Super Mario World: Nintendo Switch Controls

Super Mario World is a game released in the year 1993 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The video gaming company made this title publically available on their website as one of many games that can be played on their newly-released console, titled the Nintendo Switch. This was also among one of only four launch titles to support both handheld and home console gameplay simultaneously with no loss in quality.

The “super mario 3d world controls switch” is a game that has been released on the Nintendo Switch. The game includes new and old levels, as well as some of your favorite characters such as Mario and Luigi.

Super Mario World: Nintendo Switch Controls

Mario has been a Nintendo tent-pole gaming character for decades. While some gamers are still figuring out or perfecting the controls in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, others are rediscovering traditional Mario.

With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you may play a wide range of vintage games that first debuted on the NES and SNES, including early Mario games.


Among these is the fantastic Super Mario World, a game in which you boot up, enter, and are instantly in danger — with no controls to guide you (especially if you start by going left).

Because it’s a punishing game from the outset, having a handle on the controls early on may save you a lot of aggravation.

So, here are the Super Mario World Nintendo Switch controls you’ll need to know.

Nintendo Switch controls for Super Mario World


Many of the controls in Super Mario World on the Switch are identical to those in the original SNES game, but the game won’t assist you if you can’t recall them.

The actions, buttons, and a short explanation of each of the Nintendo Switch Super Mario World controls are listed below.

Left, Up, Right, and Down relate to the direction pad (d-pad) buttons, whereas L and R refer to the analogue sticks in this tutorial.

Action Button to Change Description
Walk L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L In Super Mario World on Switch, you may control movement with the left analogue stick or the d-pad.
Run X or Y + Walk (hold) Hold X or Y while going in either direction to begin running.
Jump B To conduct a rapid leap, press B. Most adversaries may be defeated by landing on their heads with leaps.
a greater leap B (hold) Your character (Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi) will leap higher if you hold B.
Extend your jump X or Y + B + Move (hold) If you run and jump, you’ll Extend your jump in Super Mario World.
Spin Jump A The spin leap propels you higher and allows you to strike. It can break certain blocks (above or below you) and destroy adversaries that a simple leap couldn’t hurt.
Item to be picked up X or Y to move To pick up an object (such as a shell), walk towards it while holding down X or Y. Release the held button to toss the object. Look up and then release the held button to hurl it skyward. Hold down the held button and then release it to set the object down.
Pick-Up Enemy is a game in which you have to pick up an enemy X or Y to move In Super Mario World, you can flip or incapacitate various opponents. The controls above may then be used to pick them up. However, be cautious because they will rebound and deliver a strike.
Look Up Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (hold) If you wish to toss anything upwards while holding it, you must first look up.
Duck Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (hold) To duck, press and hold the d-pad or the left analogue.
Ascend the Pipe Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (hold) Simply hop onto the top of a pipe and either push down on the d-pad or pull down the left analogue to descend down it if it permits it.
Open Door Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (hold) To open a door in Super Mario World on the Switch, move in front of it and then push up.
Use a previously stored item A blue box will appear at the top of the screen. You may hit the – button to let an object out of the box if there is one inside.
Climb Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (L) / Up (hold) To climb, align yourself with the rope or vine, then use the left analogue or d-pad to go higher.
Climbing should be stopped. B To leap from a climbing wall or rope, press B.
Interacting with Climbing Y When ascending when you come across a door, press Y to flip the door and proceed to the opposite side of the climbing wall.
Climbing Assault Y To take out an adversary, press Y. You may even climb over the enemy’s head and beat them while doing so.
Taking to the skies (Launch) X or Y to move + B Run and then press B to leap into the air (if you’re wearing a cape). Hold B to improve your launch, but let go while flying.
Taking to the skies (Glide Controls) L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L While flying, you may slow down and pull up by pulling the analog in the opposite direction of your velocity, or you can speed up your ascension by pushing it in the same way. You may build height and glide by accelerating down at a high rate and then pulling up.
Yoshi is a mountain in Japan. B Simply press the B button to attach a Yoshi.
DisYoshi is a mountain in Japan. A In Super Mario World on Switch, use the spin attack button to dismount a Yoshi (A).
Jump twice (Super Jump) B, A A double jump or a super leap asks you to jump while riding Yoshi and then dismount, requiring you to jump twice off the Yoshi.
Assume the role of Yoshi. X or Y + Walk (hold) Move in the direction of your choosing while holding X or Y, much like Mario or Luigi. Yoshi will launch a brief tongue strike before fleeing.
Berries should be consumed. L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L / L To eat a berry while riding a Yoshi, just walk into it – doing so will reward you with a coin.
Make use of Yoshi’s Tongue. Y or X To propel Yoshi’s long tongue, press Y or X. Yoshi uses this as an assault, devouring most foes that cross his path.
Yoshi’s Held Item may be used. Y or X When Yoshi consumes anything, such as a shell, it may sometimes keep it in its mouth. Press Y or X to shoot.
Yoshi’s Held Item must be consumed. Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (L) / Down (hold) Hold down to have Yoshi duck with an object in its mouth. Yoshi will ultimately swallow the clutched item if you keep holding down.
Pause + On the Switch, hit the + button to stop Super Mario World. Nothing will appear, yet everything will come to a halt. Return to the game by hitting + one more.
Pause the menu. ZL + ZR Press ZL and ZR at the same moment to stop Super Mario World and show the game menu.
pause the game ZL and ZR (hold) Hold ZL and ZR at the same time to pause the game and rewind to a previous point in time. Do this as soon as possible after dying to get another shot without losing a life.

Those are the controls to remember for playing Super Mario World on the Nintendo Switch in the SNES style.


On the Switch, how can you save Super Mario World from the SNES?

You may save the game while in the midst of a level in the SNES Super Mario World game on the Nintendo Switch to establish a mid-level point that you can return to later.

Simply access the Suspend Menu (by pressing ZL and ZR at the same time) and choose ‘Create Suspend Point.’

Simply visit the Suspend Menu again after loading Super Mario World from the SNES option, pick ‘Load Suspend Point,’ and then the save point of your choosing to return to that point.

The “super mario 3d world controls switch lite” is a game for Nintendo Switch. The game also includes the Nintendo Switch Controls, which are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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