Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Vs Joy-Cons Should You Upgrade? –

The Switch Pro Controller is the future of video game controllers. It has a more comfortable grip and it’s also built with extra buttons that allow for customization to suit your personal playing style. But if you have older Joy-Cons, should you upgrade? This article will take a look at what comes in each option so choose wisely!

The “joy-con grip” is the part of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that connects to the Joy-Con controllers. The “Joy-Con Grip” is a new option on the controller that allows for more comfort and control when playing games. This will be a great upgrade if you are looking to get a new controller or if you are upgrading from your original Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Vs Joy-Cons Should You Upgrade? –

I’m sure you’re wondering whether you should get a Nintendo Switch Professional Controller if you possess a Switch. I have one myself, but I wanted to learn more about the controller’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as if upgrading to a Professional Controller is worth 1/4 the price of a Switch.

The Professional Controller is well worth the money; it has a lovely weighted design, a long battery life of 40 hours, and everything feels quality. With titles like Super Smash Bros. and first-person shooter games, it provides a considerably superior gaming experience than the joy-cons.

However, in terms of Switch accessories, the controller is fairly pricey, costing about a quarter of the Nintendo Switch, and there are legitimate worries about whether it’s worth it if you use your Switch in portable mode.

Don’t worry, everything will be analyzed so you can obtain the finest resource possible when considering whether or not the Professional Controller is worth your money.

A Closer Look at the Nintendo Professional Controller

78857638_998019637222547_8772246204139438080_n-1024x467 Front Of The Professional Controller 78356060_530732234439088_2329433121381941248_n-e1575570223888-1024x467Back Of THe Professional Controller

The Nintendo Professional Controller is a simple black controller that will be known to most players who own several consoles, particularly the Xbox controller. It contains two analogue sticks, one of which is positioned lower than the others, a directional pad, four face buttons with four shoulder triggers, and many navigational buttons in the center.

It has a great battery life of roughly 40 hours, and the Nintendo Switch Professional Controller takes around 6 hours to completely charge, according to the official Nintendo website. The Nintendo Switch Professional Controller’s battery may last Approximately 40 hours when completely charged.

The charge lasts more than 6 times as long as a full charge of the joy-cons, which, as I’ve learned from experience, constantly need to be recharged, and sometimes one has charge while the other doesn’t. The Professional Controller does not have this problem since it is all one device, and I can tell you from personal experience that it seldom has to be charged and it outperforms the DualShock 4 in every way.

It’s also a good option for PC gaming, as it has both a Bluetooth and a cable connection. For a step-by-step guidance on how to accomplish it, see the video below.


Because everything works so well, I consider it one of the greatest controllers I’ve used. The excellent battery life, along with the controller’s substantial, costly feel and overall responsiveness of the triggers, give you the impression that you’re experiencing a premium gaming experience.

The joy-cons, particularly the analogue sticks, seem cheap and flat in contrast, as if they are handheld controllers on the 3DS whereas the Switch is a true home console controller.

Joy-Cons vs. Nintendo Switch Professional Controller

  Joy-Cons Professional Controller
Quantity 2 1
Battery Approximately 40 hours 6 hours or more
Weight 98 grams/3.52 ounces 394 grams/14.1 oz
Price $58.99 $69

Nintendo Professional Controller & Joy-Cons Usage Differences


When connected to the Switch or hooked to a controller grip, the original Switch comes with two joy-cons that act as a single controller. The joy-cons’ strength is their versatility; if you have friends around for multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart 8, you can simply remove the joy-cons to double the controllers.

If you have two unique joy-cons, you have a total of four different controllers for everyone to use and enjoy. It’s an excellent alternative for family gaming, as seen by the Nintendo video below. 8HMVFDg5M

Whereas the Professional Controller is for the optimal home gaming experience as it is far bigger than the joy-cons and much more comfortable in adult-sized hands. Games that require complicated input and faster reflexes like playing Super smash Ultimate to a high level simply require a Professional Controller over joy-cons.

If you play on your TV a lot then the Professional Controller is the most important Switch accessory. It is very comfortable for long gaming sessions and whenever you want to use the Switch in the portable mode you can simply leave the joy-cons included in the Switch attached rather than doing the long process of disconnecting the controllers from the controller grip and reattaching them, and you’re ready to be out and about.

