Monster Hunter Rise Monsters List: Every Monster Available in the Switch Game

The Switch version of Monster Hunter: World is the eighth main installment in Capcom’s franchise and is only for Nintendo’s latest console. This list will contain all the monsters seen or heard so far, as well as their abilities and suggested strategies to take them down.

The “monster hunter rise: sunbreak monster list” is a list of every monster available in the Switch game. The list includes information about each monster, such as their name, element, and habitat.

Monster Hunter Rise Monsters List: Every Monster Available in the Switch Game

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New weaponry, surroundings, and, most importantly, new creatures accompany each new installment of the Monster Hunter series.

Because of the vastness of the game these days, the Monster Hunter Rise roster is building up to be one of the most intriguing, if not the largest.

We’re going through the Monster Hunter Rise creatures list here, taking special emphasis to the new monsters arriving to the Nintendo Switch exclusive, before providing a table with all of the monsters in the game.

Astonishing (Wyvern Bird)

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The Aknosom, which is half crane and part parasol, is seen opening its gigantic crest to ward off animals that enter its domain. The crest, on the other hand, may instantly transform from a warning to a weapon or even a shield for the enormous creature. In Monster Hunter Rise, the fast-moving Wyvern Bird will attempt to destroy you with ranged fire strikes, aerial flame ball shoots, and its talons.

Almudron is a fictional character created by Almudron (Leviathan)

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Almudron is a monster that can be found in the marshes and bogs of the Monster Hunter Rise map, and it utilizes its massive tail to unleash waves of mud at its foes. A tough shell covers the top of the Leviathan monster’s head, back, and tail. The Almudron will immerse itself to launch stealth assaults and construct massive pillars to suffocate its victims, in addition to throwing mud with its feathery tail.

Bishaten (Bishaten) (Beast with Fangs)

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Bishaten is a winged, ape-like creature with a type of fifth leg. He was one of the first new monsters announced for Monster Hunter Rise. This handed-tail helps it to grip onto things in the surroundings and utilize it as a perch before executing fast, swinging assaults. Bishaten is very mobile, preferring close-range physical strikes but also having the ability to generate and toss huge fruit.

Harag, Goss (Beast with Fangs)

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Harag, Goss terrorizes the Frost Islands’ ice flats and seems to be one of Monster Hunter Rise’s most powerful monsters. The enormous, shaggy-coated Beast with Fangs’s bulk and fury aren’t its sole weapons, with its icy breath providing most of its striking potency. The Harag, Goss, which can generate an ice sword, fling massive icicles, and fire ice breath, can do a lot of damage up close or from afar.

Izuchi is fantastic (Wyvern Bird)

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The enormous raptor-like Izuchi is fantastic. roams Monster Hunter Rise with an entourage of two other Izuchi, covered in orange fur. The minor creatures are easily defeated, but the Izuchi is fantastic. is devious and quick. The Wyvern Bird will often rush towards opponents and do damage with its somersault tail smash. It can also shoot regurgitated boulders at its foes from a distance.

Magnamalo Magnamalo Magnamalo Magnamal (Wyvern with Fangs)

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When you finally encounter the Wyvern with Fangs that is causing all of the havoc, the headline beast of our Monster Hunter Rise monster list seems to be quite the foe. To deliver huge quantities of damage, the regal-colored Magnamalo will jump and slide at its foes, slice down with its bladed tail, unleash dark energy balls, and smash you into the ground.


Rakna-Kadaki is a river in India (Temnoceran)

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The web-covered Rakna-Kadaki is an arachnid-type monster that lives in the underbelly of a boiling volcano. It is shown as having tiny animals crawling all over it, which may come into play during fight. The Temnoceran will use multiple strands of silk to entangle and tie its prey before releasing a cloud of enflamed gas over them.

Somnacanth is a Sanskrit word that means “to (Leviathan)

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The new Leviathan-class beast known as the Somnacanth is a prominent part on this Monster Hunter Rise monster list. This new huge monster to the game, which has enormous tail fins, four limbs, a stunning crest, but a serpentine-like body, lives in the marshes and can inflict sleep and stun afflictions, poses a novel challenge.

