Monster Hunter Rise [MHR]: Complete Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch | MH Rise Controls

The Monster Hunter series has been around since the PlayStation 2 and Playstation Portable. The game is considered one of the most challenging games to play, with an emphasis on deep strategy as well as fast paced action. For those looking for a challenge that’s truly unique, you’ll want to give this title a try.

The “monster hunter rise controls on screen” is a guide that will teach you how to use the game’s controls. The guide will also include information about the features and mechanics of the game.

Monster Hunter Rise [MHR]: Complete Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch | MH Rise Controls

Monster Hunter Rise, which aims to repeat the worldwide success of Monster Hunter: World, brings epic beast-fighting action to the Nintendo Switch exclusively.

Rise builds on the World model with large open landscapes, new methods to navigate the terrain, lots of beasts to track, and a new feature called Wyvern Riding.

While each hunt is unique, with various weapons better suited to different monsters, there are a number of fundamental actions and tactics that the player must master in order to conquer Monster Hunter Rise’s difficulties.

We’ll go through all of the Monster Hunter Rise controls you’ll need to know in order to play the Switch game.

The left and right analogues of any Nintendo Switch controller configuration are labeled as (L) and (R) in this MH Rise controls guide, with the d-pad buttons displayed as Up, Right, Down, and Left. L3 or R3 denotes pressing either analogue to activate its button. This game does not support single Joy-Con controllers.

The following is a list of the fundamental controls for Monster Hunter Rise.


These controls will assist you in preparing for the next assignment when you are between missions and setting up your character.

Action Controls for Switches
Player should be moved. (L)
Run / Dash R (hold)
Move the camera around. (R)
Restart the camera L
Interact, converse, and make use of A
Activate the Custom Radial Menu L (hold)
Activate the Start Menu +
Cancellation (in Menu) B
Scroll across the menu action bar. Right / Left
Select from the menu action bar Up / Down
Activate the Chat Menu

Controls for Monster Hunter Rise’s mission


When you’re out in the wilds of Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll have a lot of options for controlling your character. When your weapon is drawn, it’s crucial to remember which ones you can and can’t use.

Action Controls for Switches
Player should be moved. (L)
Run / Dash (weapon sheathed) R (hold)
Sliding (weapon sheathed) R (reserve) (on sloped terrain)
Move the camera around. (R)
Toggle the Target Camera on and off R3
Item Bar Scroll Y / A + L (hold)
Scroll through the ammo/coatings bar. X / B + L (hold)
assemble (weapon sheathed) A
Monsters That Have Been Slain (weapon sheathed) A
Make use of Endemic Life (weapon sheathed) A
Stop in mid-flight (while jumping with weapon sheathed) A
Crouching (weapon sheathed) B
evade (weapon sheathed) A (while moving)
Jump up and down (weapon sheathed) A (while sliding or climbing)
Take a leap off the cliff (L) (off a ledge/descent)
Item to be Used (weapon sheathed) Y
Weapon at the ready (weapon sheathed) X
Weapon sheathed (weapon drawn) Y
Avoid being caught (weapon drawn) B
Silkbinding Wirebug (blade drawn) X / ZL + A
Silkbinding Wirebug (gun drawn) R + A / X
See Map – (hold)
Open Menu +
Cancellation (in Menu) B
Scroll across the menu action bar. Right / Left
Select from the menu action bar Up / Down
Activate the Chat Menu

Wirebug controllers for Monster Hunter Rise


The Wirebug feature is crucial to Monster Hunter Rise’s next phase, since it is utilized to travel the landscape and activate the Wyvern Riding mechanism.

Action Controls for Switches
Wirebug should be thrown. ZL (hold)
Move Ahead, Wirebug ZR + ZL (hold)
Wall Run with Wirebugs A, A, A + ZL (hold)
Dart Forward, Wirebug A + ZL (hold)
Upwards, Wirebug Vault X + ZL (hold)
Silkbinding Wirebug (blade drawn) X / ZL + A
Silkbinding Wirebug (gunner drawn) R + A / X
Start the Wyvern Riding. A+ (when prompted)

Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding is a game where you have to ride a wyvern


They’ll become mountable after you’ve dealt enough damage to them with Wirebug leaping strikes, Silkbind techniques, employing particular Endemic lives, or letting another monster attack. You may utilize the Wyvern Riding controls described below in this condition.