Certain games like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection(buy from Amazon here) cannot really be played on the joy-con as noted by Andrew Freeman is a writer who lives in New York City a staff writer for the popular gaming website Tom’s Guide. As executing difficult combos require the traditional Professional Controller D-pad something the joy-con lacks.

“Fighting games would be terrible on the Joy-Cons,” says one user.

Andrew Freeman is a writer who lives in New York City

Joy-Cons vs. Nintendo Switch Professional Controller Price Differences


If you’re purchasing for your family or for group gaming sessions, an extra pair of joy-cons may be more valuable. Another pair will cost you back $69 and include two other controllers, for a total of four controllers.

However, if you wanted 2 additional Professional Controllers you would need to pay $118, $69 more and double that to a price of $236 if you wanted 4 Professional Controllers. So it appears the Joy-cons offer better value overall if you favour party games or play the Nintendo Switch as a family.

Despite the fact that they have a slew of technical faults and poor battery life. While they are touted as having a 6-hour charge, it is largely dependant on the game you’re playing. A labor-intensive game like Breath Of The Wild will drain the life out of your joy-con controllers, resulting in a charge of roughly 3 hours, less than half of what is stated.

My joy-cons always needed to be recharged whilst playing BOTW but after upgrading to a Nintendo Professional Controller this simply doesn’t happen anymore and I can enjoy hours upon hours of gameplay without seeing that low battery sign on my TV.

Nevertheless, you can purchase a separate charging grip for around $20 in Amazon here which allows you to charge the joy-cons in a controller grip. But is it really worth roughly the additional $20 when you can get the best Nintendo controller ever produced in the Professional Controller for only $39 more? I don’t think so, just get the Professional Controller instead.

Professional Controller Vs Joy-Cons Physical Differences

78562004_414681382749208_2539779866258046976_n-1024x467Joy-cons when attached to a controller grip Front View 78490812_2223924974566690_8607102018663743488_n-e1575570703982-1024x467Joy-cons when attached to a controller grip Back View

The size and weight is the biggest difference with the Professional Controller being over 4 times heavier with a lot more tangible feel to it. The joy-cons whilst playable in a controller grip just aren’t ideal for long gaming sessions if you have medium-sized hands; which probably steps from Nintendo being a Japanese company and the hardware being the same globally.

The joy-cons, on the other hand, are a great size for kids, weighing less than 2 ounces/50 grams when separated, allowing your youngster to play for hours on end without becoming fatigued.

But having bigger hands makes the experience uncomfortable especially when playing for hours, although they are included with the Switch console so buying a Professional Controller for yourself and letting your kids use the 2 included joy-con controllers is an easy compromise.

Issues with Joy-Cons

Since the Switch’s introduction, the joy-cons have been afflicted by a problem known as Joy-Con Drift, which occurs when one or both of the detachable joy-con controllers’ movement is recognized by the Switch even when they are not contacting the thumbstick on a Joy-Con.

This can be rectified by opening up the joy-cons, and you can find a helpful instruction on how to do so down below.


Nintendo America was faced with a lawsuit over this issue by the firm  Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith on the basis of selling the Switch and Joy-cons despite being “aware of the defect through online consumer complaints.”.

According to a leaked document obtained by Vice, Nintendo has indicated that it would compensate individuals who need their controllers repaired and issued the following statement.

We take great satisfaction in developing high-quality goods at Nintendo, and we are always improving them. We’ve received complaints that certain Joy-Con controllers aren’t working properly. We want our customers to enjoy their Nintendo Switch experience, and if anything falls short of that, we invite them to contact so that we can assist them.”


This is wonderful to see, however the joy-cons are plainly poorly made and prone to other issues such as plastic latches breaking loose and a propensity to lose Bluetooth connections, both of which I have personally experienced.

For a $69 product, you simply expect more from Nintendo and the Professional Controller just lacks all these technical issues and it seems to me will last a very long time. I just can’t say the same with the joy-cons and in the long run, the Pro is a lot better value for money in my opinion.

Why Should You Avoid The Professional Controller?

