Nintendo Opens the Doors to its First Store in its Native Japan

After years of an international launch, Nintendo opens its first store in Japan. The move is a big step for the gaming giant as it looks to break into new markets and expand beyond consoles.

The “nintendo switch” is a gaming console that was released in March 2017. Nintendo has opened its first store in Japan, which will allow gamers to buy and sell games and consoles with other players.

Nintendo Opens the Doors to its First Store in its Native Japan

Nintendo Tokyo is the source of this image.

Nintendo eventually opened the doors to its first shop in its home nation of Japan on November 22nd. The Nintendo Tokyo shop is the company’s second of its sort, with the first debuting at Rockefeller Center in New York.

Nintendo Tokyo, together with Pokemon Center Shibuya, is located in the new Shibuya Parco department store in Tokyo, providing a Nintendo-fan goods center in the Japanese city. The sixth-floor store is supposed to have 1,000 goods on sale, including gaming gear and software, cuddly toys, stationery, and everything else you’d expect to find at a store like this.

Nintendo is broadening its scope.

According to Japan Today, Shibuya Parco is only minutes from the district’s renowned scramble crossing, and other major game businesses, such as Capcom, sell their wares inside the retail complex. According to the news site, a Nintendo spokeswoman said that since tourists and young people swarm to Shibuya, it appeared like the ideal location to draw a large number of fans to the Nintendo Tokyo shop.

Nintendo is attempting to increase its impact outside of gaming. Nintendo is known for striving for the greatest level of quality in their games as well as thinking beyond the box – both with their hardware and software.

Nintendo is steadily expanding its impact on pop culture, according to Business Insider, by adding shops, releasing new movies – such as Detective Pikachu and the next Super Mario film – and partnering with Universal Studios to create a theme park. Super Nintendo World hopes to be finished in time for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which will take place on July 24.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo opened a new goods shop in Europe in the future years, given the company’s large worldwide fan base.

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