Action Controls for Switches
Wyvern Riding must be activated. A+ (when prompt shows)
Monster must be moved. R (remain) + (L)
Attacks A / X
Evade B
Punisher on a Horse A + X (when Wyvern Riding Gauge is full)
Attack Abort/Flinch A (consumes Wirebug Gauge)
Opposing Monsters Are Stunned A (evade just as they attack)
Monster Dismount and Launch Y
reclaim your footing A (after launching monster)

Palamute is in charge of Monster Hunter Rise.


You’ll now be joined on your missions by a Palamute, in addition to your loyal Palico. Your canine friend will attack your enemies, and you may ride them throughout the arena to go around faster.

Action Controls for Switches
Take a ride on Palamute. A (hold) in the vicinity of Palamute
Palamute should be moved (while riding) (L)
Run / Dash R (hold)
While mounted, harvest A
Dismount B

Monster Hunter: Rise of the Great Sword is a game where you control a monster.


Here are the controls for the Great Sword that you’ll need to use the massive blades and their charged assaults.

Sword action is fantastic. Controls for Switches
Slash in the Sky X
Charged Slash in the Sky X (hold)
Slash (Wide) A
Slash is on the rise. X + A
Tackle R (reserve), A
Thrust Plunge ZRZRZRZRZRZ (in midair)
Guard ZR (hold)

Monster Hunter: Rise of the Long Sword is a game in which you control a monster.


The Long Sword controls, which include Blade of the Spirit strikes, dodges, and counter-attacks, provide a more tactical approach to melee fighting.

Action with a Long Sword Controls for Switches
Slash in the Sky X
Thrust A
Attacking While Moving (L) + (X) + (A) =
Blade of the Spirit ZR
Slash of Foresight A + ZR (during combo)
Sheathe with a Difference B + ZR (after attacking)
Dismount B

Monster Hunter Rise Sword & Shield controls


The Sword & Shield controls offer equal-part defence and offence, with the shields of this weapon class offering a way to block a substantial amount of damage and be used as a weapon.

Sword & Shield Action Controls for Switches
Chop X
Slash to the side A
Attack with a Shield (L) + A
Slashing Forward X + A
Slash is on the rise. ZR + X
Guard ZR

Controls for Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades


You can easily chop through any creature using the Dual Blades controls, and the class’ Demon Mode enhances your attack speed even further.

Action with Two Blades Controls for Switches
Slash twice X
Strike of the Lunge A
Dance of the Blades X + A
Toggle Demon Mode ZR

Monster Hunter Rise Hammer is in charge of the controls.


The hammer controls provide you a few various ways to bash your adversaries, making it the most brutal weapon class in Monster Hunter Rise.

Action with a Hammer Controls for Switches
Smashes from Above X
Smash on the side A
Charged Assault ZRZRZRZRZRZ (hold and release)
Switch to Charge A+ (while charging)

Monster Hunter: Rise of the Hunting Horn is in charge of the controls.


The Hunting Horn controls designate the class as a support weapon for applying bonuses to your group, but the horns may still do damage in a variety of ways.

Horn Action in Hunting Controls for Switches
Swing to the left X
Swing to the right A
Strike Backwards X + A
Perform ZR
Fantastic Trio ZR + X

Lance is in charge of Monster Hunter Rise.


This weapon class is the next step in defensive gameplay from the Sword & Shield class, with the Lance controls giving you several ways to remain mobile, keep your guard up, and work on the counter.

Action by Lance Controls for Switches
Thrust in the middle X
Thrust is high. A
Swipe to the right X + A
Dash of the Guard (L) + X + ZR
Attack with a Dash ZR + X + A is a combination of the letters ZR and X. is a combination of the letters ZR and X.
Counter-Thrust ZR + A
Guard ZR

Gunlance is in charge of Monster Hunter Rise.


The Gunlance controls allow you to conduct both ranged and Melee Strikes, and the unique class allows you to strike a balance between the two.

