Super Mario 64 Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

Wanna be a pro at Super Mario 64? Here’s the Super Mario 64 Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide. Check it out!

Super Mario 64 is one of the most iconic games in gaming history. Its’ brilliant level design and timeless gameplay has inspired generations of video game designers, with its popularity never waning since its release 20 years ago. The Nintendo Switch remake of Super Mario 64 brings all these classic levels to a new generation while providing updated graphics and controls that make this feel like a brand-new experience.,

The “mario 64 switch controls reddit” is a forum post that has been made on the website Reddit. The article will give you all of the information about the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario 64, including how to perform each action with the game’s controls.

Over the years, Nintendo’s flagship property has produced a vast array of famous and pioneering titles, with Mario games continuing to get high acclaim and strong sales.

To commemorate its foray into 3D gaming, Nintendo has launched Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection of remastered versions of 3 of the greatest and most popular 3D Mario titles.

Mario is one of the most popular characters in video games, and this controls guide will teach you how to play as him on your new Nintendo Switch. There’s no need for any more guesswork with Super Mario 64 – just follow these instructions while playing through each level!

Super Mario 64 Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide


Mario 64 is a classic that needs two joysticks or one pro controller to play on the Nintendo Switch. The remastered version cannot be played with just one Joy-Con, so if you’re looking for some extra players in your gaming sessions then this will work perfectly!

Here are the Super Mario 64 Switch controls you’ll need to know to play the game using a Joy-Con in either hand, tethered to the portable system, or with a Pro Controller.

ActionSwitch Control
Move Mario(L)
RunTo make Mario run in any direction, keep pressing (L)
Read SignPress Y while standing in the front of the sign.
Open DoorIf the door is unlocked, just go through it
ThrowPress Y to hurl the object after catching it.
GrabWhen you’re standing near an object, press Y.
CrouchZL / ZR
Side Step(L) next to a wall
SwimA / B
CrawlHold ZL and move
DiveWhile swimming, lean forward (L).
Stroke of the Breast (Swimming)When you’re in the water, keep tapping B.
Swim at the Water’s EdgeWhile swimming, lean back (L).
JumpA / B
Triple JumpWhen running, press B + B + B
Long JumpHit ZL + B while running.
cling to a wire netB (hold)
Somersault to the sideTake a U-turn and hit B while running.
Somersault in reverseHold ZL + B
Move the camera around.(R)
Modify the Camera ModeL / R
Attack (Kick/Punch)X / Y
Combo Strike (Punch, Punch, Kick)X, X, X / Y, Y, Y
Attack with a SlidePress Y while sprinting.
Journey (Slide Tackle)Press ZL + Y while sprinting.
Jump KickY (to leap), B (to run) (to kick in midair)
pound the earthPress ZL when in mid-air.
Wall KickWhen you get close enough to a wall, press B.
Kick with a FlutterHold B in the water.
Menu Suspended
pause the video+

On the Nintendo Switch, how do you save your progress on the Super Mario 64?


The original Super Mario 64 didn’t have the auto-save function, and the 3D All-Stars version doesn’t either. The suspend screen (-), unlike most classic game adaptations to Nintendo Switch, lacks a save option, and going back to the menu wipes out all of your data that is not saved.

To save your progress in the game, you’ll need a Power Star. As soon as you get the Star, a prompt will be displayed giving you three options:  ‘Save & Quit’, ‘Save & Continue,’ and ‘Continue, Don’t Save.’ You will not be able to save your progress in between the game. 

If you want to save your progress and continue playing the game then click ‘Save & Continue’. If you want to save the game and play later then select ‘Save & Quit’. 

In Super Mario 64, how do you earn Power Stars?


The goal of Super Mario 64 is to gather the Power Stars stolen by Bowser and distributed over the realms of art.

You’ll have to search the rooms that you can go through to locate these art worlds. You’ll see a giant artwork on the wall as soon as you enter the area; all you have to do now is leap into it.

You’ll be able to unlock more rooms to uncover additional painting worlds as you acquire more Power Stars.

In Super Mario 64 H3, how do you acquire the first Power Star?


To start the game and get your first Power Star, check behind the Bob-Omb artwork. To get to the Bob-Omb artwork, take left once you enter the castle to get to the stairs.


Push through the door marked with a star and inside the chamber. After that, you’ll notice a Bob-Omb artwork hanging on the wall. You must leap through to reach Bob-Omb Battlefield.

By beating Big Bob-Omb at the top of the hill, you may get the Power Star. To do this, just run around the boss’s back, then grab (hit Y) to pick them up, then toss (hit Y) them down. To acquire the first Power Star in Super Mario 64, repeat this three times.

You now know the controls required to play Super Mario 64 on the Switch.

Super Mario 64 Nintendo Switch Controls: FAQs

What does the B button do in Super Mario 64?

The B button does nothing in Super Mario 64.

Where are the buttons in Mario 64?

You can find the buttons by looking for a circle with an X in it. The Circle button will move Mario, and the X button will jump.

How do you control the camera in Super Mario 64?

You can move the camera with either of your hands

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