N64 Games on Nintendo Switch (2021): Exploring the Possibility

The Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling console of all time, and many Nintendo 64 games are now available on the platform. As more retro consoles come to market in 2019-2020, we assess that it is possible for N64 games to be playable on a modern system.

The “nintendo switch online n64 games list” is a feature that allows users to play N64 games on the Nintendo Switch. The feature has been released, but not yet fully available. I explore the possibility of this feature in 2021.

N64 Games on Nintendo Switch (2021): Exploring the Possibility

The Nintendo Switch Online membership is not only much less expensive than its home console equivalents, but it also grants you access to a large library of classic Nintendo games.

Currently, you get 29 SNES games and 68 NES games, but fans have been clamoring for a selection of titles from the Nintendo 64’s great age of 3D gaming.

Here, we’ll look at what it would take to bring N64 titles to the Switch, as well as some recent disclosures on the subject, as well as a wishlist of games we’d want to see on Nintendo’s hybrid device.

The size of the N64 games might be the deciding factor.


The ever-expanding catalog of NES and SNES games scarcely makes a dent in the 32 GB internal storage space of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, despite totaling 97 downloaded titles.

The NES games take up a total of 127 MB, whereas the SNES games take up 183 MB (including update data). Between the SNES of 1990 to the Nintendo 64 of 1996, there is a huge difference in storage needs.

The games on the N64 were significantly more robust than those on the console’s predecessor. Game cartridges for the SNES varied from 230 KB to 4 MB, whereas N64 cartridges were 4 MB to 64 MB.

When looking through the SNES collection, it looks that games take up more space per game than they did on their original platform. The package contains 29 SNES games that take up a total of 183 MB, with each game averaging 6.3 MB in size.

Even if each game were 4 MB in size, there would still be 66.7 MB unaccounted for: part of this would be required changes to transfer the game to the Switch, and the rest will be for the encompassing SNES file itself.

The same may be said for NES games. The 68 games on the 127 MB program average 1.9 MB per, without including the probable needs of other components of the NES file. Original versions varied from 8 KB to 1 MB.


Even if a straight conversion took up the same amount of space as the original, just three of the N64’s maximum-capacity games would be larger than the 29 games on the SNES.

As a result, having an automatically updated library of N64 games on the Switch’s internal storage might soon fill up.

Of course, Nintendo could always create a separate portal inside the eShop where members could access and download the games whenever they wanted.

On the N64 front, there has been some movement.


According to Nintendo Life, a Reddit user recently determined that all 388 N64 titles might fit on the bigger accessible Switch cartridge, even at their greatest capacity of 64 MB apiece.

Even if they all tipped the scales as N64 games, those 388 titles would total 24.8 GB, leaving plenty of room on the 32 GB Switch cartridge for additional formatting and development.

As with NES and SNES titles, bringing a game from the N64 may need a large amount of extra storage.

While it doesn’t work on Nintendo, Aspyr’s ridiculously realistic adaptation of the excellent N64 game Star Wars Episode I: Racer is much more than 64 MB.

The podracing classic takes up 235 MB of storage on the Switch, including a post-launch update that brings it up to version 1.0.1. There are a few new features, such as Switch-compatible controls, but it’s as straightforward as a transfer can be.

While this is still a minimal amount of data in comparison to contemporary game needs, one game file is around 28% bigger than the whole SNES file.

Many Nintendo Switch Online users are likely to be OK with a GB or two being eaten up by some top-tier N64 titles, but doing so might prove to be a significant development challenge.

Nintendo would most likely not anger most users by offering N64 games for a nominal cost from a purely commercial standpoint. After all, Racer’s £12.29 ($14.99) price tag didn’t keep it out of the top five Nintendo sales lists.

Given that these games would come straight from Nintendo’s factory, and if they were to be offered separately, £6.99 ($8.99) would most likely be the upper limit to retain player goodwill.

However, given the precedent established by the NES and SNES collections, some may anticipate N64 titles as part of the subscription.

N64 games that belong on the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo 64 has an incredible library of titles, many of which long-time Nintendo fans would want to revisit on a current system.

While there are many wonderful N64 games to choose from, like Star Wars Episode I: Racer, consider the list below as one example of a priority list for N64 games on the Switch.

  • Super Mario 64 is a video game developed by Nintendo.
  • 007 GoldenEye (one of the very few superb games drawn from movies)
  • Star Fox 64 is a Nintendo 64 game.
  • Stadium of Pokémon
  • Yoshi’s Adventures
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a video game developed by Nintendo.
  • Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda
  • Blitz in the NFL
  • Mario Golf is a fun game to play.
  • Racing Diddy Kong
  • Rayman 2: The Great Escape is a sequel to Rayman.
  • Rogue Squadron is a Star Wars video game.
  • Gemini is the sign of the zodiac.
  • (Even if a new one is on the way) Paper Mario
  • Donkey Kong 64 is the 64th installment of Donkey Kong.

The listing is a little larger than usual, but that’s simply a tribute to the N64’s renowned catalog; several fantastic games that were left off the shortlist deserve to be brought to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Nintendo’s efforts would be much appreciated by lovers of the classics if they were able to obtain N64 titles on the Switch, either as part of a subscription or as low-cost games in the eShop.

The “nintendo switch n64 games release date” is a question that has arisen in the past. It is not yet known what the release date will be for these games, but it is being speculated that they will be released in 2021.

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