GunAction by Lance Controls for Switches
Thrust to the side X
Shelling A
Shot that has been charged A (hold)
Slash is on the rise. X + A
Thrust of the Guard ZR + X
Reload ZR + A
The Fire of Wyvern ZR + X + A is a combination of the letters ZR and X. is a combination of the letters ZR and X.
Guard ZR

Switch Axe controls in Monster Hunter Rise.


The Switch Axe weapon class enables you to switch between two different modes: axe and sword. The Axe Mode controls provide large, powerful strikes, while the Sword Mode is the fastest of the two.

Axe Action Switch Controls for Switches
Mode of Morph ZR
Slash in the Sky (Axe Mode) X
Swing in the bushes (Axe Mode) A+ (tap rapidly)
Slash is on the rise. (Axe Mode) A (hold)
Slash Forward (Axe Mode) (L) + X
Reload your weapon (Axe Mode) ZR
Slash in the Sky (Sword Mode) X
Slash twice (Sword Mode) A
Discharge of an Element (Sword Mode) X + A

Controls for Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade


The Charge Blade, like the Switch Axe, may be utilized in Sword or Axe Form, with one mode capable of changing into the other to deliver significant damage.

Action of the Charge Blade Controls for Switches
Slash’s Weakness (Sword Mode) X
Slash Forward (Sword Mode) X + A
Slash Fade (Sword Mode) A + (L) (during combo)
Make a charge (Sword Mode) ZR + A
Charged Slash twice (Sword Mode) A (hold)
Keep an eye on things (Sword Mode) ZR
Slash Morph (Sword Mode) ZR + X
Slash is on the rise. (Axe Mode) X
Discharge of an Element (Axe Mode) A
Amped Discharge of an Element (Axe Mode) X + A
Slash Morph (Axe Mode) ZR

Insect Glaive controls Monster Hunter Rise.


Through the use of Kinsect controls, the Insect Glaive weaponry enable you to enhance your character and become airborne during the battle.

Glaive Action of Insects Controls for Switches
Slash is on the rise. Combo X
a broad sweep A
Harvest Extract from Kinsects ZR + X
Recalling the Kinsect ZR + A
Fire is a Kinsect. ZR + R
Mark the target with Kinsect. ZR
Vault ZR + B

Controls for Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun


The Light Bowgun is a versatile long-range weapon that works best when you aim-in first, unless you want to perform the Melee Strike.

Action with a Light Bowgun Controls for Switches
Aim / Crosshairs ZL (hold)
Fire ZR
Wyvernblast A
Reload X
Ammunition Selection X / B + L (hold)
Melee Strike X + A

Controls for Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun


The Heavy Bowgun packs more punch than the Light Bowgun, but its controls are almost same, and it can fire long-ranged strikes with a variety of ammo.

Action with a Bowgun Controls for Switches
Aim / Crosshairs ZL (hold)
Fire ZR
Special Ammo should be loaded. A
Reload X
Ammunition Selection X / B + L (hold)
Melee Strike X + A

Controls for Monster Hunter Rise Bow


The Bow class of weapons has greater mobility than Bowguns and uses a variety of coatings to customize the armament for the hunt.

Action of the Bow Controls for Switches
Aim ZL (hold)
Shoot ZR
Piercer of Dragons X + A
Choose a Coating X / B + L (hold)
Coating Load/Unload X
Melee Strike A

How can I put Monster Hunter Rise on hold?


In Monster Hunter Rise, bringing up the menu (+) does not halt your quest. You may freeze the game by scrolling across the menu (Left/Right) to the cogs section and selecting ‘Pause Game.’

In Monster Hunter Rise, how do you heal?


To heal in Monster Hunter Rise, go to your items bar, scroll down to any of your healing items, and then use it. You must first sheathe your weapon by pressing Y.

So, press Y and A to navigate between your equipped items, which can be seen at the bottom right of the screen if you hold down L. Then, while holding L, release it to make the selected item your active item.

Press Y to utilize the healing item (usually a Potion or Mega Potion) chosen in the bottom right of the screen after it’s been set up.