The biggest reason is some people exclusively play the Nintendo Switch in portable mode and having the joy-cons attached to the tablet of the Switch is the ideal way to play portable mode aside from using the kickstand and the Professional Controller which is quite awkward to pull off.

Assuming you ALWAYS and I mean always use the Switch in portable mode when you’re on a plane/train/commuting then I don’t see the point in purchasing a Professional Controller as it is simply inconvenient.

The controller grip is also extremely tiny and fits in all Nintendo Switch cases (see out my guide to all the best Switch accessories here), and it does a good job of imitating the appearance and feel of a standard controller, although it is a touch too small for those with large hands.

Although I understand the logic, I myself left my Professional Controller at home when I backpacked China the Professional Controller is by far the best way to play the Switch when docked.

If you just use your Switch in portable mode and want the greatest experience possible? You should get the Nintendo Switch Lite (find the lowest deal on Amazon here) if you want the greatest Nintendo Switch experience possible.

So Should You Buy The Nintendo Professional Controller Or Joy-Cons?


You already have a pair of joy-cons, so you’re familiar with their advantages and disadvantages. But, in the end, it all comes down to your requirements. Do you often entertain guests at your home or play a lot of party games and require the additional flexibility to turn one controller into two and enjoy the freedom that affords you?

Or want the best possible home gaming experience for your Switch and relish the incredible 40-hour battery life with a weighty premium controller that is way better than the Dualshock 4 and rivals most other gaming controllers? Regardless if you play your Switch exclusively on the go then I cannot recommend the Professional Controller despite how much I love it.

Purchasing a Professional Controller is the best option as you already have that joy-con included with the Switch and you can always ask your friends to bring their own joy-cons when playing multiplayer games.

It’s a no-brainer buy for me because of the enhanced button layout and option to play on PC for $10 less than another pair of joy-cons.

Having one in your home setup just gives you the best of both possible worlds, as you have the joy-cons when you need to use portable mode and your trusty Professional Controller is always at home waiting for you.

At just $10 extra than the Dualshock 4, the contrast in quality between the two controllers is remarkable. I don’t see it failing or having any charging troubles for a long time, while the Dualshock just seems and feels less quality.

Buy a Professional Controller if you even occasionally play your Switch in docked, trust me it is worth it. The joy-cons in comparison despite being cheaper just feel a lot tackier and will not last as long.


Can you use the Switch Professional Controller in handheld mode?

Yes, you can use the Professional Controller whether the Switch is docked or in handheld mode regardless of mode.

What does the Nintendo Switch Professional Controller come with?

It includes the controller as well as a charging wire (USB C to USB A). Motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo capability, and more are all included. The controller is compatible with several KontolFreek thumbsticks.

Just watch this unpacking video to see for yourself what comes with the controller.


Is the Nintendo Switch Professional Controller good?

With its astounding 40-hour battery life, sleek hefty quality design, and outstanding gaming accuracy, I feel it is one of the finest gaming controllers on the market. It’s Nintendo’s greatest controller ever, and it’s built to endure.

How Much Is The Professional Controller?

It costs roughly $58/£44 on Amazon, and you can find the best deal by clicking here.

How Long Is The Professional Controllers Battery Life

The Nintendo Switch Professional Controller takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge. When fully charged, the battery for the Nintendo Switch Professional Controller can last approximately 40 hours

Do You Need A Nintendo Switch Controller?

Everything you need to play the Nintendo Switch is included in the box such as a docking station and a pair of joy-con controllers. The Nintendo Professional Controller you will have to buy separately.

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The “joy-con pro controller” is a Nintendo Switch accessory that allows users to use the Joy-Cons as if they were a traditional game controller. The joy-con pro controller also comes in two different colors, so you can choose which one you like best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Switch Pro controller work better than Joy-Cons?

A: The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is an enhanced version of the Joy-Cons, with more buttons and a better grip. If you prefer the feel of this over the Joy-Con controllers, then yes it will work much better for you!

Does the Pro controller make a difference?

A: The Pro Controller is a very high-quality controller that makes for an excellent experience when playing Beat Saber.

Should I update switch controllers?

A: You would want to update your switches as soon as possible. This is because the Switchs controllers are still in their early days and there may be a few glitches that you will encounter from time to time when using them, so it is worth the trouble of updating for sure!

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