WinBack N64: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

The Nintendo 64 was one of the most popular consoles in history and we are still enjoying its games today. If you want to relive some classics, or find a new game that is just as fun now as it was then, check out WinBack N64 for the Switch!

“WinBack walkthrough” is a game that allows players to take on the role of an agent in a futuristic world. Players must use their skills and weapons to fight against enemies, solve puzzles, and complete missions. The “winback walkthrough” is a guide for beginners that will help you get started with the game.

WinBack N64: Complete Switch Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

WinBack, the game that helped pave the way for Metal Gear Solid and Gears of War, is back as part of the Switch Online Expansion Pass. Even though it has been 20 years since its release, WinBack’s gameplay seems to be quite familiar, owing to the fact that many of its elements have been replicated into other games. Since the release of WinBack in 1999, the ability to hide behind objects has been a standard in shooter games.

As Jean-Luc Cougar, you must infiltrate a terrorist organization intent on deploying a satellite for mass harm. The game is about stealth as much as it is about shooting.

All of the WinBack controls for Switch and N64 compatibility can be found here, along with some gaming suggestions lower down.

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  • Move: LS
  • LS is the goal (while holding R)
  • R + A = Fire
  • B reload
  • Melee: A (when adversary is near) (when enemy is close)
  • RS is the goal (down)
  • Take Shelter: A (when against a wall, crate, or other covering)
  • ZL crouch
  • ZL + A = ZL + A = ZL + A = ZL + A (while moving)
  • Participate: A (when blue markers appear around item, door, and others)
  • Weapon Swap: RS (up)
  • Right and Left Pan Camera: RS (left and right)

N64 Accessory Controls in WinBack

  • Joystick to move
  • Aim using the joystick (while holding R)
  • R + A = Fire
  • B reload
  • Melee: A (when adversary is near) (when enemy is close)
  • C-Down is the target.
  • Take Shelter: A (when against a wall, crate, or other covering)
  • Z crouch
  • Z + A on the dice (while moving)
  • Participate: A (when blue markers appear around item, door, and others)
  • C-Up is a new weapon.
  • C-Left and C-Right are the controls for panning the camera right and left.

The left and right analogue sticks are labeled LS and RS on the Nintendo Switch WinBack controllers.

How to Become a Master of WinBack


WinBack offers a comprehensive Tutorial mode that will guide you through every function in the game as well as how to overcome the majority of the problems you will face. You may play the Tutorial as many times as you like; you don’t have to go on if you want to keep practicing what you’ve just learned or relearned.

Taking cover (A against specific objects), aiming (RS down, C-Down), firing (R + A), crouching (ZL, Z), and rolling (ZL + A, Z + A, both while moving) are the most critical mechanics to learn. By mastering them, you’ll be well on your way to completing the game with the desired ending.

What is the greatest way to take cover in WinBack?


It’s easy to take cover: just walk up to a wall, box, automobile, or other obstacle and press A. When taking shelter, however, situational awareness is essential.

It may be rather simple at times, such as in the image above, when there is just one route. Other times, there are many entrances to consider, which might leave you exposed from certain angles even when you’re protected. Before going ahead, make sure the adversaries in your susceptible locations are dealt with, otherwise you’ll die quickly.

Crates and low walls, for example, will force you to stoop to acquire complete cover. Otherwise, you’ll be facing opponents with your whole upper body exposed! Crates have the disadvantage of being destroyed after a specific amount of shots (five with your pistol), leaving you exposed and without cover.


It’s usually better to have many escape routes in WinBack, and to identify them as you prepare for conflict.

In WinBack, how can you fast remove enemies?


The Targeting mechanism (RS down, C-Down) may become your go-to strategy since it latches on to adversaries and jumps from one to the next (if they’re close enough). It’s especially useful while you’re hiding and dealing with several attackers since it allows you to target your bullets more precisely and fast.

When you use Targeting, a little green box appears on your adversary. The disadvantage of Targeting is that it focuses on your adversaries’ bodies. While this is advantageous in terms of covering the most ground, it need more rounds to bring them down. Furthermore, the adversaries tend to stumble backwards enough that your shots strike their cover rather than them, particularly when they are behind cover.

You may wish to avoid Targeting and instead aim for headshots, which will rapidly take out your opponents. However, there are two major disadvantages to this strategy: you’ll require pinpoint precision and timing to avoid getting shot, and you’ll be susceptible for a lengthy period of time.

In WinBack, you may also sneak up behind opponents and hit them with a melee strike. If they are in front of you or have detected you, though, it will take multiple melee hits to kill them.

Another technique to speed up your kills is to keep an eye out for explosive things to shoot. There will be crates, barrels, and other things in the surroundings that you may shoot to rapidly dispatch a swarm of foes. These things are either red in color or have red marks on them. A large explosion will occur if you shoot them. Shoot these first whenever feasible!

What are the finest WinBack pistols to use?

It’s crucial to know which pistol is best for each circumstance. If you’re in a tight alley or location, such as a river, breaking out the shotgun may be the greatest option since its spread shot may do the most damage. Because of its rapid-fire nature, the assault rifle is your best shot if you are being pursued by a large number of foes.

For two reasons, though, your handgun will be the better choice in most cases. To begin with, your pistol ammunition is infinite, however your shotgun and assault rifle ammo is restricted. You may replenish your ammunition along your quest, but you should concentrate on the pistol. You’ll be able to take on anything in WinBack after you’ve mastered the pistol.

In WinBack, how do you disable laser sensors?


Aim and fire the sensor’s power supply to kill the laser sensors, as seen above. It should be possible to get away with only one shot. This will then clear the way for you. Many spots are sealed off by lasers throughout the game, and touching them will result in your instant death.

However, when you get farther into the game, you may need to retrace to locate the sensor to destroy, which may need clearing things first. Eliminating some of the power sources may result in sensors that aren’t what you expected after being disarmed.

The sensors may sometimes block regions that you do not need to visit, but they will usually include supplies like ammunition and health that will be useful. To disable the lasers, stay away from them and look for their power sources.

In WinBack, have a backup strategy for bosses.

Because each boss has different powers and inclinations, don’t attack them in the same way. You could have to sprint through a multi-level structure with one boss, hiding behind pillars while they attempt to kill you in spectacular way. Others may just charge at you. The only approach to kill them fast is to understand their patterns.

In WinBack, learn how to interact with objects and pick up goods.


In WinBack, you may enter a building and interact with numerous things by hitting A once a blue symbol appears, as illustrated above. While speed is important in the game, be sure to inspect every building for supplies such as ammunition and health.

Outside of buildings, the same rule applies. Check for ammunition and health in every nook and crevice, pressing A when the blue indicator appears around each. This involves sometimes picking up some C4 since everyone enjoys a nice explosion.

How to build up multiplayer modes in WinBack

To play WinBack with multiple people, go to the N64 menu on your Nintendo Switch and choose ‘Play Online,’ then invite your friends to your newly established room. You may use a password here, but it’s better to just issue the invites and wait for people to accept and join.

That’s all you need to know about WinBack to be successful. Show off your mastery of vintage stealth fighting to your buddies and the CPU.

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