You may also stroll through a Vigorwasp’s healing bag or locate a Green Spiribird, both of which are endemic species that provide health benefits.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how do you regain your stamina bar?

The yellow bar underneath your green health bar in the upper left corner of the screen is your stamina bar. Your stamina meter will diminish in maximum capacity throughout the course of a mission, but it may easily be recharged by consuming food.


Monster Hunter Rise’s staple meal is steak, but if you don’t have any in your inventory, you’ll have to go out and get some. If you need to replenish your stamina, go out and kill some Bombadgy for raw meat, which you can then cook on your BBQ Spit.


To cook raw meat, open your item scroll and pick the BBQ Spit (hold L to open, Y and A to scroll), then press Y to begin cooking. Some music will play while your character rotates the spit: you must remove the food (press A) from the fire before it burns, but not so quickly that it becomes raw.

The handle is at the top of the spit when you start turning it. Wait for your character to spin the handle three-quarters of the way around before pressing A to remove it. This will offer you a well-done steak made from raw beef, which will totally replenish your stamina.

In Monster Hunter Rise, learn how to make things while on a mission.


Whether you run out of ammo, healing potions, explosives, or most other quest items, check your Crafting List to see if you have enough ingredients to make more.

To do so, hit + to bring up the menu, then choose ‘Crafting List.’ The d-pad buttons may be used to browse between all of the things on the following page. You can see what materials you’ll need to manufacture each item by hovering over it, as well as if you already have them.

Because this is an option, but there is a limit to how many of each item you may bring on a quest, it’s a good idea to bring the raw crafting ingredients so you can produce more on the go.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how do you catch a monster?


While killing the target monster is much simpler, you may also capture it. Some investigative objectives require you to catch specific creatures, although you may also capture them for additional rewards at the conclusion of the hunt.

Stun a huge monster with a Shock Trap and then pelt them with Tranq Bombs is the quickest approach to catch them. One Trap Tool and one Thunderbug must be combined to make a Shock Trap. You’ll need ten Sleep Herbs and ten Parashrooms to make a Tranq Bomb.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you must deplete a monster’s health to the point where it is on its last legs in order to capture it. You’ll notice this because the monster will hobble away from the fight, considerably weakened.

You may either pursue it and attempt to get ahead, or you can plant the Shock Trap in its route and hope it walks through. You may also follow it, hoping that it goes to sleep in its nest or somewhere else, and then place the Shock Trap on it while it sleeps.

You’ll have a few seconds to tranquilize the monster after it enters the Shock Trap. So, rapidly switch your goods to Tranq Bombs (hold L, use Y and A to scroll) and then toss many of them at the monster until it falls asleep.

You’ll have successfully trapped the monster after you’re sleeping and enveloped in the trap’s electricity.

In Monster Hunter Rise, here’s how to sharpen your sword.


A multi-colored bar appears underneath your stamina bar, representing the sharpness of your weapon. The sharpness of your weapon will deteriorate as you use it, leading it to do less damage every hit.

So, if you’re not in the thick of a combat, sharpen your weapon whenever the clock strikes halfway.

To do so, hold L and use A and Y to travel through your things bar until you reach the Whetstone, then release L and press Y to utilize the Whetstone. Because sharpening your weapon takes a few seconds, it’s preferable to do it between fights.

In Monster Hunter Rise, here’s how to switch out your gear throughout a mission.


You may alter your equipment in the Tent if you arrive to a mission and discover that your equipment or armour isn’t adequate to the challenge. The Tent is the huge building at your base camp, as pictured above. The ‘Manage Equipment’ option may be found in the Item Box after entering the Tent (A).

In Monster Hunter Rise, how do you travel quickly?


Hold – to open the map, press A to enable the fast travel option, hover over the place you want to fast travel to, and then press A again to confirm the fast trip.

The controls in Monster Hunter Rise are extensive, resulting in a broad gaming experience; the controls listed above should assist you in navigating the missions and learning how to use your weapon of choice.

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The “monster hunter rise change controls” is a game that has been released for the Nintendo Switch. The game is different from other Monster Hunter games because it has been designed with the touch screen in mind. This guide will show you how to change your controls on the fly so that you can play this game effectively.

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