Super Mario Sunshine: Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

Super Mario Sunshine is a game that originally released for the Nintendo GameCube, and later remastered for the Wii U. This guide will go through all of the control options available in Super Mario Sunshine by analyzing what actions are mapped to which buttons on each controller.

The “super mario sunshine controls switch” is a guide that explains all of the controls for Super Mario Sunshine, as well as how to play it on the Switch.

Super Mario Sunshine: Complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has come in the same month that Nintendo announced it, with the beautiful Super Mario Sunshine from the GameCube era included in the three-game package.

Super Mario Sunshine was Nintendo’s second step into the world of Mario in 3D, after Super Mario 64 by five years.

Here, we’ll go over all of the Super Mario Sunshine controls you’ll need to know in order to restore electricity to Isle Delfino.

The left and right equivalents are referred to as (L) and (R) in this controls guide.

Controls for Super Mario Sunshine on the Nintendo Switch


You’ll need both sides of a Nintendo Switch controller to play Super Mario Sunshine. As a result, it must be played either docked with two Joy-Cons, through a Pro Controller, or handheld with both Joy-Cons connected.

We’ve broken down the Super Mario Sunshine controls for the Switch into three tables: Mario controls, FLUDD controls, and Yoshi controls, so you can easily find the Sunshine controls you need.

Mario is in charge of Super Mario Sunshine’s controls.

In Super Mario Sunshine, these are the basic controls for the tiny Italian plumber.

Mario’s Adventure Controls for Switches
Move Mario (L)
Run Mario will speed up if you keep pressing (L) in the same direction.
Open Door Enter via the front door. It will open if it is unlocked.
Talk / Interact X
Pick-up / Delivery Y
Drop Item YES (while standing still)
Item to be thrown YES (while moving in a direction)
Side Step (L) parallel to a wall
Faster Swimming A / B
Dive / Swim Down Y (tap)
Get to the Surface by Swimming B (tap)
Jump A / B
Triple Jump is a jump that consists of three B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B
Spin Jump Press B after spinning (L) once.
Somersault to the side Make a U-turn and press B while running.
pound of earth Press ZL when in mid-air.
Body Slam Y (to leap), B (to run) (to slam)
Slide Press Y while sprinting.
Wall Kick When you get close enough to a wall, press B.
Move the camera around. (R)
Camera in the middle ZL
Guidebook L
Menu Suspended
pause the video +

FLUDD controllers are used in Super Mario Sunshine.

To add to the fun of Super Mario 64, Nintendo provided a new gadget for Mario to use: the FLUDD (Flash Liquidiser Ultra Dousing Device). For utilizing FLUDD, here are the Super Mario Sunshine Controls.

Action by FLUDD Controls for Switches
Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt R
Squirt, aim (L) while firing with R
Squirt on the Move ZR
Nozzles that switch X
Hover your mouse over the image (when Hover Nozzle equipped) R (hold)
Water Tank Refill ZR / R (in a body of water)
Squirt Squirt Squirt Squirt Squir Press ZR after spinning (L) once.
Sidestep Move sideways while spraying while holding ZL.
Slip-Slide Spray in front of you (ZR), then dash into the puddle, pressing Y to glide across.
Somersault in the front Press B while sliding.
Somersault from the back Press B while spraying with R.

Yoshi is in charge of Super Mario Sunshine’s controls.

Throughout the game, you’ll be able to climb on a Yoshi and utilize the many colored dinosaurs to perform new activities and gain access to previously inaccessible regions. On Super Mario Sunshine, these are the Yoshi controls.


Yoshi’s Adventure Controls for Switches
Hatch Egg Pick up and transport the fruit that the egg has showed you.
Mount Bounce on Yoshi’s back.
Dismount X
Eat Y
Juice Spit After that, eat some fruit and then hit R.
Jump B
Spin Jump Press B and spin (L).
pound of earth Press ZL when in mid-air.

On the Nintendo Switch, how do you save Super Mario Sunshine?


While Super Mario Sunshine does not have an automatic save option, you may save at any moment and will be requested to do so after you’ve progressed.

On the Switch, the simplest method to save the game is to go to the pause menu (+) and then pick ‘Save.’

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the Nintendo Switch controls for Super Mario Sunshine.

The “super mario sunshine controls bad” is a game that requires the use of both analog sticks. The following are the complete Nintendo Switch Controls Guide for Super Mario Sunshine.

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