Nintendo Criticized for Restraining Etika Joy-con’s Sale

Nintendo has been met with criticism for their decision to restrict the sale of Joy-Cons to one per customer. The restriction is meant as a way to avoid mass shortages, but critics argue that it also impacts third party developers who have scratched off Nintendo’s exclusivity agreement in order to sell cheaper alternatives.

The “etikons” is a new controller that Nintendo has created. The controller was released in Japan and the United States. However, some states have restricted its sale.

Nintendo Criticized for Restraining Etika Joy-con’s Sale

Nintendo has halted the sale of bespoke Etika-themed Joy-cons. The money raised by Etika was immediately given to charity, causing significant dissatisfaction among the supporters. 

Nintendo issued a stop and desist order to Captain Alex, the designer of the Etika Joy-cons.

To be honest, I never expected a reputable corporation like Nintendo to descend so low. Etikon was not created by Alex to make money. It was merely done to raise awareness about mental health, which is fraught with societal stigma.

Etikons are black and white shells that may be used with the Joy-con on the Nintendo Switch. These controllers were designed by Captain Alex to commemorate Desmond “Etika” Amofah, a Nintendo legend. 

The proceeds from the sale of Etikon go to the JED Foundation, which supports mental health and suicide prevention.  

Can anyone confirm if the above is actually true? I’d hate to see a trend where people are false claiming Nintendo C&D’s. Especially if it involves using Etika’a name.

December 7, 2020 — Omni (@InfernoOmni)

Etika was a prominent American YouTuber who committed herself in August 2019 after succumbing to despair. It’s a pity that we only take things seriously when they have major implications. 

By all accounts, 2020 has been a difficult year. If anything, this year has shown the need of looking after one another as members of the human species. As a result, Nintendo’s decision to discontinue selling Etika-themed controllers is unethical. Given that Etikon makes an effort to assist others.

It’s only fair that Nintendo is getting a lot of flak, even from its most ardent fans. As of now, there have been over 150,000 tweets on the matter as supporters express their dissatisfaction.

“Mental health is very important,” one Twitter user stated. “Really hope Nintendo reconsiders this.”

Etikon development was halted when Nintendo filed a cease and desist order.

These sales benefit the JED Foundation and pay tribute to YouTuber “Etika,” who died in June 2019.

Mental health is really important, and I sincerely hope Nintendo reconsiders this decision. #GamingNews #NintendoSwitch

December 7, 2020 — SoulsLikeGamer (@soulslikegamer)

In September, Captain Alex got a stop and desist letter from Nintendo, which he verified on YouTube. The following is a link to the video:

Nintendo is without a doubt responsible for the joys of our youth. However, by any company’s standard, this action is reprehensible.

Concerning Nintendo

Nintendo is a video game and electronics corporation based in Japan. They’re recognized all around the globe for releasing top-selling systems and games.

Nintendo is responsible for a number of platforms, including the Game Boy, Wii, and Nintendo Switch. They’re also praised for creating classics like as Mario, Pokemon, and The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo has it everything, from affluence to acclaim! 

The “etikons shells” are a new product that Nintendo is selling. The product is designed to block the use of joy-cons on other consoles and handhelds. This has caused some controversy among gamers, who have criticized Nintendo for restricting the sale of their products.

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