Mario Tennis: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Mario Tennis: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners is a game that comes with a lot of features. This guide will help you understand how to use them all in order to become an expert player on the court.

The “Mario Tennis: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners” is a guide that includes the controls for Mario Tennis on Nintendo Switch. The game includes a variety of modes, including singles and doubles matches with friends.

Mario Tennis: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64, which joined Mario Golf in bringing the Super Mario trademark into the sports sphere, was a good blend of the hyperbolic nature of Super Mario games with the complexities of tennis.

Mario Tennis, which has been rereleased as a direct transfer as part of the Switch Online Expansion Pass, is guaranteed to reawaken the competitive juices while remaining light-hearted owing to the graphical flair.

The whole Mario Tennis controls tutorial may be found here, along with some gaming hints.

Controls for Mario Tennis on Nintendo Switch


  • Move: LS
  • Topspin is a kind of topspin (Normal) Aiming: (press twice for more power)
  • B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B (press twice for more power)
  • A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B
  • B, then A, then B, then A, then B, then A, then B
  • A + B: Flat and Smash Shot
  • Hold A or B to charge the shot.
  • Charge Shot Cancelled: ZL (while charging)
  • Pause: +

Controls for Mario Tennis N64

  • Joystick to move
  • Topspin is a kind of topspin (Normal) Aiming: (press twice for more power)
  • B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B (press twice for more power)
  • A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B
  • B, then A, then B, then A, then B, then A, then B
  • A + B: Flat and Smash Shot
  • Hold A or B to charge the shot.
  • Charge Shot Cancel: Z (while charging)
  • pause: begin

For these Mario Tennis controls, the left and right analogue sticks on the Switch are referred to as LS and RS.

What each Mario Tennis character type signifies

1645593241_7_Mario-Tennis-Complete-Switch-Controls-Guide-and-Tips-for-BeginnersTo make a character a lefty, hold ZL/L when choosing them.

In Mario Tennis, there are five main sorts of players: All-Around, Technique, Power, Speed, and Tricky.

Only Mario and Luigi are the most well-balanced of all players, combining skill, power, speed, and trickery at just the right levels. These two are ideal for newcomers.

Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and the unlockable Shy Guy are technique players that give up some speed and power in exchange for the most accurate shots in the game.

As their names imply, power players like Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, and the unlockable Donkey Kong Jr. excel at power shots. They have the lowest skill and speed, but they make up for it by returning the most difficult shots, particularly serves.

Baby Mario, Birdo, and Yoshi, for example, are the fastest on the court, seeming to be able to reach every ball. They do, however, have the lowest power in the game, which makes it more difficult for them to return longer balls and makes their smashes weaker than others.


Paratroopa and Boo, for example, are skilled at infusing their shots with personality. They have a knack for slicing and curving shots. They are faster than power players, but not as quick as the others.

This indicates that you should capitalize on your character’s strengths. With Speed characters, for example, avoid charged shots and slice your way to victory with Tricky players.

In Mario Tennis, how do you save?

Click the Pause Menu (+ on Switch, Start on N64) and scroll to Save at any moment during a match (the last option). You have three options for saving your progress.

On the Switch, you may also establish a suspension point by going to the Suspend Menu (press – on the Switch) and tapping Create Suspend Point. Simply restart the game and choose Load Suspend Data from the menu.

In Mario Tennis, how can you get Shy Guy and Donkey Kong Jr.?


It will take some time to unlock the two characters, but you may do so by winning the Star Cup in singles (Shy Guy) and doubles (Shy Lady) (Donkey Kong Jr.). On your journey to the Star Cup, you must first defeat the Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup.

You’ll be able to employ the characters after you’ve won the Star Cup with each setup. They’re essential for getting into additional events.

How can I get additional Mario Tennis tournaments?


This is going to be a difficult assignment. Before continuing, you must first unlock Shy Guy and Donkey Kong Jr. You must then win all of the cups in singles and doubles with all of the characters after unlocking those two.

After that, hold R when picking a player to make them a “Star” player. The Rainbow Cup will then be unlocked, followed by the Moonlight Cup, and finally the Planet Cup. You will unlock Ace difficulty for the CPU if you defeat these three tournaments.

Other modes, such as Ring Shot and the Piranha Challenge, may be useful in helping you become more inventive in your approach to the game – particularly if you keep losing at certain times. While they aren’t technically training modes, they might help you get to know each character’s eccentricities.

There’s also an Exhibition mode where you may play for as long as you like to enhance your abilities.

How to set up a Mario Tennis online multiplayer match


Unlike in the past, when the original four controller ports took care of that problem, you may now play with up to three more people by having them join you online. To play, your friends will also need the Switch Online pass as well as the Expansion Pack.

The hosts must navigate to the N64 menu after everyone is online. Select ‘Play Online’ from the drop-down menu. You may create a room here and invite your friends to play Mario Tennis on the Nintendo Switch with you. An invitation should be sent to the appropriate individuals, enabling them to participate in your game.

In Mario Tennis, how does scoring and winning work?

While Mario Tennis uses the conventional tennis scoring system of 0-15-30-40-Deuce-Game, it varies in the amount of sets that must be won in order to proceed.

The first and second rounds of every cup up to the Rainbow Cup are one-set matches, with the final round being a best-of-three. The first round of the Moonlight Cup is one set, the second round three sets, and the final round five sets. It’s three-three-five for the Planet Cup.

You’ll need to perfect your talents to defeat your rivals and competitions as the challenge rises with each opponent and each cup, especially with the hurried pace.

In Mario Tennis on the Switch, you may now prove your mettle as the player with the most vicious forehand or backhand!

The “mario tennis 64 serving tips” is a guide and tips for beginners on how to play Mario Tennis: Complete.

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