Timlie: Complete Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips

Timlie is the first AI assistant in a controller that you can talk to and play with. With it, you could be able to access up-to-date information on your schedules and more from the comfort of your living room couch.

The “ocarina of time controller layout switch” is a game that was released on the Nintendo Switch. The game includes the ocarina and some other items, but it has a lot of features that make it unique. This guide will include tips for the game as well as how to play with the different control layouts.

Timlie: Complete Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips

Timelie is a one-of-a-kind puzzle game in which you may rewind and attempt a different technique to go forward. Rewinding is a crucial component of the game since security robots block your path and will kill you if they catch up to you. In this dreamlike realm, what wonders lay beyond the doors?

The controls for Timelie for Nintendo Switch are listed below. Gameplay advice will be provided later.

Controls for Timelie’s gameplay (Switch)


  • LS (Move Character)
  • Confirm the Move and Confirm the Confirmation A kind of character
  • Cancel and Cancel Move are two terms that are used interchangeably. B is a character.
  • RS to move the camera
  • RS3 Zoom In and Out
  • ZL (Use Power)
  • ZR (Switch Character)
  • R and D-Pad Right R and D-Pad Right R and D-Pad Right R and D-Pad Right R
  • L and D-Pad Left to Rewind Time
  • LS Down LS Up LS Down LS Up LS Down LS Up LS Down LS
  • D-Pad Up D-Pad Up D-Pad Up D-Pad Up D-Pad Up D
  • Wait a minute: D-Pad is down (when cursor is on character)
  • Y Interact
  • X (after going through the stage’s final doorway) Execute Timeline
  • Configuration: +

Timelie’s chapter selection controls (Switch)


  • RS to move the camera
  • ZR is the next chapter.
  • ZL was the previous chapter.
  • R and D-Pad Right R and D-Pad Right R and D-Pad Right R and D-Pad Right R
  • R and D-Pad Left to Rewind Time
  • LS Down LS Up LS Down LS Up LS Down LS Up LS Down LS
  • Relics gathered: –
  • Configuration: +

The left and right sticks are designated by the letters LS and RS, respectively. With LS3 and RS3, pushing on either is suggested. To perform an action like LS Down, you must aim down with the left joystick.

While playing Timelie, be patient.

1645593155_415_Timlie-Complete-Controls-Guide-for-Nintendo-Switch-and-TipsThe first bot unlocks the four other bots in this tough puzzle. So, what’s your plan?

Timelie isn’t actually designed for a speed run — it’s a play on words. Rather, it is designed to maximize efficiency.

The chronology for the region is the bar with the play button at the bottom. It’s rather lengthy, and you may not even need the entirety of the time allowed on most levels. Don’t be alarmed if you come across a bot. With the L or D-Pad Left, you may retrace your steps all the way back to the beginning of the level.

Take use of these opportunities to deliberate on the best path(s) ahead. You start off alone as an unidentified blonde girl with a strange capacity to manipulate time. Soon later, a cat joins you, allowing you to access vented regions and low openings that the girl couldn’t normally reach.

Once you have both characters, it is advised that you use D-Pad Down on one of them to hold them in position (Wait). Otherwise, they’ll follow the other player, which might make escape the robots much more difficult. If they do follow the other character, just use the L or D-Pad Left to go back in time and make sure they Wait.

Beyond the main chronology at the bottom, you’ll come across timed levels. Essentially, the route in front of you will crumble, and you must continue going. The disintegration’s sole advantage is that any security robots along the route will be destroyed along with the road.

One thing to keep in mind is that the robots are faster than both the blonde girl and the cat, even though the cat is faster. Unless you capture them or go to a place where they can’t find you, they’ll catch you (hint).


It may take many attempts every level, but don’t get too irritated; learn from your errors. The cat has qualities that may be of use to you in this area. To complete a level, both the cat and the girl must travel the passage. After that, press X to start the timeline.

How to fix Timelie’s damaged portions

1645593156_708_Timlie-Complete-Controls-Guide-for-Nintendo-Switch-and-TipsTo fix the damaged route, use the Bend Time ability.