Tetranadon is a kind of Tetranadon (Amphibian)

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The Tetranadon is a massive bullfrog that looks like a hybrid between an alligator and a mossy-shelled tortoise. While it like to saunter about outside of conflict, its speed and power are instantly apparent in combat. To increase the size behind its strikes, a Tetranadon will employ an open-mouthed charge, snap, do massive body smashes, and expand its torso.

Monster Hunter Rise includes all creatures.

The table below is a complete list of all of the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, with the most recent huge monsters at the top of the list. Those marked with an asterisk in the Switch game are verified to have an Apex form.

Monster Class Weaknesses Size
Aknosom Wyvern Bird Unknown Large
Almudron Leviathan Unknown Large
Bishaten Beast with Fangs Unknown Large
Izuchi is fantastic. Wyvern Bird Unknown Large
Harag, Goss                        Beast with Fangs Unknown Large
Magnamalo Wyvern with Fangs Unknown Large
Rakna-Kadaki Temnoceran Unknown Large
Somnacanth Leviathan Unknown Large
Tetranadon Amphibian Unknown Large
Anjanath Wyvern Brave Fire Large
Arzuros * Beast with Fangs Thunder, ice, and fire Large
Barioth Wyvern Flying Thunderstorms and Fire Large
Basarios Wyvern Flying Dragon, Water Large
Diablos Wyvern Flying Ice Large
Baggi is fantastic. Wyvern Bird Fire Large
Wroggi Wroggi Wyvern Bird Ice and water Large
Lagombi Beast with Fangs Thunderstorms and Fire Large
Mizutsune Leviathan Thunder, Dragon Large
Jyuratodus Wyvern Piscine Water, Thunder Large
Khezu Wyvern Flying Fire Large
Kulu-Ya-Ku Wyvern Bird Water Large
Rathalos Wyvern Flying Dragon Large
Rathian Wyvern Flying Thunder, Dragon, Water Large
Ludroth Royal Leviathan Thunderstorms and Fire Large
Pukei-Pukei Wyvern Bird Thunder Large
Rajang Beast with Fangs Ice, Earth Large
Tigrex Wyvern Flying Thunder, Dragon Large
Tobi-Kadachi Wyvern with Fangs Water Large
Volvidon Beast with Fangs Water, Earth Large
Altaroth Neopteron Thunder, Ice, Fire, Dragon, Water, Poison Small
Anteka Herbivore Water, Thunder, Icestorms and Fire Small
Baggi Wyvern Bird Fire Small
Bnahabra Neopteron Fire Small
Bombadgy Beast with Fangs Unknown Small
Bullfango Beast with Fangs Thunderstorms and Fire Small
Delex Wyvern Piscine Water, Thunder Small
Felyne Lynian Water, Thunder, Icestorms and Fire Small
Gajau Fish Thunderstorms and Fire Small
Gargwa Wyvern Bird Water, Thunder, Icestorms and Fire Small
Izuchi Wyvern Bird Unknown Small
Jaggi Wyvern Bird Fire Small
Jaggia Wyvern Bird Fire Small
Jagras Wyvern with Fangs Thunderstorms and Fire Small
Kelbi Herbivore Water, Thunder, Icestorms and Fire Small
Kestodon Herbivore Water, Ice Small
Melynx Lynian Water, Thunder, Icestorms and Fire Small
Popo Herbivore Fire Small
Wroggi Wyvern Bird Ice Small
Zamite Amphibian Thunder, Fire Small
Remobra Wyvern Snake Dragon, Water Small
Rhenoplos Wyvern that eats only plants Water, Thunder, Ice Small
Slagtoth Herbivore Thunder, Ice Small

That is the complete monster list for Monster Hunter Rise, which will be released on March 26, 2021.

The “monster hunter rise expansion” is a list of every monster available in the game. It includes their name, type, and location.

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