Super Mario Galaxy Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

Looking for Nintendo Switch controls for Super Mario Galaxy? Here’s the full list of Super Mario Galaxy Complete Nintendo Switch controls list. Check it out!

Super Mario Galaxy is one of Nintendo’s finest 3D platformers. This tutorial will show you how to utilise all of the objects in each level as well as all of the movements and controls you’ll need.

Super Mario Galaxy is perhaps the most highly anticipated of the 3 Switch games, in spite of the fact that the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game – released in light of the 35th Anniversary celebration – features the favorite classics Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64.

When it was launched in 2007 on the Wii console, Super Mario Galaxy was a great success. It impressed the critics and gamers alike and won awards. The game also took full leverage of the the groundbreaking specialised controls on the Wii 

Despite the fact that, a third of Nintendo’s 3D Super Mario games does not utilize the Switch’s touch-screen and motion features to its full capacity, it is still a terrific gaming experience.

We cover all of the Switch controlsIn this Super Mario Galaxy controls list guide, 

In this Super Mario Galaxy controls guide covers all of the Switch controls, including new handheld console, Joy-Con co-op play, and double Joy-Con and Pro Controller 

The right and left analogues are represented by (R) and (L), respectively. The (R3) and (L3) refers to the controls pressed when an analogue is held down. The right Joy-Con is referred to as [RJC] while the left Joy-Con is  [LJC]. You will find the Down, Right, Left and Up buttons on the d-pad.

Super Mario Galaxy Complete Nintendo Switch Controls List

This game can be played in two modes, handheld or docked, on the Switch.

The Joy-Cons and Pro Controller’s pointers and gyroscopes are used for motion controls in the two controller types that need the console to be docked. In certain instances, motion controls require particular Joy-Cons, although most actions could be accomplished with a Pro Controller by just shaking the entire controller.

The Touch-screen is used in a few cases, even though the handheld console mode does not support motion controls.

The table below includes all the Switch format controls for Super Mario Galaxy, despite the fact that there are only minor differences between handheld and docked controls.

What are the controls for Super Mario Galaxy?

ActionHandheld Switch ControlsDocked Switch Controls
Aim (Menu Navigation)Touch-screenController pointer
Pause Menu++
Suspend Menu
Alternate Camera Views(R)(R)
Camera ResetLL
Return to CameraPush  downward(R) downward
Move Mario(L)(L)
Aim In(R) upwards(R) upwards
Interact / talkAA
RunKeep pressing (L) in the direction to make Mario runKeep pressing (L) in the direction to make Mario run
Reset PointerN/AR
Pick-up / HoldYY
ThrowYY or shake [RJC]
Shoot a Star BitTap on the touch-screen / press ZRAim with controller pointer, shoot with ZR
SpinX / YX / Y or shake [RJC] side-to-side
JumpA / BA / B
Spin Jumppress Y whenin midairShake [RJC] or press Y when in midair
Long Jumppress ZL + B while runningPress ZL + B while running
Triple JumpPress B, B, B when runningPress B, B, B when running
Side SomersaultMake a U-turn, then jump (B) when runningMake a U-turn, then jump (B) when running
Backward SomersaultPress ZL, then jump (B)Press ZL, then jump (B)
Homing Ground PoundJump, press Y, press ZL in midairJump, press Y, press ZL in midair
Ground PoundPress ZL while in midairPress ZL while in midair
DiveOn the water’s surface, press ZLOn the water’s surface, press ZL
SwimA / BA / B
Flutter KickHold B when in waterHold B when in water
Wall KickJump toward a wall and when in contact with the wall press BJump toward a wall and when in contact with the wall press B
SkatePress Y while on icePress Y while on ice

Switch’s Super Mario Galaxy Co-Star mode

The couch co-op mode in the Co-Star option returns in the Switch’s Super Mario Galaxy. 

To start the game on Wii, all you had to do was turn on both the remotes but it’s slightly different with the Nintendo Switch.

How do you activate Co-Star Mode?

To start the co-op mode in Switch’s Super Mario Galaxy, go to the Menu Suspended (-), scroll to ‘Co-Star Mode,’ then press A to begin syncing the two Joy-Con controllers.

You have two options if you want to start the co-star mode – you can do so with a new game or when you’re in between an existing save game. 

Controls for the Galaxy Co-Star Mode Switch

In the tables below, you’ll find the controls to both Player 1 and 2 for Co-Star Mode. 

Each Joy-Con has its unique set of controllers since both players have different roles. 

Player 1 ActionCo-Star Controls
Reset cameraUp
Pause Menu+ / – 
Move Mario(L)
Reset Pointer(L3)
AimUse the mid-rail pointer on top of the Joy-Con to aim
Shoot a Star BitSR

Player 2 takes over as the main shooter, aiming, firing Star Bits, and stopping foes with their Joy-Con.

Action by Player 2Controls by a Co-Star
Pointer Reset(L3)
Aimuse mid-rail pointer.
Bit “Shoot a Star”SR
Defeat an adversaryDown / Right
Menu Suspended+ / –

On the Nintendo Switch, how do you save Super Mario Galaxy?

When you reach a checkpoint in Super Mario Galaxy, you’ll get an opportunity to save the game if you want. On the Switch, though, you do not have to proceed to save the progress on your Galaxy.

You can also save the game by hitting ‘Quit’, in the Pause menu (+), when it prompts you to save the game. 

After you’ve clicked ‘Yes,’ your Super Mario Galaxy game will be saved, and you’ll be asked, “Do you really want to quit?”

As a result, you get to save your progress in the game anytime you want without having to exit. This is significant since we’re not sure if there’s an auto save feature on the Switch’s Galaxy.

You now have all of the controls you need to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy, regardless of which mode you’re playing on be it handheld mode, docked Switch, or co-op mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Super Mario Galaxy on Switch without motion controls?

The Nintendo Switch does not have any motion controls, so you can play Super Mario Galaxy without them.

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