Why Does Nintendo Still Use Friend Codes? (The Truth) –

Friend codes are a relic of the past, having arisen in the early days of internet gaming when Nintendo was at its peak. Nowadays, with many games supporting online multiplayer and social features that allow for easier communication between players, friendcodes represent an outdated solution to a problem not really present anymore. The truth is it’s unlikely we’ll see Friend Codes go away anytime soon as they still provide advantages over other forms of player identification like PSN or Xbox Live Gamertags even if their use has become more cumbersome than ever?

The “nintendo friend code” is a system that Nintendo still uses to create and maintain user accounts. It has been around since the NES days and has not changed much since then. This is because it’s easy for people to remember, so there’s no need for any other type of account management.

Why Does Nintendo Still Use Friend Codes? (The Truth) –

Are you perplexed as to why Nintendo has reverted to friend codes for the Nintendo Switch in 2017? I realize the choice may seem irrational, so I went online to look for a solution to this dilemma.

Nintendo employs friend codes because its programming is geared toward children, and a system based on friend codes makes it more difficult to learn about individuals you meet online. Friends codes have been improved over the Wii, although Nintendo does not prioritize online play.

Other factors include the option to alter your local username for free and the tremendous improvement in buddy codes over the DS/Wii days. I’ll go through everything in detail, including how to use friend codes to add pals.

Explained: Why Does Nintendo Use Friend Codes?


Nintendo does things their own way, which is why they are perhaps the most significant gaming business of all time, producing amazing games and platforms like the Switch and ZeldaBreath Of The Wild. They are, however, well-known for their dreadful internet choices.

The Nintendo Switch is primarily marketed as a family device, as seen by various trailers, such as this one.


If your Nintendo username was A.Weinstein, you might easily discover that your real name was Alex Weinstein by searching for any Instagram or Facebook profiles associated with that name on Google. In this day and age, everyone is an internet investigator, and individuals constantly post a lot of personal information online for anybody to view.

Friend codes, on the other hand, are more secure, making stalking individuals significantly more difficult since you have a 12-digit number rather than a nametag on which a youngster may write their name.

Friend Codes for the Nintendo Switch are the best they’ve ever been.

Nintendo’s perplexing choice to go backwards from the Wii U to bring back friend codes perplexed many people, including me. As you can see in this video, the Wii U used Gamertags rather than friend codes.


You required a distinct 12-digit friend code for each game throughout the Wii and DS period! This, I think, is the source of people’s disdain for friend codes. Also, there was no indication that a friend code had been obtained when two persons added each other!

The Nintendo Switch buddy code, on the other hand, is now a genuine request that appears on the receiver’s system. Nintendo has included numerous options to make adding people simpler, such as the ability to add individuals you’ve already played with, the ability to automatically add your 3DS/Wii U friends, and the ability to add people through a mobile app.

Also, I’m sure you met someone you wanted to add online who had a Gamertag like QuickSHXCd92hffd so a 12 numerical digital code is a lot easier to add & type correctly than worrying about writing upper and lower case letters.

Adding a 12-digit buddy code isn’t that different from adding a Gamertag, unless the latter is very distinctive.

All you have to do is publish your friend’s code on a social networking site, and others can quickly add you without having to contact each other directly to transfer codes. This is a significant improvement over the previous system.

I can just post my friend’s code on Twitter, and folks will be able to add me without difficulty. There’s no need to contact each other individually to exchange buddy codes. That is exactly as it should be.

With Your Name, Friend Codes Give You A Lot Of Freedom

If your name is Jeff and you want your Xbox or PlayStation Gamertag to be Jeff, you won’t be able to do so since the name Jeff is already used, therefore you’ll have to call yourself Jeff2322 or anything else.

With the Nintendo Switch, you may play a variety of games.

The Switch friend codes make it simple to have your display name be Jeff or anything you want it to be, much like how other people add you using your unique 12-digit friend code rather than your ID.

In addition, unlike PlayStation, you may change your display name as frequently as you desire at no additional expense. A regular GamerTag system would not allow for this.

Nintendo’s Online Experience Is Horrible.

These are all reasonable reasons, but the most essential thing to remember is that Nintendo has a bad track record with online, and it has never been one of their strong suits. Check out my post where I explain why my Nintendo online experience is so poor.

Nintendo not only reintroduced buddy codes, but they also have you download a separate software for game chat that doesn’t function, and they have poor non-dedicated servers for major multiplayer games like Splatoon 2.

Worse still, the Switch was introduced in 2017 with a major feature missing from the Nintendo online ecosystem: party chat. This function was available on Xbox Live nine years prior to the Switch’s introduction in 2008, so it’s not a matter of Nintendo lacking the technology or competence.

Nintendo may defend buddy codes for reasons of privacy and everything else described above, but they are lousy at everything online and have a poor track record of doing anything about it.

Take a look at Arlo, a prominent Nintendo YouTuber, discussing how Nintendo Online hasn’t improved since its launch.


What is a Nintendo Switch friend code, and how do you get one?

A Nintendo Switch buddy code is a 12-digit code that enables users to add other Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS users to their Nintendo network account. Once you’ve linked your ID to a Nintendo online account (find out how to do that here), you’ll be able to play online games.

When you accept a friend code request, you’ll see each other when you log in, and you’ll be able to play games and send messages to each other.

How can you locate your switch’s buddy code?

Finding your buddy code is a breeze.

  1. Select your User by pressing the Home Button.
  2. Choose a Profile
  3. To discover your buddy code, look to the right side of the screen.

If you get stuck, watch our helpful video instruction for a step-by-step guidance.


How Do I Add Friends To My Nintendo Switch?

Despite the buddy code method, adding friends to your Nintendo Switch is simple.

  1. Go on your home screen> click the top left corner at your profile icon
  2. Link your Nintendo ID to an official Nintendo account (here’s how to do that).
  3. There are three alternatives available from here.
  4. “Search for local users” allows you to add people who are close to you>click one of the symbols and your friend has to click the same symbol as you to easily add you
  5. “List of people you played with” enables you to effortlessly add someone you felt was cool to your recently played with players.
  6. “Search for friend code” is the most often used option since it allows you to input the 12 character Nintendo Switch friend code and send a friend request to the individual. You can also cancel send requests by scrolling down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Switch still use friend codes?

A: I am not sure if that is the best question to ask me. If you want more information about this, please look it up on Google or Wikipedia

Are friend codes safe?

A: I am not sure about this.

What does the SW in friend code mean?

A: This stands for Sony Wireless. It is used in PlayStation games, such as Beat Saber and Beat Saber PSVR, to connect players with each other wirelessly. A SW means you are playing against another player who has a same or similar role on your friend list.

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