Should Nintendo Switch Be Left Plugged In? –

Nintendo Switch is a remarkable device. It’s one of the best consoles so far, with an excellent combination of price and performance that no other console can touch. But are there any drawbacks to leaving it plugged in?

The “if my nintendo switch is always in its dock will the battery get damaged?” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question, is no. As long as your Nintendo Switch is plugged into an outlet, it won’t have any problems with the battery life.

Should Nintendo Switch Be Left Plugged In? –

One of the Nintendo Switch’s selling features is that it can be docked to become a home console. As a result, the battery will be charged and you will be able to connect it to your television. Is it bad to leave the Nintendo Switch docked for an extended amount of time? Here’s the solution.

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Is It Bad To Leave The Switch Docked?


The Nintendo Switch may be kept in the dock while not in use. Leaving the console in the dock overnight or after it has reached full charge will not harm the Switch’s lithium-ion batteries, since they stop charging once they reach 100 percent.

Older smartphones & devices without lithium-ion batteries had issues with overcharging; overcharging them past 100% would damage the battery; this is no longer the case with the Switch, you leave the Nintendo Switch docked, and once it has been changed to 100%, the charging circuit will stop charging the device.

The Nintendo Switch would not be a real home console if it overcharged while docked. Surprisingly, even when used in portable mode, the Nintendo Switch does not overload. If the console is completely charged and placed into a USB Type-C charger, it will draw power straight from the cable rather than charging the batteries. The lightning bolt on the battery symbol disappears after the gadget is completely charged, demonstrating this.

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Should You Charge Your Nintendo Switch While It’s Off?

The Nintendo Switch takes around 3 hours to charge when off or in sleep mode, according to Nintendo. Charging the Nintendo Switch while it is on will not harm it, but the battery will not charge effectively. Some visually demanding games may deplete the battery faster than the device can recharge it, resulting in the switch’s batteries degrading over time.

When the Switch is turned off or in sleep mode, Nintendo claims it takes around 3 hours to charge it; however, charging time will be much longer if the Switch is in use. To keep the Switch’s battery healthy for a long period, it’s best to charge it when it’s in sleep mode or turned off.

When the Nintendo Switch is docked or charging when not in use, I suggest utilizing sleep mode to keep the switch charged until you need it.

Both turning the console off and putting it to sleep are pretty similar. The fan is not spinning in either situation, and the CPU is not using any power. The only difference is that the memory is powerful enough to recall where you left off when you went to sleep. You’ll be able to start up where you left off when you wake up the Switch this way. 

When Wi-Fi is switched off, sleep mode uses significantly more power than when the Switch is turned off completely. 

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The “does the nintendo switch stop charging at 100” is a question that has been on the minds of many Nintendo Switch owners. It is unclear whether or not the Nintendo Switch should be left plugged in.

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