to the appropriate recipients, enabling them to join you. Now you can compete with your friends from all around the globe to see who is the finest racer or battler!

There you have it: all you need to know about Mario Kart 64 to be successful. On this resurrected N64 classic, earn gold awards and compete against your friends for supremacy!

The “Mario Kart Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners” is a guide that covers the Nintendo Switch’s two-player mode. The article includes tips for beginners and other useful information about Mario Kart Switch. Reference: mario kart switch controls two-player.

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