Star Wars Episode 1 Racer: Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

The next great film saga is about to come alive; Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. This game released on the Nintendo Switch, and has a huge following of gamers who are eager for more. For those wondering how to control the racing game, this post will provide you with some basic controls along with a helpful video tutorial.

The “star wars episode 1 racer pc controls” is a guide that will help you to play the game on your PC. The game was released by EA for the Nintendo Switch and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer: Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

While the disputes about the prequels will go on for decades – possibly with less fervor in the wake of more recent releases – few can deny the spectacle of the Boonta Eve Classic.

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer is a Nintendo 64 game that captures a classic era of Star Wars gameplay, with a large roster of pod racers to unlock, a variety of circuits, and the opportunity to modify podracers.

Thanks to Aspyr, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer is now available on contemporary platforms in a nearly identical form.

The table below provides all of the Switch controls for Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, so you can get right into a podracer and take on the likes of Dud Bolt, Gasgano, Ratts Tyerell, Ben Quadinaros, and Sebulba.

Racer Switch Controls in Star Wars Episode 1

There are a number various ways to play Racer on the Nintendo Switch, from complex dual joy-con controls to single joy-con controls, thanks to the additional controller buttons and formats available.

The analogues are labeled (L) and (R) for these podracer controls, while the buttons on the d-pad are labeled Up, Right, Down, and Left. (L3) or (R3) will appear if you need to push an analogue to activate its button.

Action Controls for racing Controls from the past a single joystick
Accelerate ZR A Right
Steer (L) (L) (L)
Slide ZL / Y ZR / ZL SL
Repair R R SR
Take a look behind you. L Down (L3)
View a Different Way Up / Down Up Upwards (double tap)
Taunt / Weapon X N/A SR (Special Request) (double tap)
Boost A N/A N/A
Brakes with airbags B B Down
Roll Left (R) Y Left
Roll in the right direction (R) X Up
Toggles the map L to the left (double tap)
Pause + + – / +

In Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, how to utilize Boost

While using the Controls for racing for Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, you’re given the option to use a boost.

You must first attain maximum speed in order to trigger the boost. When the curving bar to the bottom right of the screen fills up to make the dot at the top of the bar green, you’re moving at maximum speed.


To make your podracer travel even quicker, you’ll need to move the left analogue ahead. This will result in a red bar taking over the whole blue curving bar.


You must keep a constant pace and avoid veering too much to one side or the other; else, the filling of the bar will be disturbed.

The bar will fill red and the dot at the top will become yellow if you drive straight for long enough while pressing forward on the left analogue.


When the yellow dot appears, click the boost button (A) to unleash a massive speed increase. You may keep boosting by holding down the accelerate button (ZR).

Boosting over an extended amount of time, on the other hand, can begin to harm your engines. When the temperature warning appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, it’s a good idea to let off the gas for a second to reduce speed and prevent overheating.


You’ll note that the colourful curving bar has faded after you’ve avoided the ‘Temp Warning.’ Regain full speed, push the left analogue forward, then press boost to do another boost.

It should be noted that steering is greatly restricted when boosting, although releasing the accelerator button immediately before pulling off a move is one of the fastest methods to restore control.

You now have the necessary controls to take on the galaxy’s best racers and unlock the podracers for personal usage.

In Star Wars Racer, learn how to hover over gaps and delay your fall.

Many podracers will be frustrated by the inability to just hover over minor gaps.

Others may have had significant damage after landing from large leaps, or may have been unable to fly long enough to reach the opposite side of a large jump.

The ability to hover and halt your fall becomes necessary in later races, such as Dethro’s Revenge on Ord Ibanna.

Pull back on the left analogue when you detect a brief gap coming up, want to remain in the air for longer, or want to cushion a landing.

This slows you down, but it reroutes your thrusters so you can maintain track height while passing through gaps. This move will also slow down your fall, allowing you to soar farther and land more slowly.

The “star wars pod racer controls switch” is a game that was released for the Nintendo Switch. This game has been made by LucasArts and published by Disney Interactive Studios. The game allows players to take control of their favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and more.

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