Frequently, you will discover that a portion of a stage requires repair. It will be clear at times, such as the one described above, but it will be difficult to perceive at other times. You may not even need to fix every component you come across to complete a level, as explained briefly in the Relics section below.

If you need to mend anything, go to the blonde girl and press ZR to highlight a repair, then ZL to fix the damaged region. Your radius of impact is restricted, but if there is anything inside it that needs to be fixed, you may do it.

When in question about what to do next, check to see whether anything needs to be repaired and then go from there.

Timile may be advanced by using the cat’s Meow ability.

1645593157_613_Timlie-Complete-Controls-Guide-for-Nintendo-Switch-and-TipsThe cat’s Meow ability may be used to attract bots within a set radius.

The cat is more agile than the girl, and in addition to being able to reach locations she can’t, it has two key talents that will help you progress through Timelie.

To begin, the cat may Meow using ZL. When you press ZL, a circle appears around the cat, showing the Meow’s AOE. If a bot is in that area of effect, it will respond and rush toward the sound. Use this to avoid being trapped in situations where the cat may easily escape via a vent.

This will be required in certain places to allow the girl to progress. The cat’s Meow, on the other hand, cannot be spammed since it has a recharge period. When you use ZR to switch characters to the cat, you’ll notice the state of the Meow. The meter will be in a diamond form in the top left corner of the screen, similar to the swap character button in the bottom right corner.

In Timelie, you may collect relics and relive chapters.


Later in the game, the cat has the opportunity to repeat past levels. This may seem strange at first, however there are 15 Relics scattered across the levels. Relics are gained by fulfilling particular stage requirements, such as not repairing a damaged region (pictured). Another artifact necessitates completing a level as quickly as feasible.

If you found collecting a Relic or a few Relics tough on certain levels and opted to go on without them, the cat’s ability gives you the chance to do so. You should have a solid notion of how to approach the level once you’ve completed it previously, adjusting it a little to uncover the Relic.

While collecting the Relics isn’t required, they do have a purpose. To unlock Timile’s Golden (Good) ending, you must gather all 15 of them. If you want the greatest conclusion, you’ll need to be able to repeat chapters.

In Timelie, take use of the colorful panels and doors.

1645593160_158_Timlie-Complete-Controls-Guide-for-Nintendo-Switch-and-TipsA bot is captured by enticing it into the green doors and then using the green panel to close the same green doors.

Throughout your trip, you’ll come across doors and control panels in various colors that relate to each other. There will also be red panels that serve as pressure plates, forcing one of your characters to stay on the plate while the other moves forward. At times, it’s self-evident what you should do: Use Y to interact with the panel and then continue. That isn’t always the case, however.

To safely go through a level, you will need to work rapidly to catch robots or outwit them. The bot was in the long narrow tunnel exactly across from the green door it was locked behind, heading to the end route, in the illustration above.

To set the trap, the girl had to interact with the panels on the right. The purple panel was chosen first, which closed the purple door indicated (the one near the girl was down to begin the stage). The girl then crept near enough for the bot’s security light cone to activate and rush at her. She then took a rapid step across to the green panel and activated it, locking the bot within.

It’s possible that the control panels will only be available after you’ve repaired a hole or passage. Be patient in finding out the precise pattern required to move to the next level if you have the option to rewind time.

Timelie’s definition (spoilers below)

The name Timelie is a pun on the term timeline. A translucent diagonal line between the last two letters on the title screen suggests the term Timeline. The name, though, is more than just a play on words.

Each level is completed by following a set of instructions. Your capacity to rewind and advance time – to modify events in real time – is a time “lie.” Rather of continuing with what occurred before, the chronology is always executed after you progress and prevent death.

Furthermore – and this contains spoilers – the blonde girl is in a dream, and nothing that occurs is real. She is literally incarcerated in a cell with a guard stationed outside her door. She is shown being led out of her cell in the Golden Ending. She loses the kitten in her dream and wakes up confined in her cage in the Bad ending. As the name indicates, the whole game (timeline) was a fake.

Timelie is a one-of-a-kind and difficult game. You’ll almost never succeed on your first attempt since the game encourages you to rewind and advance time as needed. Above all, remember to be patient and make the most of your ability.

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